Preseed’s Resident Yoga Exponent and Researcher

Rajeev Ranjan

(In his own words):

Every incidence in the universe is caused by multiple factors, some are knowable and some unknowable. Trying to know the knowable and calibrating it towards a reasoning is called science or logic. But creating a ground where both knowable and unknowable can be perceived is called spirituality. Both these states get dropped in the state of Yoga.

Through the grace of my Guru I had an opportunity to take a jump and look beyond the limitations of my life and I was reborn.

The sole purpose of my life now is to make people capable enough so that they break their limitation and come to a state of freedom. Freedom is a large sphere with lots of subsets:

Freedom from your own limitation like disease

The only tool for action outside or inside for every human being is body and mind. Disease of body and mind are huge limitations. More than 70% of disease of body are created from within or chronic. For example, Diabetes, BP, Asthma, Thyroid etc. Whereas almost 100% of mental disorders are grown from within.

Modern medical science is unable to handle these issues very effectively owing to their limitation of monotonous line of approach due to specific cultured thought process. Therefor the talk of preventive wellness has gained momentum. DNA mapping is an answer towards the predictive analysis of our body which can be used for preventive wellness. But this is just restricted to our body and a life is much more than body.

Break through in Predictive analysis: 5 Element Diagnosis — Through answer to 10 questions your state of five elements can be predicted with fair accuracy and the pattern of your body, mind, emotions, tendencies and life in general can be arrived at. These patterns can be reversed through various yogic techniques to make someone come out of a specific ailment.

This 5-element diagnosis is a milestone in preventive wellness as well as in curing the current chronic issues. I have discovered this diagnosis to cure each and every individual who has a phone in hand; as this solution can be delivered through an online interface. I am delivering these solutions and creating the minimum required baseline to gather substantial momentum.

Projects in progress

5 element diagnosis chatbot

Freedom from social limitation like boundedness of education system: the whole orientation of the current education system is survival. To describe it further we are just creating cog to fit in the economic wheel. Every R&D is directed towards economics. The freedom of creative expression has got restricted.

The whole education system has become a puppet of economic and other policies of the various governments and education institutions. The measure of skill is equated with the degree one holds and the propaganda begins.

Capability and deliverability should be a precursor to education gained which can further be translated to degree. This is the whole Idea behind Chattodo; the social platform of deliverables, a brain child of Nishchal Kesarwani which can measure the skill acquired through work done which further can be translated to degree. This degree can be validated by anyone in the world through blockchain technology the reward being Freedom Coin. I am proud to be a part of this endeavour.

The other aspect is increasing the capability of our next generation. If we look holistically; we have brought down the capability of the present generation. Our physical capability has gone down, the immunity level has decreased drastically. Our mental capability has gone down as mental issues have increased drastically. Our energy level has decreased.

We have increased the capability of our gadgets and decreased ours. As human race have we given up or are we endorsing machine rule in future? The integral part of our education system should be capability enhancement. Enhancing the capability of body, mind and energies should be a priority in education.

I am trying to deliver techniques from various branches of Yoga which enhances various capabilities in a human being. is one project in progress under the banner of Kalpavriksha. I have delivered workshops for students and teachers in various schools.

Enhancing capabilities of people in sports is another project taking shape. I have a group of golfers who have started realizing the necessity of capability enhancement. There are specialized branches in yoga which are less explored like Kumbhak Paddhati which can do wonders in the field of capability enhancement. I am in the process of research in that field.

Freedom from limitation of unknown dimension

Human beings more than gadgets but function like them. They have a hardware and software. The software is acquired by them only, but they are unaware of it. Therefore, if they face a consequence they blame their destiny or God.

Since they don’t have the necessary capability to create a change in the acquired software for desired result; our Yogis of past created powerful energy zones to induce the necessary change. There is a whole science of consecration towards this.

It’s almost a forgotten science of tremendous impact. I am in a process of reviving the forgotten consecrated places through a project called Shiva Walks.

There a whole world of spiritual realm which can free a human being from the very bondations of life itself. Shiva walk is a step in that direction.

A brief history

I have been a seeker in my life and yoga has always been a companion since my early childhood. In my school (5th std.), I was the yoga demonstrator for my school and I became the yoga head. At that time, it was the physical form of yoga which dominated the sphere. Later, when I was seeking, I explored various schools and forms. I have acquaintance with almost all prominent schools and forms prevalent in India and abroad.

The real taste of yoga happened to me when I encountered my Guru and he took me over and made me enter a new dimension. Later, I left everything and started to work towards establishing yoga.

Initially I used to organize classes at various places in Delhi NCR (India) and then started many endeavors in the field of yoga retreats, yoga therapy, yoga for student, corporate yoga.

Yoga demonstrator for 9 years for Isha Hatha Yoga an initiative of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva. Also demonstrated at Laxmibai University of Sports, Gwalior on behalf of Isha Foundation.

I have had the opportunity to work and design different yoga modules for different branches of yoga like: Swar yoga, kriya yoga, hatha yoga, Kalari yoga, prana yoga, Nada yoga, bhakti yoga, Gyan yoga, karma yoga.

I also had the opportunity to teach yoga to people from across the globe and been featured in television shows —

Delivering to the CEOs and who’s who:

Atelier Payal Jain (fashion designer of great repute), Pankaj Krishna (chrome data analytics), Rohit Aggarwal (Fine Lines export), Kiran Bedi (Magsaysay Award winner and India’s 1st IPS), Laxmana Dalmia (Writer, Producer and Director), Aziz Mirza (Launched Shahrukh Khan), Amit Gehlot (Director Ambience Group) etc.

First time in the world — I have started the breakthrough elemental pattern analysis and named it 5 element diagnosis as it was based on the fundamental 5 elements.

This diagnosis finds out the root pattern of disease and predicts the problems that can be encountered in the future.

5 element diagnosis is a milestone in preventive medicine or wellness.


I feel so energetic every morning after completing my kriya yoga session and I have no words to express my gratitude to evolution retreats team and Rajeev ji — Mr. Amit Gehlot, director, Ambience group.

No task seems to be herculean to me and I know it’s real secret, hatha yoga that I practice daily, and my list of achievements is soaring much to my delight. Thank you, evolution retreats, for making me join the retreat and Rajeev Sir for all that he has given to us. — Ms. Anna, CEO, Open eyes project, Spain

I keep a tab on upcoming retreats of evolution retreats as the location, the modules and pranic food they serve are beyond adulation- Mr. Jaideep Mishra, economic times.

I and my wife were one of first few who attended kriya yoga retreat in Bandhavgarh. We never in our dreams had thought of the profundity with which it was delivered by Rajeev Sir. We got to learn a lot and we could improve upon our health a lot. — Amitabh Singh (ex. Bureaucrat, Gov. of India).

It was a wonderful experience as I almost immediately experience relief in my back pain and the body opened. I would like to do it again and again. –Joanne wing Yan Chiu, China

Yoga to take care of your energy aspect is like a fairy tale, but seeing it happen in front of you is like a dream. I was amazed by the way the programme was delivered and felt completely rejuvenated. Nurit Kurk, Israel.

I had severe heat issues in the body. My whole body used to burn, nothing worked. But this therapy solved it in just three days.”

- Lakshmana Dalmia, writer, producer and director.

​”I had severe pain in my lumbar area and there was swelling. Doctor recommended me for physiotherapy, but it was not helping me. I took this plan and within just 2 days my swelling was gone and the back pain got fine. For me this was a miracle.”

- Kunal Relan, startup owner

“I was always troubled by my upset stomach and I got myself treated at many places but all in vein. I was amazed how yoga therapy helped me the very first day. I am now completely cured.”

  • Anuj Wadhwa, business owner.