Just Build

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An initiative by the Preseed Media Network to help you learn how to build your startup better via a series of newsletters

We exist so that you could build whatever that is you want to build.

On our mission towards empowering those who have the will to do s0mething out of the ordinary, we have covered some ground -:

  1. We have setup our website www.preseed.in that is a close reflection of us. So now you can know us.
  2. We have set up our foundation ( called PWL 1) for building several web apps that will empower anyone with a will to build stuff. These apps will help you in putting together your idea to translating them into MVPs some day. #ideas #entrepreneurs #productivity
  3. Infact we have set up a self sustainable playground of sorts called Preseed Web Lab where some of you inspired ones can build with us web products, upon ideas that are definitely novel. Some of them may truly have the potential to change the world.
  4. We are doing more for the cause of entrepreneurship than we have put in words here for we wish to have you know what we are doing by the result of all that we are doing, not by words alone. We will keep you updated on all that at projects.preseed.in as and when those projects shape up.

By the way this is just a start. It is not going to be perfect, whatever. However we have decided to dedicate our whole lives to the cause of meaningful technology entrepreneurship. We hope we are able to be of some impact there.

Nothing that we will do, in those areas to trigger you to start and start well, will be as powerful as your own will in this of world of free tools and free information. It is exactly this that we will send through our biweekly Just Build news letters. Basically, one well compiled biweekly email about free tools and information about building your startup.

We are convinced that the best way to learn is to build. Just Build.

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