PWL 1 for Chattodo

PWL1 is a result of my imagination for an invisible independent near 0 cost R&D unit of Chattodo, one step at a time, all the way to disrupting the entire education system. This is the answer to how we are putting our forces into heading towards the over hauling of the education system across its length and breadth.

Looking backward from my times of now:

This is what was going on -

The origin of my thought for building Preseed was — To empower those with a will to do something extraordinary.

As I said in the earlier note about why am I building Chattodo — “Further enquiring into this mission, I realised it meant having more enterprising human resource for the world. Creating better human resource implied identifying the core problem, which was the regressive education system globally”.

In order to solving this problem of education system, step I for me was — Culture of Collaboration atleast in my space — I opened myself and my ideas to the youth around me.

Step II — Scalability — Large scale talks amongst top graduation colleges around me about entrepreneurship and matters of entrepreneurship.

Step III — Initiated Preseed — It started with the incorporation of Preseed Ventures Pvt. Ltd. I wrote much around the topic of the philosophy of our culture for men and women of ideas.

Step IV — Conclusion for scale — In my conclusion of the final goal for 100 million men and women of ideas* (Even those collaborating on ideas of others, are men and women of ideas)., I foresaw the future of education upon collaboration was truly the most organic path forward, in this direction. Even Ray Kurzweil says that-

Step V — Wireframes — I designed this solution’s wireframes for mobile phones, for it to reach a larger bandwidth.

After all the above steps were completed, my product now looks like a Social network of action. I call it Chattodo.

Further Implying: Collaboration while chatting.

I am convinced that my product will make communication more actionable.

So fundamentally, like I said, making communication more actionable is the way forward for education upon collaboration for students of the future, as much as it is the way forward for any professional already being productive.

So an improved question is: What induces people or in this case, what will induce students to collaborate intrinsically?

(Because if it is intrinsic it is in harmony.)

The answer : Ideas — An idea in ones mind can drive such collaboration forward.

So if we can make our collaboration tool for men and women of ideas. We would have built the kind of social network of action we are after. The social network of action upon ideas!

Why does it seem to me that serving men and women of ideas is the way forward towards the disruption of the education system as a whole?

Men and women of ideas of today are the leaders of the future. I want to work on correcting them. I believe if the leaders of the future are wise and bright, the future of humanity will thrive. Thus I decided to serve the purpose of making brighter leaders of tomorrow, through my social network of action.

  • Because my social network has an #idea feature which gives a better chance to their ideas turning into reality.

Soon after, like how everything in our society trickles down to the masses initiated by the choices of the leaders, so will it happen here. That which is chosen by the leaders of tomorrow, today, is what will be chosen by the masses of tomorrow. So Chattodo will first be the product for the leaders of the future, and then it will trickle down to the masses and will be the product of all the collaborative masses.


So who our initial market is, is clear. For facebook it may have been students of ivy league colleges, for snapchat it may have been the teenagers. For us it is the men and women of ideas. I want to impact the education system across its length and breadth over the next one decade, but I must start today from somewhere specific. I choose that specific to be men and women of ideas. (So, Chattodo + ##idea is required — I will cover this along the way. Keep reading please).

So now the question becomes how and where do we collect millions of men and women to collaborate among each other?


We launch Chattodo as a communication and a collaboration tool with a platform that has men and women of ideas. Hint: Something Pre Angelist.

What? Where do we launch it?

We launch it at MyIdealist. This is where we will find our men and women of ideas.

In the absence of this kind of an association, Chattodo will merely be passed of as an extraordinary communication and collaboration tool. This association is important for Chattodo because it’s origin lies not in the purpose of becoming an extraordinary collaboration and communication tool, but becoming that tool, for the purpose of disrupting the secondary education system for men and women of ideas.

(PWL1.1a) — My strategy for creating MyIdealist at our unit PWL1 to launch Chattodo in its most suitable market niche will be responsible for — inducing atleast those students who have ideas, to collaborate — because they are being given a really seamless solution on their mobile for doing so — via a vis listing their ideas on MyIdealist, and chatting about them on Chattodo — and hence collaborating upon them.

This also changes the competition for such a tool like Chattodo initially.

Rather then us making a tool for communication and collaboration — In turn competing with the likes of Google, Slack, Trello, Spaces(earlier kifi) etc.

This strategy allows us to applying our tool — Chattodo — towards disrupting the secondary education system instead.

(PWL1.1b) We further realise that a mobile app is not enough. A lot of research and education work will be done on Laptop browser. So I picked google chrome as the web browser of choice for the men and women of ideas, and made an extension for that browser at PWL1, which could open into web to show in detail on a large screen, communicated tasks and studying material collected from the web on Chattodo on mobile. And named it Todoed.

I, in walking the streets of Lucknow, dreaming communication in 2020. The above two are my first two component towards that kind of communication on any mobile device.

Ultimate goal of Chatodo is to give its users a ‘white blank page’ on the mobile which induces and enables the users to build upon their ideas into meaningful startups, regardless of users age, educational degrees, material resources or profession.

So in the long run, Chattodo is not just about collaboration, but a play between collaboration and its ##idea, where -

  1. Chatodo is the tool where consumers will keep their thoughts, tasks, notes, web discoveries, voice and ideas. As you would expect them to keep in a todo listing tool.
  2. My Idealist is the tool where there ideas kept as text on Chattodo will reach MyIdealist whenever the ‘##idea’ is applied to any such text on Chattodo. But MyIdealist is not just a ‘double hashtag idea’ coded into the Chattodo tool. Myidealist is first an independent product which manages the ideas of Chattodo’s thinking users, from within Chattodo. In MyIdealist such ideas become the identity of that user. It is at this step of the vision the user of Chattodo makes new hunan connections upon their ideas.

Then they proceed to chat with these new users on Chattodo. Just like how a user of Todoed would chat on Chattodo to extract more out of Todoed or a non user of Todoed will simply chat on Chattodo because, regardless of its back I.e. Todoed, Chattodo is a fundamentally new design in chatting between people who have a collective common agenda to be productive upon. That will be the 3rd and the most key piece of PWL1. Since we believe Chatotodo is ahead of its time, the time for this piece is not now, we wont talk about it. We will talk about the other two pieces further instead.

(PWL1.2) We indicated in one of our notes that we want to give the world better thinking and doing leaders. However the goal of providing the world better leaders is not only a secondary education problem — It is a primary education problem too. Primary education is a longer journey but that will not stop us from opening ourselves to that problem through another of our initiatives at PWL1, Math ed labs.

It is our culture of ideas at Preseed which enables our core Chattodo along with it’s R&d unit to stay focused on completely disrupting the education system. To know more about the culture of Preseed, visit

So, that is why PWL1.

So what is PWL1?

PWL1 captures Chattodo’s journey building up all the way into primary education solutions too, we have until now secretly called this journey PWL1. Today I reveal PWL1. This is the R&D unit of Preseed’s core — Chattodo. PWL1 keeps us grounded on that purpose of bringing an absolute change in the education system. It constantly keeps us aware of the reasons of our origin.

It ensures we approach the problem of education system being outdated, with no bias towards any firm notion, including our own, originally thinking of education as a whole, from start, primary education all the way to the end.

Imagine what will be the most honest culture an organisation of such goals will be made of. If you have gone through, you may imagine The Preseed Culture.

Where ideas are loved and cared for.

The Preseed Culture is what replaces for our hacking, designing and hustling volunteers, money, with inspiration, due to Preseed’s open door policy* and its ‘contract-less’ culture keeps PWL1 on the move without any cash burn.

Open door policy implies, come in and work with us at your will and risk. Build with Preseed if you are inspired to.

So PWL1 can only coexist in the surrounding ecosystem of Preseed itself. For Preseed’s core Chattodo, this is a very important relationship built.

Anyway, I incorporated the cultural parts of my vision into our company called Preseed Venture Pvt. ltd in 2014. You will see an abstract form of that vision on where I am manifesting upon my own ideas, with a set of inspired human beings wisely stitched together through common goals and protocols.

Hence, Preseed is now the culture underlying our product Chattodo.

Looking forward from the time of origin, leading to Chattodo -

All those lessons of the last 2 years of running Preseed + the first 2 years of imagining social web from my perspective + every experience in between, I am product-ifying now with my team at Preseed, as a social network of action.

I started Preseed to build upon my many ideas across my lifetime. To live this wonderful life.

I told myself sometime in 2012 that if I have to live the kind of life I love. I must create that environment around me which is conducive to that life, bottom up.

The kind of life I love, is a life of inspiration and creativity, upon beautiful visions. If all of us could live that life, this world will make far more progress towards liberation and mindful novelty. A world where everyone is rather building upon a great idea.

I told myself, that, to live a that life of extreme inspiration and creativity, for my type of a mind, I must create a machinery that can shape all my ideas. Because my ideas are extremely important. (So must be yours). Just dreaming them and not shaping them, would be a loss to the world. Let alone me.

So I imagined, deeply, this machinery made up of closely bonded humans, called Preseed, to shape my many ideas. I incorporated it into a company in 2014 and stopped talking and started building and imagining and building further. I found my team soon after. I run this loop of action with this team several times in a week since 2014.

These loops originate from various topics that interest me. I dig really deep into these topics. I meditate upon them. That is what I do, in most of my day. My day, every day, is a journey into an original inquiry on those topics. Un-influenced by what is and what has been. Then I lay it out into the system of Preseed, for that inquiry to take a shape as a product, or a a mere dialogue.

Now all day, I do just this, I imagine, I build. That is the life I wanted to offer myself first.

However, out of different product ideas I think about obsessively, or mention randomly at times, lies a central purpose — Human resource development, which is what PWL1 is about. Here ideas for creating better human resource for the world are woked on. At it’s core Preseed was first PWL1 before its core simplified to be a Social network of action and PWL1 became the R&D unit continuing the enquiry into the education system.

So, Preseed is at the centre of Chattodo R&D because of it’s unit PWL1.

Todoed was my first step towards buying more experience and time in, achieving our social network of action Chattodo. I first realised the need for seamless productivity and imagined a productivity tool. Precisely making the text spotted any where, actionable. Then as I explained earlier, that I wanted to make the men and women of ideas productive. They were the future of the world. And they are students trapped in the eduction system.

It is that desire that lead me to imagining education upon productivity/collaboration as the right education methodology.

So, Todoed merely being the best productivity tool in the world is not going to be enough. (As if Todoed as the best productivity tool in the world is not enough of a good work done).

Because Todoed had to be the tool on which the companies of the future are built. It has to be the tool where people write their idea and move along within it, to build that idea into a startup.

So it had to be a tool not only for productivity, but real time collaboration.

That is what lead me to imaging the finest way of collaboration. Leading me to imaging a social network of action as the way forward, instead of a productivity tool.

Anyway, so PWL1 is also important because it consists of Todoed, the underlying layer of Chattodo, and MyIdealsit, that future element of Chattodo which will take it into become a communication product best suited for ‘collaboration upon ideas’ and not just usual corporate productivity.

Hence, the disruptive future of Chattodo is not only a function of it being the best team chatting tool, by far, but the works of this R&D unit PWL1

Modus Operandi of PWL1 —

So what we are doing at PWL1 is that we are curating the creations at Preseed that match the original mission of Preseed which lead me to attempting disruption of the education system; of which Social network of action for men and women of ideas, only for the secondary education system at first, is our primary purpose, but there is also a primary education system, disruption of which is now our secondary purpose. PWL1 opens up the secondary purpose for us too.

So PWL1 is curating from Preseed Web Lab (Todoed and MyIdealist) and Preseed Entrepreneur Lab (Math Ed Labs).

So PWL1 is how I will disrupt the education system across its length and breadth, beyond just Chattodo.

PWL1 for me

Is a stealthy collaboration between three of my startups each as an independent company ( a )Chattodo ( b ) MyIdealist and ( c ) Preseed

So it was clear to me long ago that, Chattodo+ ##idea meant starting two independent companies, and running them closely. And running such companies mean running a culture of that kind.

The advantage Chatodo and Preseed being by the same cofounder, I, means, that I could pick the most loyal men of mine from among the hackers, hustlers and designers at Preseed, and give them a mandate to build MyIdealist and Todoed as Preseed’s priority all the way to Chattodo, in the stealth unit of Preseed, PWL1. We created this unit for the purpose of ‘priority of Preseed’ above all else, primarily.

  • Using Preseed’s culture, the culture ‘culture of ideas’, that attracts self inspired human beings to it, PWL1 has to head towards the ultimate goal of disrupting the education system across its length and breadth.
  • Meaning, not only does PWL1 have to become a unit of such men working for the glory of Todoed and MyIdealist, it had to channel the other hackers, hustlers and designers at Preseed towards MathEdLabs too, in the future into even more products in this direction. Thus keeping the culture aimed at boundless collaboration and innovation. Keeping our purpose of changing the education system pure and without bias towards anyone one solution, with acceptance that a lot of the education system will get changed by the products of our other fellow brothers and sisters in PWL1. .
  • Meaning this R&D unit is free to Chattodo. For Chattodo is, even though perfectly aligned with PWL1, yet it is on its own mission of education upon collaboration via Just one product — its iOS app. The works at PWL1 mere may act as aid to Chattodo via products which compliment chattodo or via its culture of ideas and action itself.

Hence, PWL1 is a method for me towards achieving the final goal of Chattodo, disruption of the secondary education system for men and women of ideas, over the next five years with support from an unshakable foundation of Preseed, with key fragments of this starting from MyIdealist, built as independent products, Preseed style, on the go basis, at no cost implications — to the status quo of Chattodo itself.

What does Preseed style mean?

It means that any new major features/ideas we may have for Chatodo, can be floated into Preseed, and teams can be built for those majors features/ideas Preseed styled, where a major feature may be done, as an independent startup. e.g. Todoed being a major feature of Chattodo.

My usual day is divided into 3parts -:

  1. Chattodo — This is my work
  2. Work — PWL1 is my hobby. Here we are building MyIdealsit first and then Todoed. Here the team’s mandate is to extract the juices out of an entrepreneur community I have built called Preseed, with or without materials, money, roof, food; to build its own products. Such a mandate and strong commitment, ensures the ball is always rolling for the dream of Chattodo.
  3. Play — Preseed is my play. (I don’t want to talk to you about my play till I have delivered my work to atleast a million entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. In short what I can tell you is that, Preseed is a community of potential entrepreneurs, manifesting the values that Chattodo wants to create in the world)

In short: Blast from the recent past — First I started the community to empower entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs personally. Now, with the lessons of running that community for 2 years I started to build a web product called that can empower potential entrepreneurs, across the world, by suitably profiling them and making them discoverable, the type of people I manged at . Those type of people are thinkers, doers, remote coworkers, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. They are productive people, who collaborate and communicate upon ideas and startups. To help them better collaborate and communicate productively in more novel ways, I started to build too, as the back for Chattodo, amidst its own independence as a todo listing tool. Now both the products are at MVP stages. Todoed will interact with MyIdealist using ‘##idea’ by Todoed users.

PWL1 Mandate:

The key mandate for PWL1 is to build Chattodo,

in fragments via Todoed first and then its ##idea(MyIdealist) and smaller experimental products around them, each as an independent product/startup; by extracting the juice out of Preseed; with or without money, materials or roof. At 0 costs. I repeat. 0 costs. This kind of commitment from my team at PWL1 means, that the ball is always rolling for Chattodo. It is not dependent on investors or support system for us in India. It is dependent on the commitment of the humans I call my team at Preseed.

This structure in turn enables me to stay focused towards cracking the deals for Chattodo with the best company/investor/partner for it, without worrying about cash flows, cash burns or hurried/wrong investor/partner deals. Since, PWL1 is constantly keeping the day to day ball rolling.

This keeps the mission of PWL1 alive, come what may.

PWL1 will launch independent products, out of each major key feature of Chattodo. Most of these products will essentially interact with Chattodo using each other’s APIs or be launched as a feature of update of Chattodo itself. These products will essentially be about anything that actually helps a user of Chattodo, even if that thing helps from outside. Same would be for other products of PWL1 e.g. Chattodo ##idea will lead users to an outside product called MyIdealist. I will explain this feature in greater detail later. But that is how Chattodo and MyIdealist are connected for now. So MyIdealist will lead to onboarding of new users to Chattodo in a very meaningful way. That is just one example of relationship between one product of PWL1 and the other. There will be more.

So at PWL1 we keep our focus on the ultimate goal and not the status quo. While each startup of PWL1 keeps its focus on status quo.

It means that in the long run, for Chattodo, we don’t consider productivity/communication tools as our competition.

We are actually looking to open a new category in 1 year, for everyone who has an idea. It is going to be nothing like anything.

Current Status

As of 20/12/2015 — PWL1 is a cluster of my 2 interrelated web products. They are Todoed and MyIdealist

Each product at PWL1 is being co developed and managed by groups of hackers, hustlers and designers at Preseed who are collectively driven and focused at the mission of PWL1, same as that of the future Chattodo.

Summing up

The three products mentioned above will cover the following scope:

a. Todoed

  1. Activity feed — The place for their education. ( The future of education for such fellow beings will be here )
  2. Productivity — Todo listing. If you did open from my above indications to read about the platform we are building, you must have noticed, that MyIdealist is to be a social network of productive self driven beings. So it cannot be a cut copy of the existing social networks. One of the most novel aspects of it is going to be, how all communication on it can be taken into a todo list, seamlessly.
  3. Integrations — The integration that make users productive will be dealt with through elements of (3). The only other important integration then will be, integration with Angellist.
  4. ##Idea — This is how Todoed connects with MyIdealist.

Someday this could be a social network of study, productivity and ideas, I earlier thought may not be possible. But I atleast thought. IN 2011. In 2015 I realised it may be possible. But it will take time. The market has to come to that maturity. The market must be just about getting warmed up now, for a long play. A world changing play.

b. MyIdealist

  1. Profiling of such ‘potential entrepreneurs’ and ‘their ideas’. (We will stay focused at nailing this till first 10,000 users)
  2. Vision — One of the most important things we want to enable potential entrepreneurs in achieving through our platform is, a deep rooted vision for the idea they want to pursue into a startup. (A set of questions, a form of sorts on MyIdealist will help achieve this)
  3. Connections and basic connection level communication.

c. Chatodo

  1. Communication — Through the most unique chat app for productive beings. Not with a motivation to compete with Slack, but with a motivation to do what Slack didn’t do. Slack and other chats enable communication, not necessarliy — action-ability.

Once more may I ask, do you know why PWL1 is the my key focus?

Because the mission of this collection of products called PWL1, is exactly the same as of Preseed’s own mission i.e. to empower anyone with a will to do something out of the ordinary. That is what I started my journey to do. The difference in PWL1 and Preseed is that PWL1 is strictly about codes, while Preseed is a culture, of ideas and entrepreneurs, far beyond codes.

PWL1 is called PWL1 because it extracts the juice out of Preseed Web Lab(PWL) where the priority of Preseed Web Lab has been defined to be PWL1. It is the number one agenda of PWL.

Execution is slower than the speed of imagination. While the PWL team codes to execute the product, I will not turn into a robot, and stop my further boundless imagination from flowing. In the interest of fulfilling my itch for a better world for the potential entrepreneurs of the future, far beyond this product itself, I will have visions ahead of the development phases of Chatodo. In a normal case scenario, either these visions will rest in some documents or my mind. But in my case scenario, I would float them into PWL1 and see them taking shape already, independent of Chattodo or its resources. Someday these visions will become independent startups majorly owned by PWL1, ready to offer themselves to Chattodo whenever need be. For Chattodo, these far fetched visions when in shape will come to it, gift wrapped, from PWL1. This could one day have hugely positive cost effective implications for Chattodo.

Side note — It is because of this strength that I can focus on my own personal next step — Silicon Valley for Chattodo. Meaning, the worlds best and most mature team for Chattodo right there.

In the meanwhile as I pay more and more attention to Chattodo, PWL1 will become something very meaningful in its own right.