To everyone who intends to engage with us.

We hope you have an intrinsic desire to further our cause for its nobility and novelty.

Those who engage with us, we don’t put them on contract papers first before we actually move forward with them because we trust them far more than some crap written on binding papers.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody, is to trust them” — Ernest Hemingway

Faith in one another, we believe is the fastest way of building something together.

So read to its entirety to get the drift of our culture. Get back to us to tell us if you understand the values we are talking about there, and if yes, tell us in your own words, what do you see?

I mean you are going to be one of the stake holders either in the form of a partner, student, intern, volunteer, a potential startup co founder, a hacker, a designer, a vendor, an investor, merely a fellow being interested in newness, or a mere critique. So you might want to know us, through what we write here, share or post on our Facebook page or our various blogs. By now you should find yourself slightly in tune with what we do and how we do.

I would expect that kind of digging deep from everyone who makes ‘thoughtful decisions’ about who is that they want to spend their time engaging with or learning from or teaching? That is the only kind of a deep digger we welcome because -:

1. That is a bunch of people that genuinely seek. A seeker that questions is always better than a blind follower.
2. It saves us time in bringing you to a spot where you already understand our values, say, by reading up Preseed Scribbles., our tumblr blog.

Note 1 -: I would appreciate if you spare some time to read the blog posts listed here or dig Preseed Media Network on our website.
Note 2 -: Do know our team well for it is important for you to know who we are as individuals, before you make the choice of engaging with us any further.
Note 3 -: If someone from the Preseed team has spoken to you with conviction about taking you forward on the idea or opportunity suggested in such dialogues, take it very seriously. We are not here or there to waste our times. We are here to truly translate progressive dialogues into startups. You must get in touch with us further if you have any will to build.

btw -:

If you are coming to help me,
you are wasting your time.
But if you are coming because your liberation is
bound up with mine, then let us work together.
– Lila Watson
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