Highlight (2014): Our strong foundation

Is made up of inspiration, not money.

For the last over 1 year upto now Preseed has grown itself from 1 man to 12+ team of inspired talented people branching out into two core verticals, Preseed Entrepreneur Lab and Preseed Web Lab, without burning a single penny from our pockets, not because we didn't have money to burn but because we want to build an organisation, the root of which is laid in inspiration to build anyhow, and that alone. Not money. This in my view is the highest form of leadership which replaces money, with pure inspiration instead.

Inspiration to chase a common goal for it’s goodness and righteousness can replace the need of money to chase the same goal. I not only believed in it but I also knew that, that and that alone, is going to help us build an organisation that is not only known for the products it builds but for the way it builds those products and teams.

Inspiration can be imparted just like money can be paid. However it takes leadership of the highest kind. Not every leadership can build things by purely inspiring and influencing people through words, ideas, knowledge, imagination and thus respect, and action. Most leaderships require money and when it doesn’t require money to move and shake things, it is sheer empowerment of that which rest inside of us: the soul, for it feels freed, freed of the materials. It is that leadership that will drive Preseed forward on it’s mission — to empower anyone with a will to do out of the ordinary.

The results -:

  1. The most important result of Preseed’s 2 years of existence is that it has attracted a dozen+ very talented people to join hands with it to build Preseed and it’s dozen’s of ideas without any immediate compensations. And that number is on the rise. Here are some of those people who work very hard to help us achieve our goals. It is built fundamentally differently from any other organisation in the world.
  2. The second most important result of Preseed’s 2 years of existence is that it has already translated the efforts of some of us into some real tangible projects listed as Preseed Startups, with more on their way.
  3. Thirdly — The setting up of 4CONSULT and Startup Kitchen at Preseed Entrepreneur Lab. This means even more and better startups.
  4. The 4th most important result of Preseed is that we have come to see personally how faith in one another is the most important part of building products/startups. Since no one gets any salary or there are no contracts signed here, everyone just works here in faith in each other, over and above anything else. Every individual, team or startup that associates with us will learn this lesson of faith to say the least. I am calling it the third most important, for it is not a tangible. The world we live in some how appreciates more of that what is tangible. But for me, this is the most important result.
  5. The 5th most important result is written about as a different note titled ‘Bootstrapping leads to simplicity’.
  6. Here is the 10 year bird eye view of sorts.
  7. Great momentum in how many extremely talented people write to us every week and go to great extents to fill up our lengthy application forms to join us.

Our team is here to hold stocks in Preseed and/or it’s creations in return for their hard work the day our stocks value is in many millions of dollars. This collective vibe and desire in turn will ensure that our stocks value gets there because intention is heard well by the universe even before action is made.

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