Preseed Projects for Preseed Labs

The projects of Preseed that are ready to be used by the end user are called Preseed Projects

In other words, Preseed Projects is the place for the best marketers, designers and sales people at Preseed.

What does this mean for the startup teams working on various projects at various Preseed Labs? Preseed Projects is where growth hacking happens.

This means that if the teams working on various projects at various Preseed Labs are able to build the proposed solution/MVP just about good enough, tested by their early adopters and finally well packaged. The marketers and sales team at Preseed Projects will join hands with them to bring early adopters/customer traction to these flawless MVPs.

The transition from a from a flawless MVP to a million user worthy project is what happens here.

Simply put: Preseed projects that are good enough to get listed on are given special dedicated attention on their further marketing and sales. Basically this is where our products will be scaled up out of proportion.

Good enough — what is good enough?

Good enough means that the MVP should be used well by the early users, not necessarily perfect or beautiful.

Does that mean every Preseed project that is yet not beautiful will get listed here?

Yes. The project must be working well with its small number of early adopters.

Note-: Preseed Projects is a dedicated unit of Preseed where it’s projects are marketed to users contemporary ways of the internet. This is the biggest hurdle for most consumer facing products today. plans to solve this problem for projects baked at various Preseed Labs.

Note -: The project packaging check list for the minimum required status of Preseed Web Lab products before they find their way into getting announced on is listed on a link accessible only to those it is shared with.

Our Flock — (end date)

Check List

This the list that PWL manager is responsible for before the project could be considered deliverable to Preseed Projects.

  1. Essential elements of its Webpage
  2. The web link is either the products own domain or
  3. If product has its own domain name then ensure there is a team on the look out of different domains of our brands.
  4. The bottom signature on the product page will always be — a Preseed Web Lab project.
  5. Web Page needs a small button at the bottom of the page called “Career” clicking on which a modal box should appear with <Opening Title> <Short Description> <Apply button leading them to Angellist job post> both for Expert tech lead and Growthhacker. Ex. Just like the modal box pops up when I click on a product We could have both openings listed in the same pop up box. Check for reference
  6. Properly presented on the respective App Store account of Preseed.
  7. Hosted under respective accounts not personal accounts
  8. Parent company specification — For ex, if hosted on webstore first preference of parent company, if not possible when they ask for domain.
  9. Proper uniform description.
  10. Taglines
  11. Functionality of app
  12. Correct logos
  13. Proper screenshots and screencast to accompany the app
  14. There will be no mention of in association of this or that. There will be only one credit on the web page of the product and that will be Preseed Web Lab.
  15. Codes secured in Preseed’s central repository
  16. Codes well hosted with us on suitable servers. Basically the tech stack used should be a thoughtful one.
  17. All design files and code files well received by the preseed web lab manager. Basically designs and codes secured and well hosted with Preseed.
  18. At least 500 subscribers.
  19. Ensuring that my medium link about the story of that product is there on the product web page.
  20. x number of users using the product. (Any number that makes it look like some users are using the product for it is adding some real value into their lives).
  21. Product is beta ready for a confident launch by Preseed Projects.
  22. Proper documentation of the product vision, programming languages used, infrastructure stack used, team info etc.
  23. The project should have been well tested with the users themselves.
  24. There should be a good system laid for collection and implementation of the customer feedback.
  25. Above all, there should be a good entrepreneurial team driving those products independent of the PWL manager.
  26. Angellist on page : PROTOCOL : Teams on Angellist depend who Nishchal directly communicates about the product + Exclusive team members.
  27. Start maintaining progress reports in a folder in drive every Sunday of the growth of our user base.
  28. Every brand should — at the end of product packaging and delivery — should start replicating their own forms so as to tackled in their new accounts created with Preseed group id. <>.
  29. Maintain google drive structure similar to this. All folders and files are to be recreated and maintained for your brand
  30. There should be a good system laid for collection and implementation of the customer feedback.
  31. Proper documentation of the product vision, programming languages used, infrastructure stack used, team info etc.
  32. Designs and Feedback Protocol
  33. Designers are requested to share design files via
  34. Coordinators must ensure files are stored properly. <Brand name> Design folder there should be a folder with the name <New Designs by XYZ>
  35. Team must engage in commenting on invision app of the shared files
  36. Followed by a mandatory doc report — Nishchal’s feedback.
  37. Others feedback will also be a doc report in that folder where designs are kept
  38. Add to Packaging protocol that Email id such as , must be created
  39. Murally board for ideas in web lab must be used by the product team. Each PWL project should have a mural associated with it.
  40. Towards the process of initiating independence of PWL project from such deep dependency on preseed — the team must form their own teams to tackle to their task for example- frontend task on Todoed webpage will be executed by frontend team of Todoed not by frontend team of preseed
  41. when the product is launched at projects is when we will call it beta , before that it will be called alpha
  42. All the guidelines of this Prelaunch Protocol Doc should be met
  43. The product should be bug free of all identified bugs so far supported by a report on bugs sorted. Basically the bugs and issues should not be bothersome for users at this stage. For all that goes to Preseed Projects, becomes a real product ready to be blown out of proportion in the market over the next 1 year.
  44. Report on ‘the last 30 days’. In that report I want two sections — 1. Report on work. 2. Report on key subordinates E.g Ansal will on the 15th of every month write a report to me on his and his teams work of the last 30days. Similarly you will write your report as a coordinator, Preseed on Todoed from your eyes. Please add this with suitable description on my calendar as a recurring event
  45. List of metrics being tracked should be well drafted and metric tracking should be automatic. Means that real user data should reach its metric location automatically in sync with the real product. Also The development should be keeping in mind metrics.

Basically the projects should be marketable at this stage (with proper communication and design). It is only then can Preseed Projects look to acquire more customers for that project which has achieved the above check list.