Much more girls than boys are given birth to, much more male babies and foetuses than female ones are lost, men die much earlier than do women, men commit suicide more often than do women, male homosexuality is condemned while female homosexuality is not only condoned but also visibly encouraged, men are subject to a lot of more health disabilities than are women (yet the health sector of most countries takes the health of women more seriously than it does the health of men), the male chromosome is in danger of extinction — and all these is just a tip of the ice-berg. Yet all the world seems to think of is women, and how to fight for their rights and for their empowerment. Men have conquered for so long that they have gotten laid back, and women today seem to be more manly than men. Men need to get off their arses and fight — and the enemy now appears to be not only the presently emerging and fast-rising matriarchal culture and tradition in general, but Woman in particular.

It is as a consequence of the threats posed by anomalies like unto those stated above that The Pride of Machismo Renaissance came into being. The Pride (which is already recognised world-wide due to its presence on the world wide web) is not only blessed with the credibility of divine approval; but is also obviously capable of meeting all the requirements needed for the spiritual upliftment of not only Mankind in general, but the male gender in particular.

The Servant-Leader of The Pride of Machismo Renaissance, who is also the founder of the ministry, is a reputable academician that has spent many years teaching at the Oba Akinyele Memorial High School and other secondary schools in Ibadan. Ikoro Iyineleda is an astute administrator and academician with a solid background in Accounting. He has taught in many public schools in Ibadan for over fifteen years, while working for the Oyo State; with the Oyo State Post-Primary Schools Teaching Service Commission - before GOD finally called him to found The Pride of Machismo Renaissance with his modest resources.

Adedotun The Ikoro (a university graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University; with a post-graduate diploma from the University of Ibadan, and another post-graduate diploma from the Obafemi Awolowo University) is the bridegroom of The Pride of Machismo Renaissance, and the author of Masculinism. He is also the founder, the grand patron, and the spiritual leader of The Fairies Confraternity (Lords In Fairy Empires).

Adedotun The Ikoro (who is also known as Ikoro Iyineleda) under the anointing and the inspiration of GOD, has written several children; which include not only The Homo Homilies, but also The Holy Homily — both of which are hereby presented free on this web-site.




The Pride of Machismo Renaissance is a congregation of men, women, children, and animals; under The Faith of Masculinism, in the name of Ikoro Iyineleda. Masculinism, on its own part; is a faith that believes in The Truth behind The Worship of The True Creator.

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Ikoro Iyineleda

Ikoro Iyineleda

writer, intellectual, chartered accountant - in view, consultant psychiatrist - in view, professor in Psychiatry - in the making.

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