(Notepad+bag+words =Preseed Notepad)

Buy our notepads to inspire you while you are offline. Place an order their now, for a big dose of inspiration.

We believe that the right time to start is when you start, regardless of your age, experience and/or degrees.

Through the content on our Notepads:

We want to help you build your companies even while you are in college chasing degrees. The consumers of our notepad have to find meaning in carrying a side bag made up of a notepad with information spread across its many pages, about how to build a contemporary startup.

We will educate you about extraordinary dots, dot makers, the transition of those dots to a business empire and the transition of the dot makers from passionate kids ‘at garage’ into extraordinary leaders. There are more such stories than we can tell in our lifetimes. We will educate you about these transitions to help you understand the fact that all these Leaders were once ‘one of us’.

We will educate you about how a professional degree is not as important, in the real world, as it seems. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were enterprising. They did not have degrees, they had conviction. The people who work for them have degrees, sometimes even they don’t.

We will tell you why the destination is not more important than the journey.

We will tell you why curiosity is more important than formal education.

We will tell you how liberating it is to be able to make our own wishful choices every day, through out our lives.

We will tell you how exaggerated the concept of a MNC job is.

We will tell you about the technologies, the people, the products, the investors, the realities, the designs.

We will tell you how starting up is the best that you could do to your career.

We will tell you how you could startup around ‘what you like’.

We will tell you how exaggerated the event of failure seems to most minds.

We will tell you how important it is to be ready to unlearn what fails to convince our minds as we grow up.

We will help you connect the dots. We will ask hard hitting questions. The questions we will asks will help you refine your business model, make it scalable, make it social, make it’s identity solid and make it’s communications viral. Above all, these questions we will help you understand yourself and your team better.

At Preseed, we surround ourselves with good content and inspiring stories which help us keep moving towards our goals. We wanted to put the lessons we have learnt, on our notepads which can help spread the aura of motivation.

With every notepad we gift you a poster with an inspiring quote and beautiful design. We give it with frames you can assemble and hang well in your room or office walls. Our posters can be found on www.posterguy.in by searching for Preseed Prints.

Preseed Notepads is started also to be our initiative to collect profits for Preseed so it could continue aiding entrepreneurs with that money, timelessly. It was conceived to create an independent financial potential for Preseed to empower the Indian youth like nothing else in the past, independent of investors money. Once we go beyond the profits required to cover up for the costs of space and events, we will use the rest of the funds to making this fund.