Marie Newman campaign in 3rd Congressional District of Illinois is gaining momentum

Democratic primary challenger to anti-abortion extremist Dan Lipinski raises nearly $200,000 for grassroots campaign

One major opportunity for Democrats to replace a right-wing Democrat with a progressive Democrat is in the 3rd Congressional District of Illinois, which has been represented by Dan Lipinski, who, despite being a Democrat, is very anti-abortion and often sides with Republicans on many other issues. The 3rd District (map here) extends from the Chicago White Sox’s home ballpark in Chicago to areas along the Des Plaines River north of Joliet.

Lipinski’s Democratic challenger is Marie Newman, a business consultant who is running for Congress on a progressive platform. Newman has already raised nearly $200,000, virtually all of it from small donors (the average donor to Newman’s campaign donated $5 to her campaign):

With Marie Newman on the Democratic primary ballot, voters in the 3rd Congressional District in Illinois will have one of the best opportunities in the entire country to replace a right-wing Democrat with a real progressive Democrat.