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Why You May Never Find A True Purpose Of Your Life?

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I very strongly feel that,

No one can ever discover their purpose until they are willing to sacrifice

How does Life happen?

Well, the truth is that :

“ Life has no set pattern or rule, to happen to anybody, it just happens the way it is meant to be. Now what you can do best is to accept it, as it is, and do what you can best do in your limitation and capabilities to make it a well-lived life ”

In life, no matter what kind of role you are currently playing as an individual human, one thing has to be very clearly imbibed in your thinking, that life will not be functioning as per your plan, because it is not meant to be so. Life happens between birth and death, where death is inevitable, so you need to understand that the moment you are born as a living being, you are accountable to make this life happens the way you want it to be and while you are doing so just keep this one reality check,

That, whenever you will embark on your journey to achieve something extraordinary, life will test you in a very unexpected and harsh way’s, it will ask you to make sacrifices which will not be easy to come by, but if you are the one who have the found the purpose which is way beyond your individual aspirations, you will definitely end up experiencing meaningful and fulfilled journey.

Why It Is Hard To Stick To Your Purpose?

I am a firm believer that

“If you are born here as a human being, you can’t simply exist without having any purpose ”

But the purpose can mean different things to different people, for somebody it can be to attain peace in their life, for some it can be to have loads of wealth and for somebody, it can be to have joy and happiness. But I feel the real purpose of being born as humans, is much beyond all these, as all these have concerns attached to any single individual. It sounds more like

  • I want to be happy
  • I want to have loads of money
  • I want to have a peacfeul life

So when “I” become your sole reason to exist, you will seldom find your true purpose. All the purpose which I listed above will never stick with you as an individual, simply because :

  • “You can never be happy if someone else if not happy ”
  • “You can hardly live in peace when other’s are having a horrible time ”
  • “You can’t enjoy your wealth when someone else if struggling even for one time of a meal ”

What Is The Real Purpose Than? Is It Easy To Find?

It is a bigger question which everyone one of us has to yield hard to find any meaningful answer. It is never easy to find the real purpose, simple because

It requires you to first drop your hardwired identity, which you have accumulated so far, it requires a sacrifice, which is extremely difficult to any normal being to execute. It requires you to become a humane first which is not easy to be. Having said that, it is imperative to understand that,

How Can One Find The Real Purpose?

If you really care about exploring why you are born, you have to be prepared to drop you thinking that you are something. Until you accept that you are nothing but an empty space, you will not open yourself for the possibility of exploring the true dimension of being a full-fledged human life. Once you accept this one pure thought, you will find that life is extremely easy to navigate, to act enough. You will start

  • “Feeling happy when others are feeling happy ”
  • “You will experience the pain when others are in pain and will act to alleviate it. ”
  • “You will start feeling being content when you see that other people around you are eating enough ”
  • “You will become the richest man, who has all the wealth to make other people feel wealthy ”

And then you will find your true purpose


“You are no different from this very nature, from this very creation, you are a part of. You are an all-inclusive life, who is here to act not for individual well being, but for the wellness fo all the being which exist on this earth ”




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