Preseed Yoga

This is our flagship business service — Nothing about Preseed yoga is a yoga as a cliche. This is the real yoga for entrepreneurs. Shapeless formless definition-less.

In the backdrop of the tone of Preseed Yoga, we will help — Your Business

What I intend do for you, over a long term, say a 5 year long relationship, is rambled below. I will not be involved in the day to day operations of your business by any means please. I will do the thinking towards the acts of your day to day just as you would expect from a proactive and preventive head of business strategy.

Every incidence in the universe is caused by multiple factors, some are knowable and some unknowable. Trying to know the knowable and calibrating it towards a reasoning is called science or logic. But creating a ground where both knowable and unknowable can be perceived is called spirituality. Both these states get dropped in the state of Yoga.

Through the grace of an overnight event in my life, I had an opportunity to take a jump and look beyond the limitations of my life, and I was reborn. It was for this reason, that you may want me to lead your most critical meetings. More on this later. But for now you should know that if you want my presence hands on, more or less, then it can’t come without the language of yoga and philosophy. Because it is important to me that my people understand fundamentals.

The sole purpose of my life now is to make people capable enough so that they break their limitation and come to a state of freedom. Freedom is a large sphere with lots of subsets.

Your cost – 10% equity in your business for a few hours with us every month over our lifetime. This, because our presence will grow your business by atleast 2x purely out of strategies we do for you and the presence we make in your meetings.

The things we do in a day, enable us to stumble upon many teams with a strong will to build further upon their startups, with supporting skills, a market ready product, logistical and back end capabilities, yet they fail. A lot of that reason is — that there is no one giving them an outside in perspective, like we can. The adding of this colourful perspective means, they will always be thinking beyond norms.

If we find you good enough to stimulate our minds, we would have views for you that could help you make further progress, from where you found yourself stuck and struggling. But these views are not mere theoretical views, these are strategies that need to be executed beyond the current capabilities of the startup team. When you sign a deal with us, be ready to be fluid to accept the NEW.

I mentor all founders in life skills, spirituality, business building, simplicity, faith, company culture, technology, leadership and hiring. 
I also help you in laying the brand strategy with crystal clarity and simplicity.

It may help you to bounce thoughts on such an unusually wide perspective. In numbers, value it as a 10% equity share of your business. If that can enable you to do the better things in your startup, just by virtue of conversations with me, at every intellectually challenging instance. Its worth it. Btw, I am hoping you value progressive conversations and hence, words. I am creating Preseed Yoga, to do just that with you.

READ WELL as I attempt to express myself, as your mentor.

The underlying resultof conversations with me at a fundamental level of the idea, will be, expansion in your perception.

Expect the Preseed touch on your founders.

Further more, I would like to state to you categorically, that we do right what most Indian startups do wrong. Let long term time pass by, and you will see yourself, if you have now become a founder of taste and long term vision of genuine novelty, but not only that, also the founder who closes deals fast by communicating clearly.

Briefly put — This is where most Indian Startups go wrong generally -

1. Poor designs — Great designs will make your customers love your organisation, not only your product.

2. Not harnessing the internet (and social media) — These are powerful, powerful tools. These are game changers. And they continue to ignore it.

3. Vaguely defined roles and responsibilities of the team members. Ineffective delegation of tasks. The value of identifying not just a product market fit but human business fit is what we will do for you.

4. Uninspired Colleagues — The team is unarguably the most important aspect of your business, and finding talented people who share your vision is arguably the most important and difficult task.

5. No crisp vision of the product or the service.

6. No why — Great organisations have a why, before what and how, a why that converts their customers into patrons.

7. Ambiguous Communication — We have noticed that we have helped a lot of people communicate more clearly thought written communication.

8. Un-optimized resources including the available human resource.

9. No Growth hacking — The twisted creative ways of creating growth. An earliest e.g. of growth hacking for web content/product creators is the tweet button.

10. Above all — Lack of simplicity.


If life is a result of 1 billion factors and you remove a few; it will not be the same.

We are running our economy at the cost of our life. In the last 200 years we have made extinct almost 50% of animal species and changed the same volume of plants. Collectively they had contributed in making humans happen. Now we are suffering.

Inclusive economy is urgently required.

The whole orientation needs to change. The path of conquest should get replaced with the path of inclusion. Exclusiveness will ultimately kill us.

The time that the world be ruled by kings and politicians are moving towards an end. The next power centres are going to be people in economic activities. It is time that they bring inclusiveness within themselves.

Only when the CEO’s get into an inclusive state the world can be steered in the right direction.

This is not just about the world. The nature of human mechanics is such that if we run our mind faster than what our body and life can comprehend than distortions happen and no matter how much we become successful the joy and fulfilment will be far off. This is what has happened to the west; success and affluence has done the distortion and suddenly they are searching for purpose.

Therefore, it is high time we put the perspective right. Purpose can be chosen but life has existentially happened out of a reason. In Yoga we call this reason Ananda or blissfulness.

By doing activity in the world; by choosing a purpose you are trying to reach out to that blissfulness only. The problem is that the direction is completely wrong. Therefore, it will lead to desperation and more intense activity. This vicious circle has no end.


The only solution

If you get in touch with your blissfulness the activity outside will become and expression of that and then those activity will be inclusive.

Your approach should be like a double headed arrow. The more inside it goes; proportionately the more outside it should go. At this moment we have lost the head which goes inside.

Yoga is the only way.

Yoga fundamentally is the mechanics of life. The techniques and methodology may range to millions but fundamentally every path is trying to get the mechanics of life right.

The physical aspect of yoga has gained more popularity in the rest of the world. But the way our physical system has limitations the physical aspect of yoga also has limitations.

It is time we reveal to the world the other aspects which can take the very life towards a state of wellness not just the body.

We are here to reveal those aspects of yoga which can be taught online and has solutions for not just the physical problems, but mental, relationships, career, spiritual and life at large. Entrepreneurs need this lessons specially.

Onboarding Preseed Yoga was going to be the next most important decision you were going to make towards ensuring that you are headed for the most optimised idea and strategy, within the realms of the abstract goals or startup you may have.

Your founders — This will be the person I will work with and on. Conversations with me will fundamentally impact the mind of your founders. Everything else for your company will be a by product of this.

Following are the key ingredients towards the billions in your value creation of the future, which I will assist you in triggering through my advise:
  • Advisory on anything of concern to the founder during the call.
  • Knowledge of yoga.
  • Leading right handshakes not just recommending them – Support from the right set of investors and handshakes. Without the right kind of connections and handshakes, you business being game changing will only be a concept in theory. Here we take care of the words that reveal your brand and identity – The identity of your business in the mind of people who want to know you. This and this alone will determine, what kind of handshakes you do, simply, just by communicating on the website about you. This is the first thing we like to dabble with you over. Having the right identity means, saving energy from having to explain, yet ambiguously, about who you are and why you deserve the handshake.
  • Connections – We open some possibilities for your startup’s growth almost immediately. It may lead to some solid connections for your idea/startup. Many talented people from our extraordinary network get led to develop relationship with our startups. E.g. we connected Jitendra Sharma of Taxipixi with Pritesh Agarwal who was the VP at Ola at that time. This connection lead them to becoming cofounders in a spin off using their collective lesson to create something new as co-founders. They ended up startup Zipgo.

We deliver this knowledge time to time, to you -:

  1. Through phone calls.
  2. At a place of your choice so long as you can organise our travel, simple home food and comfortable stay at your own costs.


3. At trekking camps in some mountains with you.

That choice is yours.

To know possibilities conversations with me can lead you to, you need to think intuitively after researching me abstractly over my writings here on Medium, online social media presence and my website, so as to imagine — what could the mostly silent founder of Preseed know and do for you. For many, perhaps nothing. For you, something — because what you are building, I would have wanted to build anyway, someday, for the good it stands for.

None of the above is in isolation of the other. When we serve you, we serve you advisory in all spectrums of yoga and business.

Watch closely the rise in upliftment of the sense of your possibilities and capabilities, clearly out of just one right step forward — Preseed Yoga

Note — It is also necessary that when you will raise further funds in future then you may have to issue fresh shares to external investors and this may result in “dilution” of x% stake of Preseed in the then equity share capital of your company. This issue needs to be addressed with clarity and detail by the CA who is advising you. Please also ask your CA/lawyers/advisors to create a Legal Agreement [Shareholders’ Agreement] that ensures 15% of equity of your company in favour of Preseed and what services will be sought by you from Preseed (which should be from within the scope of what is written here). Preseed will also like to know who are the other Shareholders in your company as those shareholders will have to sign the referred Shareholders’ Agreement along with a “Deed of Adherence” which shall also be signed by all future subsequent shareholders of your company ensuing seamless x% stake to Preseed in equity share capital/ownership of your company in future too.

What happens if I don’t perform for you? The same, that would happen if any decision of yours fail — you will lose money on that decision. That is the risk you have to be willing to take.

Being advised by I simply means that you will get access to I, for boundless timeless conversations to solve your business challenges. Proceed only if you value the presence of a brainstorming partner with an UNUSUAL perspective and energy, to uphold that perspective and energy towards manifestation of it in your startup in every department and partnership.

In short, I will help you in ensuring that everyone in your startup knows what they do and what they got to do, with the renewed zeal and sense of an iterative vision and its possibilities, simply, from your perspective+my perspective, on every major strategy.

At times if you want someone and you have a good offer, yet, that human is not willing to be your resource, get me to talk to them. So, now with our presence it may likely be a tad bit easier for you to attract greater talent from technology and design, to marketing.

Note: Preseed Yoga and Mind are two separate programs.