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My name is Emily and I will be blogging and looking into healthier, cheaper, and quicker food recipes. My interest stems from the want and need of healthier foods, but unfortunately my schedule does not really allow me to sit at home and cook food. I am constantly on the go, I rarely spend any time at home. Home is where I sleep and say hello to my family and two dogs for like 15 minutes then I’m out the door either going to work, school, or dropping off my other four siblings at work or school, with maybe a dog or two in tow (I can’t resist they’re too cute). Since my life is pretty busy I don’t have time to cook which means fast food places and vending machines are my personal chefs. I really don’t like eating fast food (and I will continue telling myself that as I am eating a salad instead of a cheeseburger!) I know it’s not healthy and the costs really ad up at the end of the week. My goals are to start saving more money and living a healthier life. It kind of makes me sick when I realize half of my paycheck goes to junk food, and I think you guys can sympathize too. I think it will be very interesting to see what kind of food combinations are out there and are healthy and quick to make. I spend most of my time in a car so what else could I eat besides fast food. But that’s what I want to stop, I want to find healthier food choices that can fit into my lifestyle better than fast food options. I want to make meals that make me feel healthier and give me more energy. You get out what you put in, and I feel this especially applies to your body. Fast food and junk food in general are horrible for your health when eating them on a daily basis and you can see the effects in your body. I really can’t wait to find these recipes and try them out so I can tell you all about them and hopefully you can try them too and switch from fast food to good food. I will try to find recipes and maybe create some of my own that are healthy, quick to make, easy to do, and cheap!

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