Why am I building a social network of action?

The origin of my thought for building Preseed was — To empower those with a will to do something extraordinary.

Further journeying into this mission, I realised it meant having more enterprising human resource for the world. Creating better human resource implied identifying the core problem, which was the regressive education system globally.

My last 10 years could be summed up as an original inquiry into the impact, innovation and incredible possibilities created out of the free information via social internet, chat, commerce and collaboration tools. However that is the brief sum of that knowledge I have collected so far. The journey however did not start from here. It starts from 3 decades prior: The start of the personal computers and laptop. IBM, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon. Then ….

Sometime in the middle of that 3 decade period, google happened and it made all the free information searchable.

People started coming to the web. People started discovering information. Then soon after people started discovering each other.

Then they started talking to each other about each other. Basically, started expressing each other socially. This was the opportunity I set out to attack as a fresh dropout from college in 2007. I managed to raise Rs. 40 lakhs to attempt it after 2 years of imagining it in 2009. I worked with that for 6 months, then Facebook happened to the whole world, including my world in India in ways that it was almost untouchable by any other ambitious human being other than Mark Zuckerberg . Facebook nailed it. And with that my dream of building a social network like that, were nailed in the coffin too.

The social network of talk and connection was won by Facebook.

I in the mean while pivoted my first company into a consulting company with a team of 10 people from mostly IIT Delhi and Delhi college of engineering.

Got troubled by non entrepreneurial spirit of the youth within college 4 walls.

Started addressing large audiences about my views on entrepreneurship, education, simplicity and ideas.

Anyway, it took me 5 years thereafter to understand the problem I was now after, to its deepest, in context to the free information and communication tools that surrounds us.

But at first in those 5 years, From 2009 to 2014 I was just trying to understand and create a culture of a hand full of intelligent youth. Less than 10. From anywhere in the world. To speak a language of inspiration with. And as a result hope to teach/learn with them while building stuff with them, before we learn earn or burn. And that stuff was lots of my ideas. I was confident that a journey of building upon ideas was going to be a greater learning than college can ever be. This is result oriented education filled with freedom, where result is, entrepreneurs. I created some hanfull of such results in those 5 years at Preseed. Along the way, through my imagination, I learnt about that world of entrepreneurs that I want to facilitate at a global scale.

These few years of imagination and hustle here and there, most importantly on social web suggested to me that, now it is time, for action. Enough of talks, Facebook, whatsapp and Twitter users.

For after talk, a category of people get together and build upon their ideas. That is what proceeds ‘talks’ — Action. Such people are called entrepreneurs. The new age entrepreneur is who I am surrendered to serve.

And before this user is an entrepreneur, he is a potential entrepreneur. He is often times a student, while being a potential entrepreneur.

Let’s tell him, like I told my neighbourhood men and women, that there is immense knowledge in collective action. There is not only knowledge but also inspiration in that. Such will be a wonderful life. An inspired life.

Because I want to give this world, better thinking and action oriented leaders. Not merely talk oriented leaders. That is the mission I am on. My inquiry into this curiosity has lead me to imagine a social network of action.That is why I am building a social network of action.

May the thinking students of the world, our lovers, brothers, sisters, parents and children, build, before they learn, earn or burn.

The paragraph below will reveal to you -

  1. That while our social network of action is a separate product in itself,
  2. We are driven to making another product which can lead the world together with our social network of action, to act upon ideas.

And both of these products we have placed under our umbrella called pwl1

I say that there is education in productivity, and there is even better education in productivity upon ideas. So we decided to work on both — making the world more productive, and through another product someday, make the world productive upon ideas. Read this note to know about what we are doing to create the world of ideas, upon which productivity can be induced upon those ideas, but that is beyond the scope of the social network of action for now.

The one who brings men and women of ideas, on one platform for the purpose of development of original ideas, would have created for the world, a social network of action, upon ideas. The metaphysical impact of it could be far deeper than that of Facebook’s .

I often imagine the world where anyone from any where can imagine an idea, and plant that seed into my web product, take care of it, and see it grow.

To sum up, my solution in this light is aimed at:

The solution to the problem of 4 walled secondary education system for men and women of ideas is, as much a software as it is a cultural one. Initially I couldn’t imagine wholly how a product could solve this problem. But siunce the goal was to solve this problem with a product, now I can imagine it.

So fundamentally I am saying, making communication more actionable is the way forward for education upon collaboration.

‘Education upon collaboration' is my solution for the much needed change in the archaic education system through the first product I propose as a chat app. May I go a step further and say, ‘and collaboration upon ideas’. That is my second proposed product I have written about in another note linked above. Hence, education upon ideas all the way into becoming startups.


Side note -: It’s still simpler to imagine, a social network of action. It’s more difficult to imagine a social network of action upon ideas. It’s even more difficult to create one, the one that works.