Looking for my main man


Dear Mr. main man,

I am not completely convinced with the ones I have met yet. This composition is to find myself a mentor who understands everything that follows from here on in this little world of Preseed I have built around my desire to collaborate with the hackers and designers to build with, cool consumer web product MVPs at little to no monetory costs. So that the need of money was not to be the concern while I live the life I desired. The life of whims.

If I don’t find you timely, I would still be able to do what I am attempting to do, but if I find you timely, I will be able to do all of that before my hair turns grey. And in the process this journey will make me very likely to be the worthy leader of a team that built a multi billion dollar soulful business someday for you, I and them. A business that transform lives it touched. The lives of it’s team memebers to start with.

Here is what I need from you -

1. Bring on one guy on board, an operations head who could head the ‘execution of strategies’ at Preseed. Someone who could execute anything indicated well. Someone who loves codes, as much as he loves designs, as much as he loves marketing. Above all, someone who finds harmony in our counter culture where faith precedes money.

2. Invest upto $100,000 at a valuation around $1 Million into Preseed before June, 2015

So far, we are doing a mighty good job at keeping ourselves bootstrapped, but, if monetary investment meant having a brilliant human becoming our guiding force as we channel this money into our business. We may hence accept upto a $100,000 investment from you by offering you and your man upto a total of a 10% stake in Preseed by/before 2015 end.

I am wishing you to be the head of some globally popular incubator.

Guide me in this journey that has the potential to make me SEEM like a mere whimsical idealist in most other mentors/investors perspective because I am not talking about just an idea. I am talking about an ideology the dots of which I do see getting connected shortly. At each connection there lies an idea. I am confident you would see them getting connected too, when you give me a chance to make us both look back at it 5 years from the time you come on board.

(I had been looking for you from the day I got funded nearly a $100,000 for a social media product in 2009 which I could never really create).

The topline here may be of a lot of interest to you. The top line is to build disruptive products one day as we find access to better human resource in consumer web technology as we progress on building Preseed Web Lab further. So far we seem to be set right to attract the kind of talent it would take to build cool stuff.

BTW, if we show you what the applicants write to us in our forms, and the awe inspiring messages we get from students all over the country, our above claim may get substantiated. To be specific, we are going to be a magnate for the counter cultured India of the future if we do right, what we have identified to do as Preseed.

Support me to lead a team of those who have a very little regard for the status quo and hence, one day change it.