PE Chapter 1 — The leadership of a broke, yet an audacious man.

To add to his audacity, he wants to remain without the need for money, until the edge of the struggle cliff, is reached. Such a man is challenging the status quo, being, the belief of people — that one needs money to lay the foundation for a career in 3x innovation. May my writings bring you closer to the sound of silence.

Section 1— Summary

My Core Values

I —

  1. am constantly learning, unlearning, and relearning.
  2. respect complexity and strive to represent it through unassuming simplicity.
  3. am an incredibly passionate human determined to make a positive change.
  4. give as good as I get, if not better.
  5. scold fragile and strong, alike.
  6. contribute to common goals first, and put egos and hierarchies last, unless necessary, for, captains are needed when captaincy is needed.
  7. care about quality over everything.
  8. make UI/UX direction on paper, with pencil and scale.
  9. give updates timely as the progress depends on it, not just my own, but in most cases, our entire teams.
  10. embrace change and embrace discomfort.
  11. have a purpose, far over and above profit.
  12. am humble but I value honesty and passion over and above humility.
  13. am open-minded and curious.
  14. most importantly, have, guru level respect for those who have knowledge. But I don’t do the guru level worship. For worship is a waste of time, if one can simply put all their time into learning from the guru, sharply.
  15. focus on customers, more than on my excuses.

What is Customer Focus in my view? Entrepreneurial Attitude — Social Contribution for the common good kind of entrepreneurial attitude, not just a cold blooded capitalistic attitude!

Put customer interests first and make users not only happy, but knowledgeable and healthy— Be proactive, focus on impact and deliver results TO THEM. Continuous innovation is key. Always challenge the status quo in order to create a better future FOR THEM. Quick Progress — Move fast (without breaking things for them) while keeping a competitive edge. Be willing to constantly learn and improve as a person who cares about THE CUSTOMERS. How is this done? Find such a leader. Join such a leader. Then, form an enduring relationship with such a leader. Build this strong relationship based on openness, reliability and trust. Help others where you can (Sewa).

My message to my fellow entrepreneurs first:

My fellow entrepreneurs,

A typical web development company needs -:

1. People.
2. IT Infrastructure.
3. An office space to house those people.
4. Ideas/projects to consume these people in.
5. Enough money to sustain all of this.
Preseed needed none of that and it still is capable of creating far bigger and better products than a typical web development company. That is the weight of inspiration, that is the weight of Preseed. Here, scores of developers and designers work not because we pay them handsome salaries, but because they are inspired to do so, regardless of what we pay them. By the way, we pay them no salary, they are yet intrinsically motivated to build cool things with us. In fact, before onboarding, we ask them “Are you sure you want to work with us, for we don’t pay salaries yet”? The answers we have received had been equally inspiring

In this photo is captured a moment of profound questioning, by me. Something I am known for. The founder who was questioned ended up joining us by quitting his own startup. If I am with your startup, the potential in you or your company of inspiring others will increase. Inspiration cuts costs, but above all it does, it creates larger possibilities. So, either, you have me or I have you.

Section 2— Preseed applicants or collaborators, this is for you.

In this new decade of entrepreneurship work as compassionate leaders before as capitalists. Work as partners before as employees. Solve with me real problems whether they give us money or not. वेतन के बिना भी जीवन है. मेरा जीवन उसका उदहारण है।
  1. unstoppable drive/passion,
  2. kindness,
  3. and capacity to learn (very fast).

Let’s see how far we reach with such intention. For now, all I can say is that we are sitting on top of some progressive prototypes with progressive people in a company where money has been replaced with inspiration.

“I don’t really know what the next big thing is, because I don’t spend my time making big things, I spend time making small things, and then when the time comes, I put them together.” — Mark Zuckerberg

This is neither a regular job opening call nor a freelance opportunity. We work with you to ‘co-build’ stuff with, over, sometimes if need be, a fairly long period of time. If you could look to work with us on helping us sincerely as one our key potential partners/volunteers, this is clearly an opportunity to be an entrepreneur with us in the long run.

  1. I am convinced that prototypes we are going to build will be built, with you guys, at near 0 monetary costs. In software, 0 monetary cost is possible.
  2. It is this prototype which will be translated into a MVP over time.
  3. This MVP would be attempted by all of us involved to translate into a startup that we will co-own.
  4. It is at this instance of ownership that you and I can expect to roll in millions of dollars someday.
  • MVP life cycle — The cycle of iterations till we have a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with some real consumer traction.

Section 3 — Past:

Sometimes I go-ahead to the extent of prototyping my ideas years in advance (to run it for a small group) to test its viability before I could vouch for it, so it could be re-build it with greater insights; after scrapping the prototype. For it has served its purpose of validation for me. Scrapping it, for it becomes difficult to maintain the prototype, especially if one is a founder who made the prototype by inspiring a bunch of volunteers with his designs and vision. Volunteers knew how to code, and you yourself don’t know how to code, but they often leave prematurely. The best solution is, take the result of validation to a stronger team to build the MVP from scratch. That was the journey it took from the prototype of Todoed to the current version of Chattodo. That is how the lessons of building the above prototype will be applied to building this prototype as feature for Chattodo

  • Non-linear thinking
  • Top skill in their game.
  • Hawk eye observation.
  • Patient listening.
  • Punctuality.
  • Keeping word.
  • Doing — I hope you acknowledge that we are smart enough to know when you are giving absolutely silly excuses whereas the real reason is that you are not sincere or driven enough.
  • Honesty over humility — If you have gyan, say it. If you think you are great, say it. Then, proceed to prove it.
  • Humility.

Section 4— Replace money with inspiration. That is our culture. Inspiration will last, money may vanish. This was the title of my lecture below:

My lecture in 2012 on the slow and conscious kind of entrepreneurship can be found on the above link from the event where I and Ritesh Agarwal( founder of Oyo) addressed a gathering for our respective talks.

Section 5— Who among you do we want to work with:

Those who are passionate, curious, courageous resonate with our culture. Anything short of that and we may not last long together.

The day job is as safe as bull shit:

Featured Arav here because I love him as I would love my brother.

If you are joining us to be such a leader with Preseed one day, you must read everything on Linkedin written by me as attached in the above link, for :

You will hire under the same principle, we stand for. But for that, it’s essential you feel belonging here. Everyone whose here feels that way, dances to their own dance but in perfect symphony to the same tune as ours.

Section 6— Team Introduction to Preseed.

You’ve got to be seen, as I am, to be playing the game.

Preseed is not just a company, it’s a culture. It is beyond me, even if today, I am the lone epitome of that culture.

Anyway, if you get a scolding from me while you ego is inflated, don’t quit on the audience Preseed is being created to serve — the children of India, and the world. Our mission is bigger than the sum of our individual egos.

Set aside your ego. For, your mediocrity will invite scolding from me often, without the fear of your quitting. Due to which, you will hear the truth, and quit. (How do I know? Read the article I have written on LinkedIn in this light. Link to LinkedIn articles is attached above).

Don’t delay anything. Do today, what you were to do tomorrow.

If I am found doing anything else in the company other than building Chattodo then know without me saying, that you guys are not doing it right, to have had me to do anything else that you should have been doing instead of I. I need to focus only on Chattodo.

Section 7—

  1. Network effect — SPREAD THE LOVE in Online Communities if you feel the sacrifices of your leader and have the heart for his mission — Everyone who becomes a part of ‘Preseed’ as Core team / Intern / Volunteer / lover must invite others to hear his words. Join his and his organisation’s social media channels. Invite your network to those social media channels. This will be some solid evangelism for Preseed. Without this evangelism, we won’t be heard. If you are a part of Preseed, it means, you are not being smart about your own growth. For, if Preseed grows, you will grow.
  2. Social Media — For that purpose please make sure that you are following our main media properties mentioned on the menu bar of Invite your friends to them. The real evangelism happens when you invite your friends on to our pages like — Preseed (fb), Preseed (LinkedIn). Join Nishchal on LinkedIn, Nishchal on Twitter. Following our media properties will anyway mean that you are in tune with some really meaningful infotainment-rich content and sharing it would mean, your friends are too.
  3. Community — All the team members are encouraged to take up free online courses in tech, communication and design. Attend various startup/entrepreneurial sessions or meetups, if possible. Increase your knowledge.
  4. Don’t Disappear — If anyone from the team seems to be away from the internet. Unknown absence will not be tolerated. Team members are expected to have the internet at all times, on all devices to guarantee Light Speed performance.
  5. You must notify 3 days prior to your absence, in case absence is unavoidable.
  6. College is not an excuse to not be active. If you are giving college as an excuse, you belong in college not Preseed. Same for your jobs. If you continue this for too long, you will not know when you will be asked to leave.
  7. Messages and emails need timely response — Each message or comment that is addressed to you should be at the very least must be acknowledged, till your sincerity is not proven. When only acknowledgment isn’t enough, respond to the email properly. Learn from how proactively I respond to messages of my teams.
  8. Make sure every person addressed in that msg/post/comment is tagged. If the response is not timely then you will most likely not have a future with us. Make no mistake about this point too.
  9. If you are asked a question on a post/tweet, you will have to respond to it, just liking it won’t cut it.
  10. Doing Work — “Getting shit done is what MATTERS”.
  11. Task Lists — The team is expected to maintain their own task lists ( date, project, task, assigned by, deadline). I reserve the rights to ask you to report to us any time of the day / week / month with your task lists. So, please, be alert and prompt with your work. This will also help you guys to get into a habit of documenting your task and delivering them timely.
    Also, use Trello till our very own app, Chattodo is ready.
  12. Test our homegrown apps/products by actually using them while they remain in their testing phase. If they cost money to buy, buy them. Be our first customer.
  13. Don’t use any word in your communication that you yourself don’t understand the meaning of. We are not big on fancy vocabulary. In fact just speak Hindi if you are not strong in English. Hindi is beautiful language too.
  14. Keep your follow up game strong.
  15. Don’t be a mute spectator. Indeed, do whatever it takes to ensure everything that you are responsible for is taken care of. And if you are here to lead, then ensure tasks of others are also taken care off.
  16. Take Charge (e.g. if you are a designer with Preseed, and you think you have more time, look out for more work by discussing with others in the team. They all need you).
  17. Be enterprising — Before asking anyone for any help, kindly, try it out yourself, google stuff, research well before you take someone else’s time. Everything that you may possibly want to know is on the web. Keep yourself acquainted with what’s happening at Preseed, and feel free to contribute wherever. Most importantly, take the lead wherever you feel you can make a difference.
  18. Pre-mature satisfaction — Also called complacency. Remember we are here to make a dent in the culture of India. No room for complacency till we achieve what we are here to do.
  19. Communication should happen in the dedicated workgroups on Telegram/Whatsapp/Slack over and above emails. Keep it simple and natural.
  20. Profile status — Whenever one is recruited in the team with us, please, remember to change your work status on Facebook and Linkedin as e.g. ‘Works/intern/Volunteer/designation at Preseed’. Also, add yourself to our team on our Angelist.
  21. Miscellaneous
  • Potential Business Network.
  • Early Stage Startups.
  • Software engineers.
  • Graphic Designers.
  • Writers.
  • Early Stage Funds.
  • Marketers

Section 8— Our Mission for our team

We aim to improve your lives by providing you the means and resources to become your greater and healthier selves. And in that, never the means will be, pleasing you. Verbal punches more likely. I hope you are not going to come with a victim narrative and leave with another victim narrative.

Daily updates protocol: one of the most important protocols to act upon is the #daily-updates.

At the end of the day you will need to update on the tasks completed or worked upon and the status of it. Length of your updates can be as small as you like. Daily update should not be looked as a botheration to anyone. It should be seen for its macro implication.

Meetings and Minutes Protocol

  • Name of members
  • Subject of meeting
  • Zoom/Meet/Call etc. or in person? Record these meetings and calls.
  • Date of meeting must be placed in the title of the doc.
  • Make, and share a google doc with your relevant bullets. No highlightng point must be missed.

IMP ORTANT— Section 9— We get so busy that we only console our parents over fleeting phone calls rather than actually helping them with real knowledge.

Let us take out time and sweat for them too amidst our mission in spite of how estranged our relationship may be with them.

Listen to this voice note introducing the above attachment.

Section 10— Workplace

Enjoyable Workplace? Fun? Fuck off.

Section 10 — The Nishchal Foundation

  1. Preseed Ventures Pvt. Ltd. for our software that can change the world. (Not a cliche. Dig this company of mine really deep. Clink on all its links. Don’t say you don’t understand it without reading it thoroughly. If you were to read a story by an author, you will have to first read it only then is your comment on it relevant. And no detailed story can be read in a few minutes. Give it time, if you are keen on me. It is not a usual company with a usual mission to maximize shareholder profits. Its mission is pure, need of the hour, and honestly altruistic).
  2. Preseed Ed K12 Pvt. Ltd. for Math. Math is the need of the hour. We, the citizens of India have underplayed its importance in India in the age of AI.
  3. The Nishchal Foundation — It is a work in progress laden with errors. Point the errors out if you find them.

Section 11 — One has to be the model of his own philosophies first. So, I subject myself to this fire test every day.

I fully realize that you can drop your ego when you come across a person who catches hold of your heart so tremendously that you can sacrifice all you got for him. His very being becomes more important than yours in many moments. I wish to be that person in your life out of my merit and my courage to do the new against all odds.
I want to correct the course of mankind. These words are a reminder to me that if I have to have you back me with all you got, then I must first become deserving of that absolute divine shower of energy in any form, from you. What I am taking upon, can’t be done without your sacrifices alongside. What kind of sacrifices? Mostly time for a sincere effort towards me.

Section 12— What can the humans around you tell you that you won’t find on the internet?

You are already empowered. You may not even need me. Its about your freedom and your knowing.

The single most important reason why I believe you could not only find the right information for yourself but also build meaningful long-term novel startups without reading or knowing me, even when you yourself thought that you couldn’t.

I am expressing — What is God.

Food for thought

Section 13 — India and its technology lack.

For those who are following the developments in the world of whatsapp/signal/privacy/CambrigeAnalaytica know another truth I had been stating since 2012 as expressed on

Value your vote and support. Don’t be fixed. Learn the ethereal truth. Stay curious.

And remember to pick a party that understands this all the way to showing in their manifesto:



If we have the ability to ask ambitious questions, one day we will have our answers. That day we will innovate, to improve the world. This is where some of Nishchal’s thoughts about and his life come to words. These are tales of love and progress stitched together.

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