A guiding mind

We will not wait for you to bring your number projections, before we say yes to you. And, if we say yes, it is a life long one. We like to bet our time on you before you can show the numbers. We bet purely based on our own insights and interests. We are about empowering entrepreneurs that have an incredible ‘idea’, a highly capable founder and an iron will to execute. This is about very early stage startups.

Towards the end of this 3 months journey with us, you and everyone you will touch will evangelise your mission, not just your idea. We have a beautiful space called Preseed Home in Dehradun, you may feel free to live with us for all of these 3 months if you will*.

Right slide deck — It is not just for the investors. It is for you to see for yourself, and to show your company to anyone, in 12 slides.

Being able to put that one line on the very first slide for the investor has got more to do than to just put that one line. It forces you to be able to speak to everyone in that one line in a manner that convinces them about the novelty of your business. The drive to achieve the manifestation of that one line helps you simplify your idea, and to build the first marketable iteration in that exact direction, hence, a more likely and clear product market fit, the new found simpler product vision. It is this slide deck you pitch to most suitable investors.

“IF YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN IT SIMPLY, THEN YOU DON’T KNOW IT WELL ENOUGH.” – ALBERT EINSTEIN. I am Nishchal, and I want to train you in simplicity.

Don’t read any further if you are not ready to share 5% of your company just to continue to have conversations with me over the next 3 months towards nailing the one page — The first thing you have to get right according to us is this vision as an iterative plan, where the first iteration really truly is the MVP with a globally scalable possibility in shortest amount of time, even if that amount of time be 10 yeas. We craft visions of that magnitude. As soon as we are on the same page about this through a written contract with you, we will further our engagement. But by this time, you may have felt the potential impact of our thought on your venture.

This renewed vision and advisory alongside is more than double your business potential — for there must be some extreme value in the lessons I will be sharing with you. If we shake a hand, it must be on the grounds of that possibility.

Your Cost:

We charge 5% equity + 10 Lakhs, and for 10Lakhs we give you legal advisory, contractual points and appear for meetings, that serve as the long term foundation of handshakes you will do and —

Meetings — Having us on your side of the table will mean, you will mostly lead the meetings through our voice and orchestration. We make the deals and train your team that define your business direction of the future.

Brand positioning — We give you something we call the first page of your words to your audience. This is a defining one. This sets the tone for what you will be known to have done, at first, and completely. Here we take care of the words that reveal your brand and identity — The identity of your business in the mind of people who want to know you. This and this alone will determine, what kind of handshakes you do, simply, just by communicating on the website about you. This is the first thing we like to dabble with you over. Having the right identity means, saving energy from having to explain, yet ambiguously, about who you are and why you deserve the handshake. Whether you are aligned with your brand, it reflects on your slide deck — that your business plan is in harmony with the brand possibility you are after in its position in the market.

The right words, spoken and written with impact, by us, will hold values across pitching your startup to a customer to a partner, but most importantly to you, yourself. We do this over over days and nights of profound thoughts and research. We also help you design wireframe on papers and content for your product’s identity website.

When this thought falls in line — you are ready to move forward. This is a philosophical process which gives birth to the RIGHT DIRECTION.

In this photo is captured a moment of profound questioning. I say everything below in humility, but affirmation. I hope you will dig this, mostly in the depth of your silence. Dig us really deep, if you have a consumer web product that is just ready to have its first set of users, regardless of how ugly it looks.
“To me, any question that causes people to shift their thinking is a beautiful one.” — Warren Berger

What is a “questionologist?” (And why should you care?) This link will give you some perspective on the importance of questioning.

Questioning is the most important thing we do for you. Leading to a renewed…

Vision -:

What we will talk to you about across the next few months through our whys, whats and hows will aim to help you achieve — a more conscious, iterative and scalable vision; and in the process:

  • Clarity over MVP — This can make or break your budget. One simply definable idea — I often notice how the exercise towards this is underplayed. Ugly MVP — Minimum Viable Products should remain ill designed till not customer validated, and that is alright, but not after. I help such MVPs be used by more customers by guiding the improvement of their current UI by far — In fact, I believe that you must create demand by being use-able at the level of your MVP all the way to it being beautiful, and not by being too many things and then annoying them with pushing banner ads about your product, meaning, by pushing your promotion with too many words, for too many things take too many words. One thing can be spoken about well, in one line. Be so good at doing one thing, that they talk about you with each other, let alone use you. I will help you with this one thing. I will also give you broad MVP wire frame, functionally, fairly differentiated with a similar product out there on the web anywhere in the world. (A design that works).
  • Clarity over the next sets of product iterations/versions
Minimum Viable Product: Minimum — One thing. Period. The first relevant product, made up of just one thing. Viable — If that one thing is to be viable, it will be viable to a definite metric of impact.
  • Vendor Intros — I will be introducing you to relevant vendors, however, I myself may not be a part of anything more than the introduction. My commitment to you so far is, the time I will spend with the founder on matters of great intellectual challenges all the way to final strategies. I would expect the founders to be able to execute these strategies with their teams and vendors I will introduce them to.

You may write to us at startups@preseed.in with your Slide Deck and how you found us i.e. reference. Write anything and in as many words as you like, but do attach a thoughtful slide deck. Remember, we may share this deck with our trusted network. Make it count. You never know which one among them may turn out to be a yet another handshake of significant importance to your startup, if they like it too. Our extended network has fair knowledge and credentials to know about what is going on in the world of contemporary web, and businesses and what from there can we leverage, including connections for you.

If you don’t have a slide deck, make one. We won’t be able to serve you to the floor of our depth, without one. I have written a lot about what a slide deck should be about, here. Make use of this free gyaan about making of a slide deck. It is not the deck, but the process to making the one that satisfies us, that will be the key. This matters in how you and I learn or relearn to look at your business.

Here are some resources that I have written to aid you in your presentation the day you sit with me to vet your presentations before they reach the investor:

The following articles have a list of questions, the answers to which must be prepared while pitching your startup before an investor.

“The busiest of investors give high regard to an introducer who they trust with his business acumen and past credibility. So it would be in the interest of your goals with this investor to find yourself a well regarded individual from the industry to introduce you to the investor. What do I send to the introducer?

If you are sending the slide deck to an investor then you must also send these details along with the slide deck, and like I said, the slide deck should be in sync with this article.

Category — Gamma: Startups that need us hands on

*+ Rs. 30,000 per month for our permanent presence for 3 months in Preseed Ecell in Dehradun with you. We give the founding team a free private and beautiful fully managed co-working and co-living space in Dehradun so if the team chooses they can be closer to us for these 3 foundational months. This physical presence with us intensifies the process we run with you under the service of ‘our guiding mind’. This is merely a concept right now,

If we really like what and how you are building:

Category — Beta:

We will give you upto 50% discount in our total cash fee, if you make an advance payment to us.

Category — Alpha:

We will give you a credit period of 1 year to pay the cash fee. If you fail to do so, you will give us a raise by 3% in equity as a compensation for failing to keep this commitment.

Note — We take an upfront equity of 5% on day 1 itself for lending you our mind, remotely, such that you have clarity over ‘focus on one thing’ and ‘lean’. This is the first step of our involvement with you through phone calls and whatsapp voice notes. 3 months of access to me will be established at this stage.

Please don’t expect us to do anything for you before 100% of the compensation mentioned above is moved in our favour. Apart from of course, what we may have already done for you in the first set of meetings itself.

One day, at a cost of Rs. 10,000 Lakhs, and 5 % equity of your business, you would have begun to find the answers to the questions that will enable you to be a multi billion dollar business, someday, in 10 years.

Note : 5% is not enough for what we deliver, and so we attach ourselves to a milestone to make that further gain without impacting your gain possibility in the negative. We will discuss this on case to case basis. Our motivation to participate as a business with you is in this step. Because it is a direct worthy, boundless reward for how we raise the bar for you, with the resources it takes.