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Ezra celebrated his second birthday on Saturday, the 17th. It was a day filled with joy, highlighted by a nice evening meal with our family. Although he was not entirely aware of the significance of the day, he was happy to be in the company of those he loves. One grandma, in particular, purchased a John Deere hat and electric tractor, the perfect gift for a toddler obsessed with watching people “mow.” We aren’t sure if this will culminate into a career, but he did have fun stomping down the pedal without any regard for human life.

Our youngest, Eli, enjoyed the first hospital visit of his short life. Only a week removed from his older brother’s fourth. Hemophilia is a daily concern in the Hart home. From bumps and scrapes to bruises and falls, we hold our breath most of the time. Nevertheless, they are both maturing by the minute, happy and full. We rejoice in their lives, albeit exciting, for our God has given them to us. Join us in praying for them, that they might grow up into their baptisms, trusting, without waver, in the Lord’s providential grace. Their blood may be weak; his never runs dry.

Grace Church
The church is continuing to grow, despite the persistent challenge of ministering during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our city and state have not been affected like the rest of the country, which has allowed us to maintain worship services and other special groups throughout the week. Last month I was invited to exhort (preach) at Trinity Presbyterian Church in New Martinsville — a congregation of the New River Presbytery (PCA). If you have friends or family in or around the area, feel free to recommend them to the church, pastored by Rev. Dennis Bills.

As part of my service to the church, I continue to labor in my studies at the Reformed Theological Seminary. Finals are this week and next, and other final papers will be turned in by the first week of November. The end is in view, and it will be a nice accomplishment to close out my first semester in stride.

Please keep our Presbytery in prayer as we look toward planting new churches and training young men, like myself, to prepare and pastor locally in the state of West Virginia.

If you have a moment, check out our newly updated website and share it with others!



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Nicklaus A. Hart

Nicklaus A. Hart


Orthodox Presbyterian. Catholic Christian. Boy dad. Geaux Tigers.