To the Preseed team

The stock holders of Preseed, without you, none would be possible.

Hi Preseed Team,

Welcome here. If I have your sincere support for a substantial period of time, at least until the end of 2015, I would be in a very strong position to build the most extra-ordinary company from India, ever.

To know more about why I have founded Preseed, you may have to dig in a bit on my journey since I dropped out of Delhi University in 2007 to build my first startup in 2009 after having raised Rs. 44 Lakhs ($100,000 approx.).
My about me, my facebook, my medium posts and my tumblr posts will tell you a little more about who I am and hence, the answer to why is Preseed being built.
(The answer in brief: I had a lot of ideas through out my post college days and I wanted to give them all some shape but not without creating and collaborating with scores of talented and inspired people on the way. These people would be the entrepreneurs for the future, hoping they all be my team members of some sort. So that with these people I could build upon my ideas and continue to live in whims.
The life of living in whims, art, knowledge and simplicity is what Preseed is intended to be about. It is the manifestion of what my close to ideal personal world of engagements look like. I hope you find harmony in it just like I do).

Disclaimer: I believe if we end up building upon even one big idea out of so many at Preseed, we would be atleast a 1 billion dollar company. Although I will have no regret in failing to do so, neither for me, nor for you. For, just like life, Preseed is all about the journey not the destination. I don’t know the destination. All I know is that everyone who becomes a part of Preseed would have incredible amounts of knowledge and inspiration to gain to say the least, if not the money.

Stay patient with it. Persevere hard. Keep it going. Have fun. Excercise and meditate. And always remember the following -:

  1. Your compensation — Will be in stocks. So if we are a billion dollar company and you own 1% of our stocks, you will be worth a 10 million dollars. Your stocks would be transferred to you after 1 year of our working relationship. Monthly salary is one of the worst addictions. So we don’t encourage it.
  2. Preseed Web Lab — The day Preseed becomes a billion dollar company, Preseed Web Lab would have been atleast a 75% contributor in that value for 2 reasons -:
    a. The products at Preseed Web Lab are are going to be among the best web products anywhere in the Indian startup scene. Most of our ideas have the potential to be solving problems of millions of people, per idea, in ways no other idea did in the past. Since, we don’t build that which is not novel.
    b. Most of these products will be majorly owned by Preseed. So even if one were to become a mutli billion dollar product, Preseed would then be, atleast a billion dollar company.
    Note-: The only 2 assumptions we have made in the event of atleast 1 product of ours becoming becoming a billion dollar product are -:
    1). That our ideas are kick ass in their simplicity and novelty! — See it for yourself in capturing not only what we think but also how we think, not only what we build but also how we build. You will be able to capture it if you really dig well.
    2). The 1 man who will be driving that multi billion dollar worthy product of ours will be the best entrepreneur our country has seen. Now you may please go to Preseed’s team page. One of the men named there would be that man. Clearly this is an absurd assumption so far. However the truth is that we are becoming a company of some very talented people.
    (Please feel free to debate with me as to why I think more than 1 of our products have the potential to be used by 1+ million users all over the world)
  3. Team Work — So much of what we do involves collaboration that we must have team players across our business. It is good for business results and our corporate culture. Sometimes, however temporary it may be, you have to put the interest of the team before your own interest. It is in serving of this interest of the company that you will rise up to steer yourself in serving your interest. The tasks of the team come first. Period.
  4. Find answers yourself — This is a very young company that is still learning and striving to make its impact felt globally. I am not a Mr. know it all, I just don’t give up till I have solved the problems I find on my way to furthering myself towards my cause -: whether it is managing a plethora of things at Preseed or whether they are the problems of the world that I feel I have the power to solve. I want you to be that person too. So don’t wait for anyone, just find your answers yourself (internet has already empowered you), do your thing, and do it all blazing fast. Make your place among us, yourself !
  5. Focus — Focus on one mission at one time. I am hoping for you also it be Preseed’s mission and collective goals. If you keep at it with 100% commitment and hardwork, you will be big in my scheme of things or else we won’t move and shake much together. Give at least your 6 uninterrupted months to me and I will show you the results we can fetch out of our collective abilities. And at most, keep persevering with me till (and beyond) we have made the world progress because of us. So, if you are working here and working elsewhere too, I would suggest you choose 1 out of the 2 as soon as you can so that you are of greater impact at atleast 1 place. I hope you see what Preseed could mean to the world one day and I also hope you strive to make yourself be an integral part of our company.

Allow us to serve each other by keeping the following quote in mind

The greatest good you can do for another
is not just share your riches, but
reveal to them their own.
- Benjamin Disraeli

Let’s see how it goes!

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