Our social network of action – Chattodo

I am making a social network of action, the back end journey of which is made up of all I am showcasing below. And this back end is not only about code.

It is a chat product designed for seamlessly making communication actionable, and action social.

What do I mean by action?

Action means todos. Everything that one has to do will be done, by one’s action, not by one’s talks.

Why is this time the right time for this idea?

Aren’t you getting bored of the social network of talks already.

This is the first and the second last time we are going to talk about the idea of a social network of action. Till we build it into the hands of a million people.

I hope you reached here on this note from the web page http://culture.preseed.in in the screenshot below. For then we would trust, you clicked on the ‘why’ there too. Do click on why.

How are we going to build the social network of action?

First, we thought we will build it from scratch by ourselves, one step at a time. It was a matter of about 10 big steps spread over 3 years. So we took the first step — www.todoed.co. We made this productivity tool, to first be a tool better than the wunderlists, any.dos, and swipes personal apps of the world. And then on top of that, we created the social networking layer.

All in all the goal was to make a product which could make communication more actionable right at the instance of communication. And then all that action clubbed with the action of research and findings when collaborating, leading to social feeds for such collaborating users.

The culture that these feeds will lead upto will be quite different from the culture of feeds that Facebook leads the world to.

I have been able to initiate the dev works for my social network of action as a chatapp. Although, the best would be to build it in collaboration with either one of the todo listing tools listed above.

What is the advantage we are bringing to any one of these todo listing tools listed above, for them to collaborate with us?

Chattodo can be the most significant in terms of the number of users, by actually onboarding 1000 times more users for such existing tools, just because the utility we provide is superior and novel. We grow the vision of such todo listing tools to a point that as a consumer web product, one of these todo listing tools which assumes our vision for productivity, may stand a chance to be more relevant than Facebook, Gmail or Slack for those who want to be productive. Thus, increasing the marketing potential of the todo listing apps by a 1000 times.

Here is a video quickly skimming through the wireframe of Chattodo –

I also firmly believe that there is far more knowledge and power in collaboration upon a common goal, than there can be in education or corporate slavery.

This implies a new kind of education — education upon collaboration. This can be offered to the world if education metrics can be brought upon the act of collaboration itself. If such collaboration can be measured as education. But that is level 2 of the implications of a social network of action I want to build. Level 1 is the social network of action itself.

Levels 1 and 2 my vision collectively will impact 3 major industries like never before -

  1. Social Networking
  2. Education
  3. Productivity

This will be the biggest of all the social networks in terms of revenue, because it will make people productive quite directly, and also educated in a measurable way. I believe if something can make people quite productive directly, someday they will pay to use it in a more robust way.

Thank you!

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