The Product Co-op
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The Product Co-op

A Year of Backing Product Builders

Founded by Ashar Rizqi, Santi Suarez Ordoñez, and Lyon Wong.
Founded by Lindon Gao, Ahmed Beshry, Yilin Huang, and York Yang.
Founded by Adam Golthelf and Brian Sloss.
Founded by Kaiwei Tang.
Founded by Alex Embiricos, Sebastian Lobo, and Mike Liu.
Founded by Matt Delaney, Jason Calaiaro, and Kevin Peterson.
Founded by three UK-based doctors, Dr. Yusuf Sherwani, Dr. Sheeraz Iqbal, and Dr. Maroof Ahmed.
Founded by Jason Baptiste and Nathaniel McNamara.
Founded by Sophia Dominguez and Brent Chow.
Founded by Alexi Robbins.
Founded by Joseph Cohen.
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