To early adopters

We may fail without your love

Dear Early Adopters,

Among other things like building products upon our ideas and taking them all the way, from scratch, into becoming meaningful soulful companies some day, Preseed Labs will demonstrate to you (the youth of India) that MVPs for meaningful tasteful products or businesses could be laid without -:
1. A college degree.
2. Without Money. (Specially true for products that our 100% softwares)
3. Without experience.

All that it takes is 1 or more inspired people, regardless of where life has placed them, and the faith of our fellow beings.
And if products or businesses fail, you will never fail, for there would be unparalleled lessons learnt to say the least, that you will take to your death bed. YOU ARE THE FOUNDATION.

The projects of Preseed Web Lab and Preseed’s other labs are being built with the youth of India and around right from their dorms, bedrooms and offices. Preseed Labs (and Preseed Web Lab in particular) are becoming the gateway to the ‘freedom of an entrepreneur’ for the hacking, hustling and designing youth in India. For every product they build here, they co own with us.

Dear Readers,

Of this write up, and hopefully The Preseed Newsletter too

You could help us empower those like us who are trying with all they got to make meaning in this world we live in.
a) Use these products or businesses we are listing here. Patronize us.
b) Share them with your friends.
c) Share your feedback with us.
d) Tweet and share these products if you like them.
e) Stay subscribed

I guarantee you on behalf of my company Preseed, that none of the products we will build will lack newness and soulfulness. They all will be built to solve real problems of both, you and I.

Above, we referred to you as early adopters because we don’t just want you to read us, we want you to act with us. To say the least, we want you to adopt our creations early on, while they are embarrassing, to give us your feedback on how we can improve them. We want to create with you, for you, by you.

Our news letter will keep you posted once every month from the 1st of January of 2017, on what is cooking inside Preseed.

The Preseed

If we have the ability to ask ambitious questions, one day…

Nishchal Foolish Kesarwani

Written by

Here, I write my first flawed & fearless drafts of things that matter to me, mostly freedom. At times, avoiding re-invention by citations instead of authoring.

The Preseed

If we have the ability to ask ambitious questions, one day we will have our answers. That day we will innovate, to improve the world. This is where some of Nishchal’s thoughts about and his life come to words. These are tales of love and progress stitched together.

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