A consulting and startup acceleration initiative by the guys from the Preseed community

We charge Rs. 10 – Rs. 50 Lakhs to serve you by connecting you with the right partners who understand that you are cash strapped by still require world class services. You getting it right in the first attempt with your vendor is what we ensure. Often times we keep your payment with us before releasing the payment to our vendor when you chose to make a payment to us. We assure you if you are not satisfied with our vendor then upto 100% of your money can be refunded. We minimise your risk. We are called Prefund, because we actually get you ready through our consulting and execution, for millions of dollars in investment. In short, we give world class services at 50% discount because we are by Preseed. A company that goes out of its way to help a startup.

4consult into executing business solutions for startups will be fully activated in 2020.

Expect 4c to be the best turn key mobile software design, development and marketing vendor in India in 5 years). This vertical’s prime motive will be to service/strengthen 4c’s own portfolio companies when those companies become sizeable.

We are looking at building 4Consult primarily into a tech and design execution support company for SK portfolio startups to handle manage and grow/bake it well. If you go through the website and dig into 4Consult, you will understand the vision of what we have moving forward for SK startups.

In addition to the above, we have recently launched Special Projects. Because our team is made up of people generally passionate about value and wealth creation, we often come across brilliant opportunities in mere conversations at first, and then it takes further shape, because mindfully connect the dots to create progressive new age businesses which may or may not necessarily be tech at core.

Our first project under special project we are optimising land for our clients, who collectively own a land bank of over 500 Bighas in and around Uttarakhand, and has appointed us to facilitate the best use of his resources in terms of unique conceptualising and solid economic returns.

Here we take care of your brand and identity — The identity of your business in the mind of people who want to know you. This and this alone will determine, what kind of handshakes you do, simply, just by communicating on the website about you. This is the first thing we like to do for you.


For sons and daughters of Indian Large corporations —

To channel your resources better, we just need one man or a woman from your team to train him or her closely to lead your company soon. The best way to do this is to enable them to start one of their own ideas to get their hands dirty upon as an entrepreneur. Train them prematurely, without the cushion of your luxury. Let them taste that sweat. Then let them come back in and make that impact.

An advisory and connections initiative by Preseed at Rs. 12 Lakhs of minimum annual retainer fee.

My advise and connection will do 5 most important things for you. The underlying layer of it all will be at a fundamental level, your perception, through conversations with us.

  1. You will know with clarity, in time, what is that which you need done next for your business, across all spectrums of it.
  2. You will be connected with the right vendors across all spectrums of your business from technology to hiring, to do so. Even, Yoga and Ayurveda, the thought and meaning of it. Then if you require this, we connect you with a yogi or two for daily practice o4f this too.These vendors have double the motivation to serve you due to the relationship they enjoy with us. They acknowledge that they are achieving greater success, through us, beyond just your project, and that is why we are a key source to their motivation. What does this mean to you? It means, that our word matters to them.
  3. As a result an innovative culture will be infused across your company, due to the impact we will have on your THOUGHT, here on.
  4. Next round investment readiness.
  5. Far greater productivity using just the right set of tools on your mobile. We know about nearly all of them, that can increase your productivity.
Albert Einstein famously said, “Information is not knowledge.”

The practical application of information from real human experiences is knowledge. E.g when we tell you to use a particular tool on the web to solve a particular problem of yours, we tell you that out of our massive on going research of the internet. Although that for you may just be a piece of information, but for us, we don’t only know about that information (the latest business facilitating tools of the internet from hiring, marketing, collaborating to designing), we also apply them in the business of Preseed. That my dear readers, will transform the way you work.

None of the above are in isolation of the other. When we serve you, we serve you in all spectrums of it.

Watch closely the rise in upliftment of the sense of possibilities for you and your business clearly out of just one right step forward — conversations with us. We charge a fee of Rs. 3 lakhs per quarter for a minimum retainer of 1 year, from the day you sign a simple MOU with us stating — this amount as a fee given to us for starting and maintaining conversations with you. You may come out of this arrangement after a notice of 1 month to us.

We realise you will take Prefund services from us, only when you fully realise how conversations with us will impact the mind of your key representative to us. This man will be the man we will work on. Everything else for your company will be a by product of this.

Ugly MVP

Minimum Viable Products should remain ill designed till not customer validated, but not after.

I help such MVPs be used by more customers by guiding the improvement of their current UI by far — 
Maybe you have an app that is ugly because it is way too young or it has grown tired and people have stopped using it for it is too ugly. We will do a mighty good job at that for you. Now you will be ugly no more.
Thereafter, go create demand for your creation. You will be amazed at your customer conversions. We believe that you must create demand by being use-able and useful to users, not by annoying them with pushing banner ads about your product.

If you’d like us to partner you in giving you the design direction and execution that works, let us know. We take additional fees from your startup to doing so, over and above the deal we strike independent of design direction.

Prefund Services Scope

We indulge with you over the following matters over 10% equity in your business :

  1. Correct the flaws -:
    a) Product vision — For sometimes there is a beautiful web or mobile MVP, a solid team, but the product vision is still cluttered with noise, in our perspective, as we detest the unnecessary, it may perhaps call for a product vision pivot. Or striping down an existing iteration, or loading it up instead.
    b) Slide Deck — Being able to put that one line on the very first slide for the investor has got more than just that one line to do. It forces you to be able to speak to everyone in that one line in a manner that convinces them about the novelty of your business; and the drive to achieve the manifestation of that one line helps you simplify your ideas, the first post funding market iteration in that exact direction, clearer product market fit, the new found simpler product vision. It is this slide deck you and us pitch to most suitable incubators).
    c) Advise over any thing critical to the business through out the life of the business or till we hold ownership into your business, whichever expires first.
  2. Visual Communication and Marketing — We also work closely with your team in laying the marketing strategy with crystal clarity, as well as the design and content for your product’s identity website.
  3. We mentor all founders in life skills, spirituality, business building, simplicity, faith, company culture, technology, leadership, growth etc.
  4. Above all, you have access to a vast network of impactful people at Preseed. We at Preseed surround ourselves with absolutely contemporary information and knowledge, which we keep sharing with you too via Preseed blogs. We also sometimes lay out a mural of sorts for our findings, which includes other products similar to yours, your product’s UI inspirations, other building blocks like frameworks, hacks etc. Here you get a good glimpse over our views on whats and hows for your product.
  5. If you have felt us deeply, you may have felt the intelligence and creativity we dwell in. That itself will be the solution to many of your problems in the long run, so long as you can execute. That is enough said.
  6. Connections — Without the right kind of connections and handshakes, you business being game changing will only be a concept in theory. Expect some solid connections through us.
  7. Great Talent — Great talent attracts great talent. So even if you are a good talent and not a great talent. We join you for making the collective of you and I, greater. So, now with our presence it may be a tad bit easier for you to attract greater talent from technology to design to marketing. If you don’t already have the taste of our vibe, you may not understand this fully. But if you have the taste of our vibe, you will know, that, no one, not even you, will be able to inspire that talent to be a part of your cause more than we can. We have often noticed and heard that from our clients about us. So you identify top talent, get them into your radar. Be ready to offer them what it will take, and then have us to get into a meeting with that talent.

Alternatively, we can aid you further by managing a team of talented software programmers, marketers and designer, on your behalf. In such a case, you will need to additionally compensate Preseed for having hired and managed the talent for you. We invest heavily in terms of our time, travel and money to surround ourselves with such great talent. Often times our monthly compensation from you, will be equal to the monthly compensation of the dedicated resources we will hire for you. So it is literally cost to cost. The key advantage of this exercise is that we do for you what we are really good at, holding the payment of the vendor with us, till we achieve satisfaction with his start. Your payments to us in this matter, help us earn the trust of the vendor that if he satisfies us, his payments will reach him the very next day of satisfaction. The vendor trusts that we will be reasonable with our satisfaction level of deliverables proportional to the fee approved for them by you.

Note-: Your journey with us has to be a long term one, only then can you fully bear the fruits of what we sow.

Strategy execution quotations:

Our vendors will discuss that with you. We don’t participate in the process of these quotations at all. It is always done through our vendor.

Those interested in our time for profound one on one conversations to create something new from within their given set of resources may write to us at — 

If you’d like me to hear you from here on as a representative of Prefund, you could tweet your words with #prefund to @nishchal and he will take you forward from Prefund’s perspective too. Or you could simply follow the instructions on Prefund Web Page.

Our team and extended network has fair knowledge about what is going on in the web, and that makes our team identify novelty really well.

As soon as we list you here, we open some possibilities for your opportunity to get discovered by those who open Prefund. It may lead to some solid connection for your idea/startup. Many talented people open the webpage of Prefund and get led to develop relationship with our startups.

Also immediately after we list you, you settle somewhere in our minds. That means, in a day when we research on matters of interest to us, we research for you too.

My name is Nishchal Kesarwani. You may know a lot more about me by just reading this publication titled, The Preseed.

3 things we would like the SMEs children to know -
1. With us you could lay a foundation for an idea and scale it up with far lower costs than you may imagine.
2. Along with that almost invariably whatever we attempt from within your resources will be something unique in its offering.
3. Our strategies will also completely harness the potential of the internet for the given idea.

Needless to say that we have identified some of the best freelancers, A grade startup vendors and design studios to work with over all kinds of projects for you.