Product Operations — the Fuel of Winning Product Strategies

Melissa Perri
Apr 25 · 1 min read

46.8% of product decision makers cite lack of quality data as the main challenge they make when making decisions and only 21.9% always or almost always use data to back decisions.
Source: How Decisions Are Made by Alpha

Everybody in Product has subscribed to the importance of data as a driver of high quality decision-making by now.

But tragically few are able to do it. 😫

Enter: Product Operations — the art of removing obstacles from evidence-based decision making. Done right, it fuels a virtuous cycle of benefits that’ll empower everyone from the executive team all the way to each individual contributor responsible for building the products — whether Engineers, Designers or Product Managers.

“The Virtuous Cycle of Product Operations”

In the webinar below in partnership with Insight Partners, I walk you through some of the work we’ve recently done to formalize Product Operations as a function that’s necessary to fuel strategic decisions and the growth-stage and beyond.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments!

Melissa Perri is the CEO of Produx Labs, a Product Management consultancy in NYC. She is the author of Escaping the Build Trap, as well as creator of the online school, Product Institute.

The Produx Labs

Product Management Tales from the Trenches

Melissa Perri

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CEO of Produx Labs and Product Institute. Product Management Consultant, Teacher, and Speaker. Blogging at

The Produx Labs

Product Management Tales from the Trenches

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