Preseed Projects

The result of my itch is, our itch

I knew, if I could some how get an opportunity to communicate with people who were willing to travel to a common goal with me, not because of what I was going to pay them, but because of the journey I was on, I would be in a good spot to inspire them to participate in my goal without the need of money.

The goal I was travelling towards was to build and scale minimum viable products out of most of my progressive ideas. Ideas that were meaningful to not only me, and not only those who got inspired enough to build upon the idea but, also to the regular users of the web.

The goal is called Preseed Projects

The journey I am on is hence, filled with incredible ideas, faith and action.

The journey is called Preseed

There are two kinds of people, those with an incredible desire to build something meaningful and those with no desire to build anything meaningful. The former kinds are the ones I always want to build with. My itch was lack of such men and women.

If Preseed Projects succeed the world will have more such men and women, because, such are the men and women we create; and create with.

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