About Preseed

Preseed is an entrepreneur nurturing environment, almost wholly powered by its people and sale of its note pad/merchandise. Business consulting, funding, events, above all, talks in -mountains, beaches, farms, phones, forests, cafes, boutique hotels, emails, co-living and co-working spaces, is, what can be expected out of Preseed.

(Note -: This note will improve and hence evolve far beyond what it looks like right now, as and when I find time. So far Preseed Ecell is a plausible concept in its completeness, however, here and there, we have done some events around it).

Note -: We are not here to be in agreement with your strategies. We are here to speak to you the truth. We are of greater value to you when it is in disagreement with you. So, we must welcome such events of disagreement too. Your journey with us has to be a long term one, only then can you fully bear the fruits of what we sow. If you are coming to us to do a deal with us, not for our minds, but for our money/monetary investments/some immediate execution, then we are not a right place for you to apply to. We are not a fund. Nor are we a digital agency. If you need our mind, then we are the place for you. I have built myself intellectually as a philosopher and spiritually as a yogi. There is nothing I know better than ‘thought’ and ‘harmony’.

The key highlight of Preseed is – passionate conversations between us and entrepreneurs like you, to say the least, where we discuss how a business should be built tastefully keeping contemporary technology, communication and design sensibilities right at the top. You should rather dig this essay well for we are assuring you that no where in India would you find the kind of environment, education and the educators you will experience in Preseed E-Cell.

All the work at Preseed is aimed at, covering the evolution of an idea through all the stages, into a successful company. Read about startup stages in this essay. Expect us to help you, systematically, across all stages, one stage at a time.

Note-: The goal of Preseed is not just to steer you to success. The goal is to empower you to believe that you could ‘DO’ before you thought you could. The success may or may not be the reward. The journey is the definite reward. As a by product of this journey you get a chance to experience the power of ‘imagination and freedom’.

We are on a mission to empower those with a will to do something out of the ordinary.

My lecture on entrepreneurship alongside the founder of OYO, Ritesh Agarwal

Expect to have the Preseed touch across all the stages mentioned in the link above, over a long period of time. Everything we think, do and say, is with long term as the space in which our collective business will be built.

We have noticed, that most of what is being done in the startup ecosystem in India is aimed at those with business plans and not necessarily at people with great minds, interested in solving very real fundamental problems. And rightly so, if you have a great mind, write a book, but if you have a great plan, build an enterprise, be an entrepreneur. Our work will encourage you to dive in as a philosopher and come out as an entrepreneur.

Long shot research – We at Preseed surround ourselves with absolutely contemporary information and knowledge, which we keep sharing with you too via my twitter which is connected to the original source of such info – our facebook pages. It includes other products similar to yours, your product’s UI inspirations, other building blocks like frameworks, hacks etc. Here you get a good glimpse over our views on whats and hows of a contemporary business. Basically, in a day when we research on matters of interest to us, we research for you too, just as you settle somewhere in our minds. The research by us is boundless. It ensures even that information coming to you, which you otherwise may have thought was not so important, but it turned out to be important because of the context we placed it in.

Albert Einstein famously said, “Information is not knowledge.”

The practical application of information from real human experiences is knowledge. E.g when we tell you to use a particular tool on the web to solve a particular problem of yours, we tell you that out of our massive on going research of the internet. Although that for you may just be a piece of information, but for us, we don’t only know about that information (the latest business facilitating tools of the internet from hiring, marketing, collaborating to designing), we also apply them in the business of Preseed. That my dear entrepreneurs, will transform the way you work.

For everything else about us, visit our website — www.preseed.in.

Along the way you will figure out the abstracts of how I am extrapolating our mission by laying the foundation for the new education system. The is my end game. Preseed is the incubator to incubate that plan of mine, just as it would do for you too, if you have also got something conscious and inspiring.

We will do things with you and for you, for a better tomorrow.

This is how I described the Preseed when it was just a thought in 2011.

We nurture dot makers

We love the fact that you are writing codes and designing upon your ideas right from your bedrooms and dormitories. We also love that not having the money or other resources to build upon your dream doesn’t stop you from doing so. We love it all so much that we decided to help you.

What are dots?

To convey a meaning when you write the first word, you put a dot first. Then you run your pen to grow that dot into a word that has some meaning. And all these different words together form a story. Every time an author nurtures that dot, he ends up with a story, that may sell. So, dot is the point of initiation where a word, a story, a line or an organisation, everything originates from. Pen Dot:Word :: Preseed Dot:Startup

Our Name — When a tree was a seed it looked like a dot! And before a seed, it was, a Preseed.

Who are dot makers?

Everyone willing to put the dot forth. Everyone who has a ‘pure will’ to start. You may or may not have an idea to start with, but if you strongly believe you want to start someday, then you are the dot maker we are looking for.

Our Mission

To nurture dot makers, or simply put, to empower those who wish to ‘create’ rather than just follow. I refined this line later to say ‘those who have the will to do something out of the ordinary’.

What will we really do?

In the meanwhile, aid us in getting there by buying our notepads at Rs. 1000