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A) No. We build innovative ideas of our own, into products, with people we like. That’s all.

A) We are a virtual incubator primarily focused on incubating our own ideas. (Almost 80% of the ideas we work on are our own ideas). We take pride in the way we think business ideas and hence, we stay focused on finding teams of talented people/co founders to build further upon our own ideas with.

So, if the only way you can understand Preseed is by comparing it to an incubator, then consider thinking Preseed as an incubator that virtually incubates it’s own i deas. If we like you and your idea, we may consider supporting you with all we got, there can be exceptions to the notion of ‘our own ideas’

A) An incubator which supports you like any other incubator but without a fixed physical space, or a monetary investment. For us to support people who are self inspired, just an internet connection at their homes is sufficient.

A) Actually we are just a culture of sorts. A culture running under a leadership of probably the smartest (unheard of) men in the country. It’s the culture, the respect, the will, the imagination, the intellect and the act of our people that make us an extremely valuable support to a man or a woman with a will to do something out of the ordinary.

The top line of trying to build some really cool companies out of our own ideas can be met in India if we can successfully create a culture that makes startup progression happen by way of the culture itself. So we are really a culture of liberated minds trying to do our thing in harmony with another. Let’s just say we as an organisation are designed such that we find harmony in each other by way of who we are anyway.

We are the guys who give you the fundamental idea, the product vision and its path, and some people to start you on an extraordinary journey with us.

A) Firstly, people and their ideas get angel funded, business plans are secondary. Business plans just reinforce that decision of funding in the first place. Yes, we will help you write your business plan, but there is more to a business than a business plan. There is a ‘you’ and there is a ‘prototype’. Our main focus is going to be the ‘you’ and then the ‘prototype’. If the prototype could be achieved without having to write a complete business plan, then why not? A lot of times when you know the idea is that ‘which is needed or something that is useful’ you don’t need to write a business plan straight up, you need to create a prototype to start with; and the business plan may follow with time. We will help you create that prototype. We will help you raise funds at the exact stage you need funds from an angel investor, certainly not before.

A) We claim this based on our belief about the thinkers, knowers and doers we are. We claim to be the best critique you are going to have towards building a company. A critique that not only boldly, honestly, brutally and knowledgeably criticizes an idea but also gives you ’your mind stimulating’ information about why your idea is being criticized. We claim that, what makes us critical is also what makes us push you with knowledge and inspiration to do the better thing, a far better thing. It helps you know ‘what not to do’ while you reconsider ‘what to do’.

A) Preseed brings the extraordinary minds and hence, the extraordinary hustle to the table on anything it touches upon.

A) We look for people mostly to work on our own consumer web ideas. That is why we exist in the first place. Our experiences put us in a fairly good position to make judgments about what/who to pursue and what/who to say no to.

Having said that, if there is ‘someone with an idea’ that catches our fancy, We would be willing to put in all we can, into that idea too.

Anyway, so far, as of today, we have 6 teams on 6 different ideas and it is going good so far.

A) We don’t pay salaries, that is not a part of our model. So you see, a lot of other traditional ways of working are not a part of our model. We look for people who are self inspired to chase their tasks. Offering them money to chase tasks kind of seems like a mistake, at least till some action/real valued work is established by that individual. We only talk in sharing equity in our startups. We end up making more real relationships the foundations of which are not laid in money.

A) We don’t have trust issues. Papers are a waste of time. We don’t believe in relationships that are created and respected by signing papers. We are too much of a hippie organisation to waste time on papers. We believe in the way souls connect.

We will sign the agreement and all when we create a company out of this product. Until then lets co work on faith.

A) For an early stage opportunity what we lay through our leadership and advise lays the foundation for the following fundamentals -:

Our advise becomes the reason for how you may mature as a business leader. The result of it may be felt on -:

a. The idea — What we tell you ensures that you work on ideas that are doing something of value to a large set of people whether for entertainment reasons or social upliftment reasons or solving a big / small problem in the consumer web space or just improving the experience of another kind of a solution. We make you think the right idea.

b. Right Tasks and Milestones — If you are able to achieve these really fast then we can build the startup really fast. There are ways of procrastinating e.g. 1. Losing yourself to the information on the web. 2. Too much phone. 3. Waiting for money — Remember that the first iteration of your idea that we will suggest in most cases would not need money but would need real will to identify people who are willing to collaborate with you for they believe in you or the future profit deal you strike with them.

c. Ways of achieving these milestones — So that you cut the crap and do what you would do with an uncluttered approach of the mind.

d. Extraordinary Visual Communication when it becomes imperative

e. Consumer Web Perspective — Since we are mostly on the consumer web side of things in the way we think just naturally, we end up weaving that perspective into everything we do making it very scalable.

f. Removing the need of money to do something worthwhile by building those bootstrapped models and effective connections.

g. Right set of tasks leading to right set of iterations. h. Bootstrapping — I live so cashlessly i. The love of novelty — The new view of the problem and the solution at every level of the startup cycle. j. Simplicity — Since we love it we don’t shy away in conveying its value in the context of the business, so that it is modeled in the simplest ways for the purpose of scalability.

Every idea we would work on should have two things 1 thing in common, the higher purpose, than can be appreciated by the general audience.

Note -: The first task always is setting the perspective right for the purpose of communication of the idea from there on.

A) If you have an idea. Breifly, email it to us on idea@preseed.in. We also recommend you to read this and it’s surrounding links well. It will do a world of good to you.

Preseed Web Lab FAQ’S

A) Definitely a hard market to crack, but not so hard that one doesn’t try to crack it thinking it’s a hard market to crack. You see the ideas happen out of a need or a problem identified much before the analysis of the market. We are artists first than we are business men, and we would like it to be like that. If it makes sense to be solving those problems we don’t care how hard the market is.

The stage of validation -: Ultimately the customer is who we would like to get the ideas validated by and till we are away from the prototypes we can only hope that our instinct and our home work was bang on.

Before customer the only important validation is by the teams that say ‘yes’ to working on those ideas, and that has been in our favor so far.

For now, we are convinced with whims we are chasing. Something kickass will come out what we are up to even if what comes out of it is a failure. Preseed is a lot about the journey than about the destination at first.

Simply put -: It’s a bunch of inspired people chasing common goals like colorful cashless hippies in harmony; and not businessmen just yet.

Having said that I’d like to believe that we are strong on our discovery of competition (similar apps and other related web products) to validate stuff by putting 2 and 2 together before taking the leap with the rest in the team to start the dev. on that particular given idea.

A) We are very strong on our user experience side of products + the over all product vision + attracting talent to work with. Codeability is what we look for in partnerships at Preseed Web Lab products Interaction Design is next what we look for in partnerships at Preseed Web Lab products

Note -: This is just a rough draft of questions I have had to answer frequently. I am going to add more to this as more such questions come my way.

The following questions are not frequently asked, yet asked.

A) Risk? Once you realise the presence of your soul independent of your body; not acknowledging Dhrama is the only risk. We acknowledge that the only real god level goal is to: be self realised and to love. Not acknowledging that is a risk to not only us, but all mankind. Nothing else is a risk enough for a spiritual being.

Anyway, if we still have to point out something risky to the perspective of a mortal mind, that would be -: at Preseed we have made some bad choices over the last 2 years of having let 3 really wrong people, at different times, to work with us through some part of 2013. (Mind you, we take righteousness very seriously). After they were laid off for their incapability/uselessness, deceitful vibes and acts, they got together to start posting ill about us filled with baseless lies, frustration and hatred on public forums. One of them still keeps writing messages against us to our team members with an intent to bother them and to break relationships.

We think these 3 men unfortunately got intimidated by our energy, outspokenness and levels of faith. Anyway, to each their own. Little do they know that greed, hate and lies fetch no one any good.

It was a seeming risk to have let them be a part of us for about 3–6 months to have them attempt damaging our culture of faith and love, with their deceit and hate. Their vibes from day one of their joining seemed tricky and greedy, we clearly took a risk by ignoring those vibes. We now know that even a day of having a hater (a person with a will to hate) in your company is a seeming risk of nurturing negative vibes under your wings for that day. And, we made a mistake of having 3 such men be under our wings for over 3 months. However, they had been fired out of our company long ago. We have forgiven the haters. May they find peace.

Although, such a risk of attracting sometimes the wrong men in a growing company cannot be fully avoided, but one can always be doubly alert and mindful.

Remember : The vibe matters more than the skills. Trust your intuition about people.

A) The following -:

  1. How faith among one another in our team has been a stronger asset than money. Read more.
  2. Simplicity — : After joining Preseed, most members in our team learn about simplicity like they had never learnt of before. Simplicity not only in products, but the ways of living life too.
  3. We have recently started gathering a huge knowledge base on Prelaunch Marketing. We found out that in its best cases — prelaunch marketing precedes coding. Here is our source pool of knowledge on this topic on kippt. We would like to open it up to any tech startup to start learning from. Strong Prelaunch marketing should tell if the product is worth coding or not. It’s better than any other kind of a validation.

The best moments for us at Preseed are generally those moments in which our human resource before joining in writes to us about why they love us. Their messages are inspired and inspiring, both!

The mission we are collectively on at Preseed is to empower anyone with a will to do something out of the ordinary, specially the entrepreneurial kind. On this mission we have vowed to build products that help entrepreneurs. It is this collective mission and our team’s togetherness that keeps us inspired.

The Preseed

If we have the ability to ask ambitious questions, one day we will have our answers. That day we will innovate, to change the world, forever. Anyway, this is where some of our thoughts about www.preseed.in come to words. These are tales of love and progress stitched together.

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I am made up of whims. I inspire ideas, faith & action @thepreseed. On medium, I write my first quick drafts of some things that matter to me-mostly freedom.

The Preseed

If we have the ability to ask ambitious questions, one day we will have our answers. That day we will innovate, to change the world, forever. Anyway, this is where some of our thoughts about www.preseed.in come to words. These are tales of love and progress stitched together.