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First published in 2007 as a sandpit for two old friends to play in, The Prodigal Guide grew up to be the web’s most irreverent miscellany of extravagance. Today, we’re more informed and better connected — but still deeply devoted to tomfoolery.
Note from the editor

“Write drunk, edit sober.” — Ernest Hemingway

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An unquenchable thirst for it all. Co-founder of @ProdigalGuide. Before it was sold off to pay the bar tab.
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grumpy uncle
Writer. Managing Director at Rubuss. Allergic to corpspeak. Fond of old watches, old bikes, old wine and old airfields. http://MMCMusings.com
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Our dealer
♛ Oakleigh Watches
UK based watch trader - buying, sourcing and selling vintage and modern luxury watches. Email: giles@oakleighwatches.co.uk
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editor at ‘large’
Timothy Barber
Editor/writer - lifestyle, culture, fine watches, luxury. Telegraph watch editor. Editor-at-large for The Jackal magazine, contributor far and wide.
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resident wino
Will Hargrove
Wine Merchant, Broker, Trader and general wine nut. Also lover of Horseracing, Rugby, Skiing and cigars
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Our tame watchnerd
the #watchnerd
Tweets from the #watchnerd: the most interesting watch 'blog you've never read. Probably.