My last 10 years for my whole lifetime — MyIdealist and Preseed.

MyIdealist is how I want to get to my exact audience of interest.

A human with a will to do something out of the ordinary. That is the the human I want to serve. Someday in the next 10 years I would like myself to be at a place where I could nurture a lot of such fellow beings. From entrepreneurs to dancers to athletes, all of them.

But for now, I want my journey completely focused on one breed of such humans. I call them, potential entrepreneurs. They if nurtured right, have the potential to make this world a better place, far more than, any one else. These are typically students, who want to build, before they learn, earn or burn. This is who I was when I was a student in a college in New Delhi about 10 years ago. One of the most important reasons that I want to aid this class of people is that I am that myself.

So to serve this class of people I was going to build a web product someday. And that web product was not to be a derivative of what exists and what doesn’t exist in this market. It was going to be about the sum of my own personal experiences ever since I surrendered myself to this cause of ‘nurturing those with a will to do something out of the ordinary’.

With ‘Potential entrepreneurs’ as my key focus, I set off to building that product with a distributed team from anywhere in the world, that wanted to be a part of such a cause. In spite of no salary to them, till the product becomes meaningful for Naval Ravikant. Here is a small glimpse into why Naval Ravikant. Also here and here. (Yes yes, I know, it has to become meaningful to its community and not Naval first, but Naval has the eye for future meaning, if it becomes meaningful to him today, merely out of a vision, let alone a prototype, there is a possibility, I would find my first human mentor/investor for this product already)

Now, lets come back to me here, about Naval, you can read at too many places, and more and more places into the future. He is building that future.

Anyway, I wanted to build this product with a team, that was going to persevere all the way till we truly make this place a better world for the potential entrepreneurs of the future. Not a team that is willing to quit at every drop of a hat.

This product was not going to be merely about a set of codes. It was truly about understanding that at its full potential it could be an Angellist for potential entrepreneurs. That market doesn’t exist yet. I mean that market exists, but at no one place. That market also doesn’t know that it exists all over the place already. We were going to bring this market at ONE UNIFIED PLACE. So what we were to building was not about where the puck is or will be or any such analogy. We were building to drive the puck already. We were not building to receive the puck. We were to take it there ourselves. And once taken there, it when integrated with AngelList, will create a democratic environment for those who want to build startups.

Right from day 1 I had an abstract image of this future. I had a vision and I was in no hurry. I knew it was way ahead of it’s time. And in regard to India, far more ahead of its time. Something that is so far ahead is not for those who are looking for immediate gains and jobs where everything is rosey. I was aware it was going to be a total uphill. I had the balls to go on this path. One of the reasons why I must have been the chosen one.

The time for this will arise when, among, other indicators, one indicator will be when Angellist will become main stream. That day atleast 10x more entrepreneurs and investors of the world will be connected across boundaries, castes, history and geography. The investments will then happen without unnecessary geographical friction. That in turn will induce more to start. That is when the need for a platform for potential entrepreneurs will arise. And, Angellist is not a platform for potential entrepreneurs. What we are building, one brick at a time, is. You can read about that web platform we are building here. You must infact read it there. And then from there, you must head to try the MVP for such a platform called

Today there may be an unnoticed need for such a web product in my perspective. But that day when Angellist becomes main stream, the product we are making will be a way of life for the ‘potential entrepreneurs’ of the world. We may be 5 years away from such a global time.

In short the vision I have for entrepreneurs of the future, perhaps 2018 includes -

  1. Profiling of such ‘potential entrepreneurs’ and ‘their ideas’. (We will stay focused at nailing this till first 10,000 users)
  2. Vision — One of the most important things we want to enable potential entrepreneurs in achieving through our product is, a deep rooted vision for the idea they want to pursue into a startup. (A story of sorts. After all, its the story, that sells.) We will give them a text editor unlike medium, meant for specially writing ideas for startups, which in part need to remain confidential too. We have a very novel thought for what kind of writing and what writing will happen on this tool. No other text editor, including medium, serves what we will be providing on our text editor. Its a simple feature. But the key feature which we won’t revel just yet.
  3. Connections and basic connection level communication.

That part will be served through MyIdealsit. No more, no less. Let’s understand, appreciate and learn from Angellist product vision a little bit. They could have been a communication platform too. A social network of entrepreneurs with a feed system like Facebook etc. But they were focused on the part that was about Profiling of the entrepreneur, profiling of the startups, so that these fellow humans can be connected. That is what we have to do. The difference between MyIdealist and Angelist has to be just — the difference between entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs.

BTW, I said this product we are building for potential entrepreneurs called MyIdealist is not just about codes. It is about far deeper roots then mere codes written upon an opportunity sighted. One such root may be reflected upon a community, we have built from scratch to some small meaning, where we live the values of MyIdealist every day and night. The community is called

Some of the foreseeable disruptive results this product may have may be the same as the results we have seen in the community we have built for the same cause so far—

  1. One thing in the making of a startup will go bad, and 9 out of 10 will quit. The one that stays back, may make all the difference. He is the one who will inspire more faith. So what we have come to understand is that this product has to enable people to be more trusting in each other. And the only way to be more trusting is by trusting. It is that which will enable people from 1000s of miles apart to team up, not upon white contract papers, but action, straight up.
  2. The cost of experimentation (or starting a startup) reduced to one 10th. For the whole world. Hence, more innovation.
  3. Most importantly, we are designing the product MyIdealist and it’s features in such a way that it induces the world to build upon real world problems rather than copying pasting one successful idea of the west and implementing it in the east. This according to me is another very big drain on the energy of those who want to build things, and in that light, they put there efforts into building things that are incremental in how they improve anything or add any real value. Its time for substantial, not incremental. As google describes, MOONSHOTS.

So will be built at ease, brick by brick, powered by our own community that I started in India 3 years ago, called Preseed, made up of a hand full of my very carefully selected hackers, hustlers and designers, working together in stealth mode.

I commit to each one of you, that I will put my entire life left to building this web product and its community Preseed.

If you are interested in joining the product development team at MyIdealist, please write to me on This is our chance to improve the world like never before. Personally this is your chance to be a part of a product that can put even your own product whims into action.

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