Songkick: One-stop shop for my concert needs

Concerts — There are so many happening in the Bay Area all the time, that it’s a pain to keep track of who’s in town. As an exchange student from Singapore who is here in the US for a limited time and is a big concert fanatic, I wanted to ensure I didn’t miss out on any of my favorite artists performing here. Songkick was my go-to-marketplace for tracking concerts. But wait, it’s not like a StubHub or Ticketmaster where you can search for concerts and buy tickets (In fact, these services are complimentary to the Songkick experience, I’ll get to that later). Songkick is a platform to ‘track your favorite artists and never miss them live’.

How do they find out who your favorite artists are? How do they ensure you never miss them live? Songkick absoultely blew my mind in tackling the above questions super smoothly and intuitively for users. I will delve into each of the features of Songkick like tracking concerts, exploring new ones, planning a concert, buying a ticket through the app, and how each of them contribute to a great in-app experience.


Songkick takes a very simple yet powerful approach to provide a personalized concert calendar for you. This is possibly the single biggest reason that got me hooked to this app. Songkick searches through your Spotify, iTunes and Rdio library to determine the artists that you listen to. It provides you with concert dates for those artists within your area.

Songkick scans your iTunes, Spotify and Rdio libraries to offer you a personalized list of concerts for your favorite artists

All of the concerts are stacked chronologically with the Artist name, venue and a nice round artwork of the artist, all to give you enough necessary details in a list.


In addition to being notified of concerts around your area by your favorite artists, Songkick also does a great job of planning the concert for you and informing you of any news in relation to delays, cancellations etc. If you “track” or say “I’m going” for a particular concert, it appears in “Your plans” ensuring that you receive all notifications regarding the concert.

Track an event and get notified of delays, cancellations etc.


As mentioned in the beginning of the blog, concert ticket services are complimentary to the Songkick experience. You can see prices and go to the link for buying tickets from right within the app. This feature is great for comparing ticket prices from various vendors.

You can compare concert ticket prices from right within the event screen. Clicking on the ticket vendor takes you to their website to see the venue map and buy your tickets.

Recommended concerts!

There are some artists who I don’t listen to and thus they don’t exist in any of my playlists. But my friends tell me so many stories of artists that blew their minds when they performed live. Well, Songkick recommends concerts too! It also provides a list of all concerts in the area regardless of whether artists performing in these concerts exist in your music libraries or not.

Overall, my experience with Songkick has been fantastic. They have also been doing really cool stuff with their Concerts and Festivals API opening up avenues for developers to build great apps and features.

Some cool stuff made using the Concerts and Festivals Songkick API.

The last concert that I got to know of through Songkick was that of Ingrid Michaelson. And boy, was she awesome on stage! (Be OK)

Ingrid Michaelson performing at Fox Theater, Oakland on June 13, 2015.
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