Project: Idea list

This is a directory of hackers, designers, hustlers, their ideas and early adopters to do what they can do best together i.e. think ideas, debate them, get together to launch themselves as a potential entrepreneurs. We now call it PreseedApp.

Some of these users in the process will transition into Entrepreneurs. Till they don’t, we will call them ‘potential entrepreneurs’. This is why we are creating this platform, to empower potential entrepreneurs.



I am Nishchal Kesarwani. I founded Preseed over 3 years ago to help my few web ideas transition into minimum viable products at near 0 monetary costs. The last 3 years or more of my time has gone into setting that internal system of Preseed’s -

1. Communication

2. Hacker, hustler and designer discovery

3. And management of all this.

For translating my ideas into MVPs at near 0 monetary costs. Then into independent startups. But first I wanted to learn all it takes on the ground to actually build MyIdealist.

That lessons are now being opened and product-ified so that every one in the world with an idea, just a vague half baked idea, can have a playground to build upon that itch into a validated MVP, and then a startup.

I am calling that product MyIdealist. Much like Angellist, which does the following very effectively -

1. What is your startup?

2. Build Team

3. Get funded.

4. Keep growing.

Angellist’s main agenda has been to connect startups with investors democratically and it is doing that well. But in the process it is failing to aid entrepreneurs in collaboration right there.

MyIdealist is being created to fill up the gaps of Angellist that I as an entrepreneur have felt in Angellist. I mean I put my startup information there, but it only mostly aids potential team joining me, and potential investor investing in me. It doesn’t enable me to collaborate with my audience upon my startup.

But most importantly, prior to I being a startup, I was an idea. I must be helped right from that stage by either a platform like Angellist or MyIdealist.

It turns out that Angellist cannot be that platform,

MyIdealist will do the following that Angellist is not doing well enough —

  1. What is the problem you want to solve? ( This is the core of the product, it helps users define and research their idea better).
  2. What is your idea — the solution?
  3. And now the key step we want every human of idea achieve really well.
  4. Lay the full vision, as an essay, of the company you want to build upon your solution.
  5. Build founding team of hackers and designers.
  6. Get MVP.
  7. Get early adopters.
  8. Become the startup.
  9. Get on Angellist.

If we build MyIdealist right, it will change the world. It will make people build, much before they learn, earn or burn.

This is a directory of hackers, designers, hustlers, early adopters and their ideas. And that means a lot of things which I will cover later.

This product is the most important change I want to bring in this world. I will leave no stones unturned in making this world changing.

We are going to put the web/mobile entrepreneurial dreamers in the hands of those those who are willing to trade their skills and knowledge against some equity in the business to be, not the fees — the other hackers, hustlers and designers.

In conclusion -:

How my community Preseed is made up of my desire to enable people to build upon ideas and now through MyIdealist I want to productify the lessons I have learn’t on the way ,about what questions to ask, and what connections to be made, for the users, lone dreamers, to facilitate their journey to becoming a MVP that fits the market.

You may say, but Angellist is helping at that, I would say — Angellist is designed to help startups, not an individual who is lost in some problem and doesn’t know the solution to that problem yet, all he has is a desire to head for that problem’s solution, but he hasn’t even started yet. So, idealist will help this individual to lay his first few steps towards this journey, to be further followed on Angelist.

Status of the idea -:

09/05/2016 — I run a product dev company. One guy from it is a dedicated developer of MyIdealist. Prototype is built.

I need one extra ordinary cofounder from anywhere in the world to build MyIdealist full time with us, not for his salary, but for making this world a better place for those who want to build stuff. You must have a prior experience of having built a beautiful app to millions of users. If you are interested tweet to me here with a #MyIdealist. Today we say this about our product:

The objective of MyIdeaList in the current form is to foster ideation collaboratively with like minded people where an ideator can get feedback and most importantly revenue potential of his idea. (This can be achieved functionally by the product however we need real active users on the platform to actually see the result)
In terms of the long term vision, the platform should provide
a. Allow users to share ideas to brands directly
b. Allow users to run idea campaigns (there could be paid idea campaigns as well targeting a set of users)
c. Another revenue model could is also that after an idea is turned into a product, allow the ideator to promote the product to the users who “Demanded/voted” for the ideas on Myidealist”
Basically positing as a complete idea collaboration network.

Tomorrow we will say this:

Let’s think important problems and build ideas together

On our platform you will find yourself moving forward from the moment you identified a problem to solve. And this time, not in isolation.

We are connecting entrepreneur, inspired hackers, hustlers, designers, and early-adopters, and a ‘nobody’ today, to build profound teams and MVPs tomorrow

Through this article I have just conveyed to you the product itself as if it were in isolation of it’s deep roots. I chose not to write about it’s deep roots, for it may be too over whelming to fully understand. It’s roots are way deeper then the depth with which most entrepreneurs are building startups today. So, the world is learning to ignore such depths.Most startups are build for having sighted an opportunity. I am not an opportunist. I build to solve a problem, whether there is an opportunity there already, or not, doesn’t matter to me at first. What matters to me is, is that solution going to make the world a better place or not. If you wish to read about such depths of MyIdealist’s roots, read my recent write up titled — My last 10 years for my whole life time.