TSF Ch 1— Nishchal’s Modus Operandi

If you need me, not our money, can you have me? My modus operandi at TSF starts with a passionate conversation between I and soulful humans like you, who stand for real good in society. I have started Preseed, to give you and I the start. I am starting TSF to focus on you.

Nishchal Foolish Kesarwani
Preseed Essays (PE)


How does TSF work for those who don’t need our money, but need us?

Story — You can blow your own trumpet, but understand the difference between, you blowing your own trumpet and we blowing your trumpet, to the investor. Furthermore, understand the difference between anyone else blowing your trumpet and us blowing your trumpet.
Dealflow is about the storytelling of your brand to be. It is not just for the investors but also for your teams. It is that which creates a possibility of ‘inspiration’ for your business. Inspiration because when we evangelize, we don’t just sell, we inspire. Your measure of onboarding us, must be, in your ability to gauge if we can be the best storytellers you can have, such that, even in your absence your story is not only told but also heard with awe and inspiration. At this stage of your startup, it is your story that will sell better than your status quo.

How do we understand your story?

We spend countless hours in conversations with you, and then training you to internalise it as not just your story but now a collective story of you and Preseed team together in context to your business. It is in this story that the face value of your team gets the face value of our team too infront of the investor. It is in this story that you ultimately raise money on, repeatedly. It’s not a one time act. It is in this story that we on-board people for your team whenever we find one. It is in this story that our team and your team get synchronised, (or any team, because we tell it so) as if one. It is this story which is the prerequisite to any work we do for you.

For doing so, we take an upfront minimum equity. This is the only reason why we would invest our time and energy on your startup. Even listening to your story, your pains, your business or your dream, will cost us time and money; with effect from now. We will charge for it upfront. Be ready for this before our call with you
Step 1 — Please dig this termsheet on our Medium publication, Preseed essays, to understand the terms.
Step 2 — Copy and paste it, print it, sign it and send to us.
Our contracts are non negotiable in nature. They are standards we follow with every startup.

In the backdrop of the story, Nishchal will help your startup — through his advice, teams and hustle, on all matters of your business over time, through various programmes/services of Preseed. However the first task will be — setting the perspective right for the purpose of communication of the idea. All else will follow.

Our advise becomes the reason for how you may mature as a business leader.

(To understand TSF, you may have to go all the way into all the links on simple.preseed.in, the webpage which likely brought you here. So don’t be hasty about reading that webpage. This essay is just to indicate the direction of a unique startup pre-incubation program by me,

To say the least — here I discuss how an organization should be built tastefully, slowly, and conscientiously keeping contemporary technology, communication and design sensibilities right at the top.

You, dear entrepreneurs, should dig this medium publication called Preseed Yoga well, for we are assuring you that nowhere in India would you find the kind of environment of early entrepreneurial education and truth you will experience in Preseed Yoga.

All the work at Preseed Yoga is aimed at, covering the evolution of an idea through all the stages, into a successful organization, so long as you are standing for, I repeat genuine good for humanity and not some facade in the name of problem-solving and money.

Read about startup stages in this essay. Expect us to help you, systematically, across all stages, one stage at a time.

Note-: My goal through Preseed Yoga is not just to steer you to success. The goal is to empower you to believe that you could ‘DO’ before you thought you could. The success may or may not be the reward. The journey is the definite reward. As a by-product of this journey, you get a chance to experience the power of ‘imagination and freedom’.

My lecture (on the left) in 2013 on the slow and conscious entrepreneurship,
alongside the founder of OYO, Ritesh Agarwal at Amity, Noida

Expect to have my touch across all the stages mentioned in the link above, over a long period of time.

Everything we think, do and say, is within a long-term mental space in which our collective business will be built.

We have noticed, that most of what is being done in the startup ecosystem in India is largely aimed at those with business plans, and not necessarily at people with great minds, interested in solving very real fundamental problems.

And rightly so, if you have a great mind, write a book, but if you have a great plan, build an enterprise, be an entrepreneur. Be the change and then make that change with your daily hustle on our guidance. Our work will encourage you to dive in as a philosopher and come out as a social entrepreneur.

If you have an MVP with some traction and are now looking to raise money in upwards of Rs 20 Lakhs or $20,000 up to $ 100,000, you could go and find an angel investor yourself. All you got to do is pitch a slide deck to an investor of repute. You don’t really need Preseed Yoga if you are fully ready to be backed by the monies of thoughtful, deeply experienced, well-achieved, and connected investors!

However, if you wish to have someone with who you could now discuss the plan in greater detail, to have a clearer perspective into the game you are in, you are at the right place. For in the very short future, monies of other very smart people are going to get involved.

I will be happy to help if I like you.

Under Preseed Yoga, I will:

1. Mentor all founders in life skills, spirituality, business building, simplicity, faith, company culture, brand, technology, leadership, growth, or anything else you expect a founder to be concerned about.
2. If you have felt me deeply, you may have felt the boundless creativity I dwell in. That itself will be the solution to many of your problems in the long run, so long as you can execute upon his words. That is enough said.

Note-: Your journey with me has to be a long-term one, only then can you fully bear the fruits of what we sow together.

I accept one startup at a time when it is just one person strong.

Without going through unnecessary number crunching and slide decks — I am going to be about logic upon intuition at first, in the matter of finding an early-stage startup like yours, that is not even a product yet.

To hold your hand, I will take a leap by virtue of my knowledge, imagination, energy, and faith in my theory of god, over and above your startup or you.Preseed Yoga will closely monitor your startup to advise you proactively, by taking its own initiatives to actually help you translate our collective new idea, into an extraordinary business.As we progress over the next 3 years and some milestones, well, I will do whatever I can for, your startup, as if my own.



Nishchal Foolish Kesarwani
Preseed Essays (PE)

Here, I write my first flawed & fearless drafts of things that matter to me, mostly freedom. Let us start flaws with misspelling ‘Chief’, in my designation.