To Preseed Project marketer

On internet things can flow. On internet things can grow.

Dear distribution artists,

I understand what goes into putting marketing strategies for viral distribution of the web products. It is more of an art than app designing is.

Lets first discuss that part of the marketing that is about acquiring users only:

Preseed Project is our main vertical responsible for customer acquisition of projects exclusively from Preseed Labs. These products are a mere MVP at first. This is where our minimum viable products get a chance to see the light of the real day, hence, real active users, globally, not mere early adopters. This is the vertical we are building to house the web hustlers like you, so that the product founders focus on product development, while you focus on getting them their key users.

We need 1 extra ordinary marketer who could -:

1. 100% organic marketing. We mean it. There will be no money(even if money is not a problem for us) for marketing at this stage of startups at Preseed Projects. So you got to know the hacks of the web marketing and distribution world.
2. Have faith that this job is the key to helping some really inspired founders and developers in changing the world.

You need to be well networked in the global tech media community and should be active on Hacker News, redditt, product hunt and other popular products that can be mighty useful to create an initial buzz. You need to be our exact definition of a new age web hustler. This guy should communicate like a bullet. You should know far more than what is loosely collected on this list called Product Launch and Marketing.

If you are this guy, write to me at with the subject ‘Preseed Project marketer’. If I like you, I would offer you a fair stake in Preseed itself for you are important to my scheme of things.

If you are not this guy but

You wish to be this guy, you will have to learn. To learn, apply here and we will get back to you, to teach you ofcourse.

What is written above is just an iota of what we expect you to do as a marketer. We hope you understand marketing is not just about user aquisition. In your email to me, do give examples of what would you do to the products already listed on if you were given a chance.