High School Democrats March for Equality

From Antarctica to Beirut, thousands of people marched for justice

Hundreds of thousands rally in Washington, D.C. (Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images)

By Julia Coccaro

The Progressive Teen Editor-in-Chief

ON JANUARY 21st, 2017, AT LEAST THREE MILLION MEN AND WOMEN from around the world joined in solidarity to peacefully stand up for human rights and protest the Trump administration’s intolerant agenda. Women’s Marches took place in all seven continents to stand with the United States. High School Democrats from across the country participated in the Women’s March on Washington or a Sister March nearby. They, and the rest of those who advocated for human rights in the spirit of democracy, showed the world that one thing is certain: our voices still matter.

Women’s March on Los Angeles

Women’s March on Sacramento

Women’s March on Pensacola

Women’s March on Birmingham

Women’s March on Miami

Women’s March on Lansing

Women’s March on Chicago

Women’s March on Kansas City

Women’s March on Philadelphia

Women’s March on New York City

Women’s March on Washington

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