The President-Elect Prayer Project | Day 26

January 13, 2017 | “A Prayer for Political and Personal Accountability”.
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O God our Judge, you teach us that there is no community without accountability and no accountability without community.

May we who will be our President-elect’s community take seriously our sacred duty as Citizens to hold him accountable for his actions as President, regardless of our personal political affiliation.

May we understand that this requires our “patting him on the back” when we believe he is right as well as our “calling him on the carpet” when we believe he is wrong.

May we be as diligent in holding ourselves accountable for our actions as Citizens as as we are in holding him accountable as President.

May the truth always be spoken in love and may it always be heard in humility.

And may we all — Citizen and President alike — recognize our ultimate accountability to you.

NOTE: The official, public part of the President-Elect Prayer Project will end on Inauguration Day (he will not be President-elect after that). But if others want to partner in doing weekly prayers after that, we’ll see…
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Remember the ground rules for the project:
1. Please understand that I am trying to achieve a difficult balance of honesty, specificity, and the good of the recipient, the country, and God’s kingdom.
2. You may join me by saying “Amen” to my prayer, adapting the prayer and reposting it as your own or send me an email message to suggest a concern for prayer. (But I know that I won’t think any less of you if you do none of these).
3. Additional comments are welcome, but remember that I am looking for dialogue, not debate — (agreement not required but respect is mandatory).
4. Therefore, I reserve the right to remove any comments or prayers that that are untrue, cruel, sarcastic, advocate violence, etc.
5. Please understand that I am not suggesting that prayer is a substitute for principled action.
6. Finally, feel free to share or repost with attribution to @RevKenHoward and The FaithX Project.