Jump-Start Your Writing

Here’s How…

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I always wanted to be a writer. All my heroes were writers. Problem was, I wasn’t writing. How could I be a writer if I wasn’t getting stuff written? I was about to give up my ambition.

Then, one day as I browsed a downtown Boston bookstore, I found a book that changed my writing life. I’ll discuss it in my first point below. Here’s what I learned…




As writers, you and I need a daily procedure to turn out work — words on paper or computer screen. Some even write words on the sand. The point is to produce written work. Good or bad, polished or a mess, at the beginning stage all writing is a process of production. Write now.

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Ken West

Be a Light. Be a bridge. Be both! Create value, share what you know, trade with other value creators, earn your money, have some fun, make this world better.

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