To Preseed Advisors

Help me in changing the world through Preseed.

What is the change I want to bring about?

I want to trigger the hacking youth of India to STARTUP, regardless of their current available resources. I also then want to inspire better ideas, more faith and fast action in them. So that there are better leaders made and better companies built in India.

How would I do that?

I would do that by being there for them, with them, through Preseed.

How would I be there for those I am committing to be there for?

The system design of Preseed is looking good enough to ensure this call for action, orderly. We have spent a great deal of time in laying the foundation, culture and the system of Preseed to ensure that each idea we list and each individual we handle translates into becoming a startup someday.

Worst case, if not each, some would translate into startups and that itself would be impactful to say the least.

We have filled the system of Preseed with so much inspiration that money is not needed to sustain it for a long period of time. So sustenance is not a problem. Here everyone works for their equity share of what is being built. However, to scale things we may look to money some day, but, now is not the day.

What may be the result of all this?

The result may be that those who have the will to do something out of the ordinary will now have place to go to, called Preseed. As a result of that, some good startup ideas may occur. As a result of that, some startups may get seeded. As a result of that, some important problems of the world may get solved.

What is the current status?

Among our collaborators are some really talented people who are building with us a bunch of inspiring things. The current status is — a few hings are getting built, few codes are getting written, few designs are being made and a lot of hustle is being done. A lot of very talented people have joined us, as entrepreneurs, to build upon our ideas already. Some of them are listed here.

So the need ahead of us is to ensure that all that is being built, infact specifically, all ideas that have been translated into MVPs find themselves heard by you. All such projects that we would like to bring to your notice would be showcased on Preseed Projects and Prefund.

What do I need from you?

About 3-6 hours per month of your time. At the end of every month I would send a detailed report of the current status and a set of properly structured questions to you to seek your advise on the key concerns of the Preseed’s next month. I will not bother you beyond this. So in essence please allow me to take about 36 hours of your time per year.

If you are willing to lend your ears to me. I would be empowered to empower many in return. Your words to me will have a far felt impact. I am willing to share upto 0.5% of Preseed after 1 year of such working relatioship with each advisor I am seeking on this journey ahead.

Note -: I strongly believe the greatest growth driver at Preseed is going to be Preseed Web Lab because —
a. The products at Preseed Web Lab are extraordinary for their simplicity and novelty.
b. They are a result of our own problems.
c. We own more than 50% stock in products built at Preseed Web Lab. Hence, it would be a great growth driver for us.

If you do have sometime please read one of my writing collections on Medium called ‘The Preseed’ in a matter of 1 hour to get an insight into our soulful vision for the new age entrepreneurship. If you find flaws in us, please don’t let that influence you more than our motivation to build this odd chaotic company. We are not even 2 years old yet. Together with you we will learn to rise above our flaws.

I would eagerly wait to hear from you on please. I am going to need you all on this journey ahead.