Preseed Entrepreneur Lab

Much like Preseed Web Lab this is also to give shape to my ideas (non web) that otherwise may just fade away. But not only that, it is being built in such a way that it would enable creations beyond just my own ideas, atleast I hope so.

Much like Preseed Web Lab, Preseed Entrepreneur Lab is the exact platform I want to build to ensure that my other ideas* also go beyond just me. If it takes the structure I want it to take, most of my ramblings would manifest into organisations.

I spend a lot of time just identifying problems and imagining opportunities & ideas that occur thereafter seeming like solutions to those problems. Sometimes I go ahead to the extent of prototyping that idea (run it for a small group) to test its viability before I could vouch for it.

This initiative is particularly designed to assist those who are crazy enough to be considered to be equity partners@these ideas that are fulfilling the following criteria —

1. Viable ideas.

2. We have already either tested or just have a lot of faith in these ideas and the underlying vision.

3. We are very keen on giving further shape to these ideas or startups

4. They go a long way into synergising with something else on our longer agenda.

This is also my initiative to give an opportunity to those who already seem fit to startup and are crazy enough to take the idea forward tirelessly. We believe that this can be a perfect platform for those who do not have an idea yet but are still fit already to take up something extra ordinary. Sometimes it may allow them to intern with or train with an existing startup from our network of startups in India.

In this initiative we exclusively cover the journey and origin of these ideas with the selectees and encourage them to participate in the making of those ideas.

One of the most important reasons for the origin of this initiative is that we want to create a platform where we could share our own non tech ideas and enable you to take up those ideas to co create with us, for we can’t shape so many ideas alone. The ideas range from food we eat to technology we use to the mountains that surround us.

Our mission through this initiative is to create entrepreneurs out of even those who do not even have an idea they were willing to back, let alone bplan or a prototype. Even those who do not even have technology or design skills. All they may have is will to do something extra ordinary someday.

No slick presentation or an extensive business plan; all you need to do is answer the following questions.

  1. What do you want to ‘make’? (This can be a product or service.)
  2. How will you sell it?
  3. What is the benefit that it will offer the person who uses it?
  4. What makes you think you can pull this off?

The other aspect of it -:

As we move forward, we find so many cool people genuinely attempting a startup with all they have. I love to hand hold such people to channel them even more effectively while chasing a common goal with them. Regardless of the stage they are at Prefund and Startup Kitchen are some of such initiatves.

other ideas* — The kind of ideas that don’t fit into the scope of Preseed Web Lab or Preseed’s other labs. The kind of ideas that are entrepreneurship culture play grounds for entrepreneurs in India.