Preseed Projects for early stage investors

Dear good man,

Hope you are a good man who also happens to be a very early stage investor and this letter finds you in good health.

My name is Nishchal Kesarwani and you can read more about me on my Twitter mentioned on my medium profile.

I wish to bring to you ‘first cheque deal of the next 5 Preseed Projects’.

I am carefully co building, closely monitoring and mentoring a number of startups being built at Preseed Lab/s. I broadly understand your criteria, before a startup approaches you. As our startup approaches the stage that meets your criteria with real customer metrics, we list our startup on Preseed Projects. I assure you, if a startup is listed on Preseed Projects, it is worth a value of Rs. 5 crores+. (There is no criteria for minimum value we may agree to, for, to have a good man as an investor, a man whose vibe I like, we may be willing to lower the monetary value of the Preseed Projects).

At such a stage, all we need is a Rs. 50 Lakhs in investment to grow the operations of that startup against a 10% equity to you in retur. We want a deal with you in such a way that you don’t ask us to waste our time on convincing you on each startup that qualifies to become a Preseed Project.

We are saying instead, try to know us, our roots and our soul. Look into what we have built and contiue to build deeply. If you like the potential we may have, trust us to build some great companies andsave your time from evaluating each opportunity. Do a deal with us for our next 5 startups at the above mentioned rate per startup at Preseed Projects. Our 2 conditions are -:

  1. You must have a prior early stage investment portfolio of some decent startups.
  2. We will charge a sum of Rs. 10 Lakhs as our fee for signing this deal with you for our next 5 startups.

We want our potential investors to understand that the cost of building a product like say,, one of Preseed’s Projects, is the cost of a 4 people remote team over a period of 1 year with decent marketing and infrastructure budget. That’s it. So the cost component is peanuts as compared to the kind of exit this product can get. It is overwhelmingly simple as an idea, that is why it can be widely adopted and can be easily sold off, hence not only scalable but also salable. Such are going to be most of the startups listed at Preseed Projects.