Scott Walker crony attacks Wisconsin’s identity as a major dairy-producing state

Specifically, the head of a right-wing business lobby group in Wisconsin wants to remove “America’s Dairyland” from the state’s license plates

For several decades, two words have been a prominent feature of Wisconsin’s instantly-recognizable car license plates: “America’s Dairyland”.

Despite Wisconsin’s dairy industry contributing $44 billion to Wisconsin’s economy, the state’s largest business lobby group, Kurt Bauer, the head of the right-wing business lobby group Wisconsin Manufactuers & Commerce (WMC) and a crony of Republican Governor Scott Walker, is publicly seeking to remove “America’s Dairyland” from Wisconsin car license plates:

Right-wing lobbyists who have supported the Walker machine in Wisconsin, whose political base is in the Milwaukee suburbs, are now attacking Wisconsin’s identity as a major dairy producer. There is already strong bipartisan opposition to removing “America’s Dairyland” from Wisconsin license plates, particularly from the agricultural community. In fact, a Twitter page has sprung up highlighting political opposition to the proposed change.

I’m a lifelong Illinoisan, and I know that someone is a Wisconsinite when I see the words “America’s Dairyland” on the license plate of his/her vehicle. Dairy is a major part of Wisconsin’s economy, culture, and way of life, and Wisconsin doesn’t need a corporate rebranding. I call on elected officials in Wisconsin, regardless of party affiliation, to publicly oppose any effort to wipe “America’s Dairyland” off of Wisconsin license plates.