To Preseed applicants

Please read this before you apply to work with Preseed or Nishchal

Preseed applicants or collaborators who have come here from , this is for you.

Before you are onboarded, we would like you to know that we don’t compensate you or us by paying salaries yet? We compensate you and us through equity instead. We work with people to ‘co build’ stuff with them over, sometimes if need be, a fairly long period of time. If you could look to work with us on helping us sincerely as one of the potential partners on our products then work with us. So neither is this like a full-time job nor a freelance opportunity. This is clearly an opportunity to be an entrepreneur.

Your job with us may be putting the codes or designs or both or more to one or more such product/startup opportunities while being as imaginative as you like. You may or may not chose to do it full time, as long as you do it timely.

Do you see yourself being able to build stuff on the web that may either be a product or a story that is used by millions of people someday to solve their most intrinsic needs?

Over a period of 1 MVP life cycle* will we know how well do you fit into our scheme of things. Thereafter, you could expect us to give you and ourselves a co-owner based opportunity in the product we are working on together.

It is really about the relationship we build with each other that determines if we could be partners in at least one project that you are majorly working with us on, the project you are responsible for.

I am convinced that most MVPs we are going to build will be built, with you guys’ at near 0 monetary costs, at first. It is this MVP which would be attempted by all of us involved to translating it into a startup that we will co own.

This team(i.e. you) is also an equity stake holder upto 20% or in certain cases more, in the product being developed. We want exceptional hackers to work on these products. If the hackers and designers involved think they can lead this product into a worthy startup we would be willing to offer greater share into the product built henceforth. It is in fact important for us that the team of each of our products is capable of leading their respective products into a successful business upon their own labor. Because some of us have to lay the ground upon which our future mountains as mentioned after step 2 will be built.

  • MVP life cycle — The cycle of iterations till we have a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with some real consumer traction.

Qualities we admire here

  • Non-linear thinking
  • Hawk eyed observeration
  • Good listening
  • Punctuality
  • Doing - I hope you acknowledge that we are smart enough to know when you are giving absolutely silly excuses whereas the real reason is that you are not sincere or driven enough.

Money should not be the “driving force” for anything we do. We want to make life-changing products and,in the process, let our users and our teams discover their “true calling”.

Team Introduction to Preseed

You’ve got to be seen to be playing the game. Preseed is not just a company it’s a culture. Add Nishchal on Twitter to remain in touch with him

  1. SPREAD THE LOVE in Online Communities — Everyone who becomes a part of ‘Preseed’ as Core team / Intern / Volunteer / lover must -:
    Join more startup groups, communities and get into a habit of posting Preseed posts to those various groups + your own timelines. This will help you reach out to a larger audience. Do it if you feel connected to us genuinely. Do it if you feel our message should reach far and beyond. This will be some solid evangelism for Preseed.
  2. For that purpose please make sure that you are following our main media properties, and our pages on LinkedIn Also, Suggest / Invite — The real evangelism happens when you invite your friends on to our pages Preseed (fb), Preseedify (fb) ,Startup Post (fb). Following our media properties will anyway mean that you are in tune with some really meaningful infotainment rich content and sharing it would mean your friends are too.
  3. Community — All the team members are encouraged to take up free online courses in tech and design, attend various startup/entrepreneurial sessions or meetups, if possible. Increase your knowledge on the current scenario of the startup ecosystem

In short internal communication should happen in the dedicated groups. Before emails or chats with respective people.

  1. Don’t Disappear If any one from the team seems to be away from the internet. Unknown absences will not be Tolerated. Team members are expected to have net on all devices to guarantee Light Speed performance
  2. You must notify 3 days prior to your absence
  3. College is not an excuse to not be active. If you are giving college as an excuse, you belong in college not Preseed.
  4. Messages and Emails need timely responses. Each comment that is addressed to it you should be at the very least liked as an acknowledgment, and when an only acknowledgment isn’t enough, respond to the email. (If the team coordinator does not respond to you timely please send a message about it to Nishchal and he will take strict action)
  5. Add all preseed groups to favorites in order of importance to make sure you don’t miss any notifications.
  6. Make sure every person addressed to in that post/comment is tagged. If the response is not timely then you will most likely not have a future with us. Make no mistake about this point 2f.
    If you are asked a question on a post, you will have to respond, just liking it won’t cut it.
  7. Doing Work “Getting shit done is what MATTERS”
  8. Respond to tasks timely as the progress depends on it, not just your own, in most cases your entire teams.
  9. Task Lists — The team is expected to maintain their own task lists ( date, project, task, assigned by, deadline). We can ask you to report to us any time of the day / week / month. So, please, be alert and prompt with your work. This will also help you guys to get into a habit of documenting your task and delivering them timely.
    + use Trello.
  10. Test our home grown apps by actually using them while they remain in their testing phase.
  11. If you could create a doc you must not keep any word in a doc / slide / files that you are responsible for, unless you understand every bit of whatever is indicated on the doc / slide deck / files and whatever is expected. Also mentioned in Doc Making Protocol, in footer below.
  12. Everyone at a leadership position at Preseed:
  13. Is expected to timely review their work groups and conversations in those groups to see if past conversations have been taken care off. SAYING IS EASIER THAN ENSURING THAT THERE IS A STRONG FOLLOW UP. THOSE WHO ARE CONCERNED WILL FIGURE OUT WAY OF ENSURING THAT POSTS ARE RESPONDED TO, SPIRITS ARE HIGH AND PEOPLE ARE FINISHING TASKS TIMELY.
  • Indeed, do whatever it takes to ensure everything that you are responsible for is taken care off.
  • Take Charge (e.g. if you are a designer with Preseed, and you think you have more time, look out for more work by discussing with the team co ordinators for team co ordinators would know of the gaps in design to be filled)

If Nishchal goes missing for days without informing anyone, it would slow down the team..for they look up to him for answers/approvals etc., so would be true for anyone in the leadership spot here or in any organisation. The leader has to be willing to be on his toes, all the time, that is why not all are leaders. In conclusion, if possible, god forbid, if the situation is not very bad for which you have to go missing in action, always inform the team as soon as possible, may be sooner, so that the rest in the team could improvise; because working in team is quite different from working in isolation

7. Be enterprising

Before asking anyone for any help, kindly, try it out yourself, google stuff, research well before you take someone else’s time. Everything that you may possibly want to know is on the web.

Keep yourself acquainted with what’s happening at Preseed, and feel free to contribute wherever. Most importantly, take the lead wherever you feel you can make a difference.

8. Pre-mature satisfaction

Also called complacency. Remember we are here to make a dent in the culture of India. No room for complacency till we achieve what we are here to do.

9. Miscellaneous

a. Always be on the lookout for the following:-

  • Potential Business Network.
  • Early Stage Startups.
  • Geeks
  • Graphic Designers.
  • Crazy Ones. (Those who are just crazy and don’t fit in any other specific category yet)
  • Early Stage Funds.

b. Get into a habit of carrying a pen/notepad when coming for any meeting (Everyday)

c. All the roles and designation given are temporary.

d. Do not sit with Nishchal when he is meeting someone unless asked too.

e. Team members should add their real image (and not any cartoon image) as display picture, where internal communication among the team happens such as google, trello, slack etc.

10. Profile status Whenever one is recruited in the team with us, please, remember to change your work status on facebook and linkedin as e.g. ‘Works/intern/Volunteer at Preseed’. Also add yourself into our team on angelist (

11. Remember

Put all the pictures of any Event (ex. Startup Essential Workshop) on your fb Album privately instead of sending it to an individual team member. From there the best ones will be selected and uploaded to the main Facebook Page.

12. Add To Favorites

Preseed properties and work groups to your facebook favourites. On the left hand side where all the groups you are in are listed, roll over with the mouse and click the small pencil that appears, then add to favorites. This is so that you stay updated and in sync with whatever is going on with us.

P.S:- For all, know about the page ‘deep inside’ and please, be extremely smart when you represent yourself on these platforms as you will be the face of our organization.

Since long, people have been working for money and not for happiness. We want to change that. We want to let people work for and/or on a cause that they believe in. Dream with us.

Note : Only those who have read to everyone and who intends to engage with us and related links and understood well will get a chance to be on our team page.

Once you have read, Preseed Weblab applicants fill up this form , anything lab and team care unit members can fill up this form .

Protocol Docs

Minutes Protocol
Skype Protocol

Doc Making ProtocolTo be removed

Nishchal Foolish Kesarwani

Written by

Here, I write my first flawed & fearless drafts of things that matter to me, mostly freedom. At times, avoiding re-invention by citations instead of authoring.

Preseed Essays

If we have the ability to ask ambitious questions, one day we will have our answers. That day we will innovate, to improve the world. This is where some of Nishchal’s thoughts about and his life come to words. These are tales of love and progress stitched together.

Nishchal Foolish Kesarwani

Written by

Here, I write my first flawed & fearless drafts of things that matter to me, mostly freedom. At times, avoiding re-invention by citations instead of authoring.

Preseed Essays

If we have the ability to ask ambitious questions, one day we will have our answers. That day we will innovate, to improve the world. This is where some of Nishchal’s thoughts about and his life come to words. These are tales of love and progress stitched together.

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