Michela Skelton: A fighter for Missouri common sense

The Progressive Midwesterner endorses Michaela Skelton for the 50th State House District of Missouri

I, Aaron Camp, author of The Progressive Midwesterner, proudly endorse Michela Skelton for the 50th State House District of Missouri! The seat in the Missouri House of Representatives is currently vacant; Skelton is the Democratic nominee in a special election that will be held on August 8 to fill the vacancy.

Michela is an unapologetic fighter for heartland values, and, if she were to win her special election, anyone with an interest in running on progressive values in rural America will want to learn from Michela’s campaign.

When it comes to major issues that are important to Missourians, Michela is on the side of progressive common sense. On workers’ rights, Michela supports workers rights, because collective bargaining and worker protections benefit all workers who benefit from workers’ rights and protections and benefit the overall economy. When workers are paid more, they’re able to spend more on goods and services, thus stimulating the economy. Michela is an unapologetic supporter of public education at the elementary school, high school, and college/university levels, including supporting higher education’s commitment to agricultural progress. In 1952, Missouri made a commitment to place a state-maintained highway within 2 miles of over 95% of schools, churches, cemeteries, stores, and farm houses, which results in Missouri having the sixth-most total lane miles of state-maintained road in the country despite having the 21st-most square miles of total land area of the 50 states. In 2017, Michela is committed to rebuilding Missouri’s crumbling road and other infrastructure. Michela is a supporter of policies designed to make it easier for people to take care of their families.

Michela is fighting to save the heartland. If you live in the 50th State House District of Missouri, which covers southern Boone County, northwestern Cole County, eastern Cooper County, and northern Moniteau County, vote for Michela Skelton on August 8. If you wish to learn more about Michela’s campaign, her campaign website is here, you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter, her campaign platform is here, and you can donate to her campaign here.