Nishchal Kesarwani
May 31, 2018 · 12 min read

Let them know me by my most important whim. If you need to talk about me to someone, copy and paste the below paragraph to them:

The stars I am aiming for, just out of one product:

  1. To make all other todo listing, bookmarking and note making apps redundant. (That will be a $1+ billion disruption)
  2. To then create, a social network of action. ($100+ billion disruption of current social network of talks.
  3. To then, create a culture of education upon communication and collaboration using a field of artificial intelligence in the near future, NLP. ( $500 billion opportunity to create a new education landscape). Here education will happen just by chance.
  4. To the give preventive healthcare by measuring 5 elements in your body — earth, air, water, fire and ether.
  5. To then give you freedom.

(

All through one app, this chat app, Chattodo.

A screenshot of my profile on

Continued from my words on my profile. If you have not read it, read it. The below will make more sense then.

Namastey inventors and innovators,

Below are photos from my various talks that had moved and shaken some humans and ideas, into newer shapes and forms.

Let me first tell you that I am not a very educated man. I dropped out of college. However, I may be a learned man, but most importantly, I am a thinking man. I learnt by leading a team of extraordinary men and women while I was only 22. To know who were the people I led in my first company FloEco India Pvt. Ltd., and what they went on to become, click on their names to know these global stars - Parag Arora(YC), Siddharth Khattri(Google & Techstars), Neha Kesarwani (cofounder, Kabeer Jain, Siddharth Yadav, Vinay Yadav, Puneet Bharti, Akshay Gupta, Mustafa Shahansha, Puneet Bharti, Varun Rajput, Atul Agarwal, Radhika Kapoor and Jatin Agarwal. This was my first team, and I was their first captain. I have a nack for identifying talent before it reaches the rest of the world. Although, it is painful to have lost that team, starting from scratch, from that rock bottom must have had something to do with the raised place of my new bar.

A talk about at Indian Business School in 2014

Somewhere along the way, I got offers from companies like 91 Springboard and Embibe, by their charismatic founders to join them as a cofounder and director. I had to politely turn offers down by these game changing men and women. I was to be on a mission of my own. Something only I may be destined to do. Today they have built over 200 million dollar value companies, while I have built a Chinese bamboo of all companies in the world, Preseed. It is deeper below the ground than above it.

To say the least, my constant advice will help you understand your business ahead from some new stand points, perhaps, over a noticeable period of time. I want to prepare you for your investment/incubation readiness. The slide deck we will make together will help you raise investment. However, that is the least of the reasons I will help you in the making of a right Slide Deck. What is the most important reason I will do this exercise for? This is how I will, in the process, reveal your company to you with some new stand points. My questions to you, and your understanding thereafter can make all the difference.

Over the years from my first solo founded $100,000 backed startup failure with the above mentioned star studded team in 2010 at my ripe age of 25, to starting Preseed as a community in 2012, upto now, Jan 2014, I often find myself and my team — advising a lot of business owners and friends, who have come to us seeking our advise on ways to do business in the new age of free information and free tools.

However, we have been so caught up until now in building from ground up, upon my own ideas listed at Preseeded and that we never formally got the time to start our consulting for such businesses and startup friends out there, even though in my personal capacity, in the past, I have advised and executed for companies like

  1. Libra Mattresses (among the top 10 mattress manufacturers in India)- In 2009–10 in improving their brand and design. They give our designs the credit for making one of their foam product their best seller.
  2. Jeet India Limited (a SME in food and beverage) — In 2009–10 I with my team (that later placed in organisations like google and O&M) worked on their brand, their packaging, their ERP, their IT infrastructure etc.
  3. Invest Care — In early 2011 we deployed IT infrastructure solutions for them through my other co-founded startup called BizOnTech. (Note-: I dropped out of BizOnTech soon after to split from that team, to focus on something more inspiring, that now is called Preseed). Here my cofounder
  4. Om Sai Global — In the mean while to make ends meet I started advising Om Sai Global on harnessing the internet better and graduated to training their teams. Soon after I became the CEO there for a brief period of 3 months as that allowed me more authority to attempt some overhauling in their company. I did not continue thereafter for I was not motivated to serve my entire day in a real estate business.
  5. Many more such business consulting stints happened till 2011 December, when I finally decided to not work as a consultant to SMEs anymore, to focus back on what mattered to me the most. What matter to me the most was building Preseeded, which of course in those days around the mid of 2011 was just a thought in my mind without a form. For Preseeded, Preseed had to happen first. So I started building Preseed.

My main interest of work lied in building startups from bottom up, for that leaves more room for some soulful innovation. I liked to innovate on even the way businesses are managed, let alone the product the business is building. My appetite for technology and good design transcends the appetite for technology and good designs in most businesses in India. Moreover, the biggest challenge in consulting SMEs was that they often lacked the creative work force needed to execute what my advise may have contained for them. Hence, it was a fair decision by all regard to stop advising others to focus back on starting up a business that fulfilled my desire to co-build important things that mattered. So, if you are building something important in my perspective, count me in.

A hand full of action oriented, extraordinary humans that I can make great timely impacts with the help of, through the collective of their startups and our mind.

As the community at Preseed started to mature, I started to turn down more opportunities to consult SMEs, not because of the decision I had taken against spending time in consulting traditionally operated businesses due to the reasons mentioned above, but also because we ourselves lacked the human resources that could replace me to look after my consulting clients, with the same zeal and know how as I would have done. However, now after one year of starting Preseed, I have been able to compile an extra ordinary team at Preseed’s consulting arm 4Consult that will do justice to my future SME and large corporation clients, with or without me, in all spectrums of their business.

Startups, I will help you raise investments. It will be a lot of hard work, because every sales is a lot of hard work, and raising money is the kind of sales, which sells a portion of the company at best value, to the best buyer, and that is what I will strive to achieve here. It is a continuous part of the company’s growth. So I won’t just do it ones, but I will do it every time your company needs to raise money. And so I will pitch and also develop relations with such investors. The investors I will prepare you for, will be world class.

If you have a MVP with some traction and are now looking to raise money in upwords of Rs 20 Lakhs or $20,000 upto $ 100,000, you could go and find an angel investor yourself. All you got to do is pitch a slide deck to an investor of repute. You don’t really need Preseed if you are fully ready to be backed by the monies of thoughtful, deeply experienced, well achieved and connected investors!

However, if you wish to have someone who you could now discuss the plan in greater detail with to have a clearer perspective into the game you are in, for in the very short future monies of other very smart people are going to get involved. We may be happy to help if we like your team, MVP and current slide deck.

So, in short, I will be among your best pitch makers, best deal makers and best match makers, so long as you make me sit in-front of the right people for your startup. This is a category of hustle that will make all other hustles simpler.

As far as us giving solid mentorship to you is concerned you can go and have a look at the philosophical depth of Preseed or you can see what I am made of, by looking deep inside in my own words on my medium. When learned from us, you will know more about not just business bootstrapping and team building, but also creativity and spirituality with logics, not stories.

So, among other things listed below, some personal solid mentor-ship is what I can give you for now. I can add you into our culture too by adding you into our portfolio at Preseed Startups where we collectively inspire, ideas faith and action.

For my hands on services, I will need some personal equity or compensation, if I desires so, for having to go out of my way or scope to bring fortune for you. I will take atleast 15% equity for doing so. The 10% of that goes to Preseed to have Preseed board approve of my involvement with you as a representative of Preseed. It is at this stage when it will open its program Preseed Startups at no additional monetary cost to you.

I generally share upto 10% equity with Preseed out of whatever you offer me, for opening their network of people to me and you for knowledge exchange. I consider that as a very important part of the process that I run for you in mind. They power me to be in these conversations and hustle with you, by giving me access to the Preseed network of very capable people, we work with across gamut of tasks.

In fact very rarely do I work with startups that are not Preseed Startups, unless you are so exceptional that I am convinced that you only need me and, nothing and no one else from the Preseed Network.

To really get you started, I may have to get hands on with you in your startup.My hands on participation with you will be directly proportional to your offer to me, so before we proceed with you, we need to know — what would be your offer to us?

As we progress over the next 3 months and some milestones well, I will do whatever I can for, as if my own.

I closely monitor your startup to advise you proactively, by taking my own initiatives to actually help you translate your startup into an extraordinary business.

I take incubation/acceleration of our startups in the world’s best incubators/accelerators very seriously. Thus we take it upon ourselves to have our portfolio startup companies be placed within them, at the right time. So our advise will invariably be meant towards a global impact rather than a vision and foundation laid for an India centered mindset, rather than a world at large centeric mindset. This ensures, to say the least, knowledge of the latest market environments and technologies.

If you’d like me to hear you from here on , you could tweet your words with #preseed to @nishchal and I will take you forward.

My scope of service for you against equity

A lesson I learnt the hard way in 2010. I will ensure you learn it too.
  1. Correct the flaws -:
    a) Product vision — For sometimes there is a beautiful MVP, a solid team, but the product vision is still cluttered with noise, in our perspective, as we detest the unnecessary, it may perhaps call for a product vision pivot. Or striping down an existing iteration, or loading it up instead.
    b) Slide Deck — Being able to put that one line on the very first slide for the investor has got more than just that one line to do. It forces you to be able to speak to everyone in that one line in a manner that convinces them about the novelty of your business; and the drive to achieve the manifestation of that one line helps you simplify your ideas, the first post funding market iteration in that exact direction, clearer product market fit, the new found simpler product vision. It is this slide deck you and us pitch to most suitable incubators). Your slide deck should be in sync with this article I wrote for you to learn this art.
    c) Advise over any thing critical to the business through out the life of the business or till we hold ownership in your business.
  2. I mentor all founders in life skills, spirituality, business building, simplicity, faith, company culture, technology, leadership, growth etc.
  3. If you have felt me deeply, you may have felt the intelligence and creativity I dwell in. That itself will be the solution to many of your problems in the long run, so long as you can execute. That is enough said.

Note-: Your journey with me has to be a long term one, only then can you fully bear the fruits of what we sow together

I prefer voice notes and clearly written messages on Chattodo app. Find me there. I will take maximum of 48 hours to get back to you on those messages . I accept one startups at a time when it is are a mere prototype and atleast 2 people strong.

I am going to be about logic upon intuition and gut at first, about finding early stage startups like yours that have not reached the market well yet, without going through unnecessary number crunching and slide decks. Then I will take a leap of knowledge and faith to hold your hand.

I closely monitor your startup to advise you proactively, by taking my own initiatives to actually help you translate your startup into an extraordinary business.

That which I am indicating as my service to you personally, I am manifesting as a product too. So, I can touch a billion lives in 10 years. My product with which I will do that is called Chattodo.

If you want to go further into my past, you could start from one of my medium publications here.

However, if you want to look into my probable future dig Preseed really well. Then get me on your side of the table. If you are revenue positive, I will crack every meeting for you. If you are not, and yet hold some merit in your head and heart, I will still crack every meeting for you, however long it takes.

Note — I don’t like to be rushed into anything. I will get back to you when I can. Here is my email

If you intend to join the Preseed team to assist me on my mission forward

The following are my messages to anyone joining the Preseed Team. All team members and potential team members must read them before joining Preseed —

To everyone who intends to engage with us.

To the Preseed team

The culture of faith

Our value

As a captain of this team, I can serve my duties not without the team’s complete understanding and trust in what I have indicated above. And of course in the tab, HR on our medium essays.

The Preseed

If we have the ability to ask ambitious questions, one day we will have our answers. That day we will innovate, to improve the world. This is where some of Nishchal’s thoughts about and his life come to words. These are tales of love and progress stitched together.

Nishchal Kesarwani

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I am made up of whims. I inspire ideas, faith & action @thepreseed. On medium, I write my first quick drafts of some things that matter to me-mostly freedom.

The Preseed

If we have the ability to ask ambitious questions, one day we will have our answers. That day we will innovate, to improve the world. This is where some of Nishchal’s thoughts about and his life come to words. These are tales of love and progress stitched together.

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