Paul Ryan and his cohorts are VERY scared of Randy Bryce!

Ironworker running for Democratic nomination in 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin has already drawn national attention

There are at least four Democrats that I know of who are running for the Democratic nomination in U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan’s home congressional district, the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin:

  • Janesville School Board Vice-Chairwoman Cathy Myers
  • Ironworker and U.S. Army veteran Randy Bryce
  • Property manager David Yankovich
  • Marketing executive Charlie Breit

The one on that list who has already gotten significant media attention is Randy Bryce, who, in just a short amount of time on the campaign trail, has raised over $430,000 for his congressional campaign. Now, the National Republican Congressional Committee, the House Republicans’ fundraising arm, is spreading a $32 trillion dollar falsehood about Bryce:

Calling Randy Bryce’s interview on CNN a dumpster fire simply doesn’t do it justice.
Bryce gained national attention after launching his campaign last month, receiving wall-to-wall coverage from fawning national media outlets and bunting one softball question after another.
But when John Berman and Poppy Harlow asked him how he would fund his single-payer healthcare proposal today — the centerpiece of his campaign — Bryce shocked his interviewers by calling for a $32-trillion-dollar tax increase

The truth of the matter is that Bryce did NOT support a $32 trillion tax increase to pay for a single-payer health care system. This is Bryce’s actual response to the $32 trillion question that he was asked on CNN:

I’m not saying we have to look at ways to increase complete costs … but there’s a lot of people not paying their fair share in taxes, there’s corporations getting away with a lot.

Nowhere in that quote did Bryce call for raising taxes to the tune of $32 trillion, and Bryce did not give a clear “yes” response to the question. It’s clear to me that Paul Ryan, the NRCC, and Donald Trump/GOP lapdogs in the corporate media are out to smear and discredit Randy Bryce, and I’m simply not going to allow that to happen.

I encourage voters in the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin to vote in the Democratic primary for Randy Bryce next year.