Details along the slide deck

Important supporting documents along the slide deck

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  1. Profiles of the promoter group
    (Please ensure this is on the slide deck itself. The names of the team should be linked to their profiles like linkedin, github, personal blogs etc.)
  2. Projections in an editable excel sheet with suitable assumptions
  3. A 1 page write up on the Product Journey of your each 3 key competitors
  4. Justification of the relationship of investment to be made and x% stake offered to that investor.
    (Say you want to offer only 5% to an investor for an investment of 10 laksh, then you got to justify this value, not only through your passion and imagination of how great your startup will be, but by showing numbers, market and deriving conclusions out of the data present)
  5. What happens to the Company in case the Projections as mentioned in 2 above are achieved say only upto 50% OR 75% (what is value protection mechanism).
  6. What can be the key milestones that can be monitored on monthly basis to judge the direction of growth of the Company/ management effectiveness and efficiency.
  7. Has the promoting company got drafted ‘stake-offer’ agreement/ Shareholder Agreement from any lawyer? If yes, please share.
  8. A note, in lay-man’s language, about the Product life-cycle.
  9. A note, on the Risk Factors with respect to the PRODUCT.

Drafting these answers I see as necessary anyway to have a vision of the company and it’s check points, from all spectrum, so don’t just consider these points for the sake of investor, it is for the sake of the startup getting built by the valuable intellectual inputs from your founding team (Entity A), Preseed’s team(I and others, Entity B) and the investor community.(Entity C). You see each entity of intellects add their unique value by getting their unique concerns answered. for their unique needs. So it is best to put these 9 points into priority if you want to get the maximum value extracted out of entiy b and entity c. If there is anything in these 9 points, ask me, as soon as possible and get started with these drafts.

Remember to not shy away to answer any question(unless you want to keep it confidential from investors, which I not only discourage but also detest) about your business if it could be answered by you in 48 hours of research. Giving 48 hours away from a usual business work day would be worth it, if it could help you know about your business through the questions of others, with clarity, what you don’t already know of.