The decisive 25 minutes of your life

These 25 minutes of your potential investor may be very critical to you. Pay a lot of attention to this act.

Your introductory email to the investor or rather the introducer.

The busiest of investors give high regard to an introducer who they trust with his business acumen and past credibility. So it would be in the interest of your goals with this investor to find yourself a well regarded individual from the industry to introduce you to the investor.

What do I send to the introducer?

Send a brief email to the introducer that he can ‘forward’ to the investor with a small 2 line note from his side about his views. This email is your elevator pitch. Attach your slide deck with this email (or upload

Subject of the email : Introducing ‘your company name’ to ‘the investors name/company name’ for consideration of investment.

Part 1 of the email — The Elevator Pitch

This is the body of your email.

This is also referred to as an executive summary, but, it is largely called and accepted as ‘the elevator pitch’.

Read the box with green font here for a good view on what an elevator pitch looks like.

For your elevator pitch learn from these incredible articles: 
1. How to describe a vision.

2. Describe your company any how in one sentence.

3. How to tell your startup’s story.

Part 2 of the email — The Slide Deck

This is the attachment of less than 15 minimal slides as a PDF with notes below each slide for reasoning. (So you do make a slide presentation with notes below the slides, but send it all as a PDF )

Note 1 -: Normally a presentation should be highly visual, with minimum texts and maximum simple graphics & pictures. Don’t assume your investor will understand all your technical jargon. Present you plan to him as if he were a lay man.

If your introducer is credible and your elevator pitch has well summarized your startup, you will almost certainly be in a good spot for your meeting with the much esteemed investior

“A great elevator pitch is more important than your deck and less important than the introducer. If you don’t have an introduction, the elevator pitch is critical to a cold call
An introduction sells the investor on reading the elevator pitch, which sells the investor on reading the deck, which sells the investor on taking a meeting. Many investors will just skim the deck and take a meeting if the introduction and elevator pitch are good” — Nivi, co founder Angellist, Venture Hacks.

Note 2 -: If you don’t have an introducer send the email directly to the investor, obviously. Although, I am made to believe that the very important investors seldom check emails without a credible introducer. But don’t worry, if we like what you are upto, we may become your introducer!

I have detailed the composition of a slide deck in my next post called ‘The Slide Deck’. You must dig it well for an over all understanding of a Slide Deck.

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