Introducing Encode Justice

by Alexandra Raphling, Editor-in-Chief of Encode Justice publication and Sneha Revanur, Founder/President of Encode Justice

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Encode Justice (; is a global, youth-led organization fighting for justice under artificial intelligence. Our blog features articles and opinion pieces written by young writers and activists, each exploring the intersection of AI and human rights issues. Our publication reflects the nuance and complexity of the use of AI, featuring articles that break down its relationship to social, racial, and economic injustice and others that spotlight its potential to be used positively to address pressing challenges.

Our publication serves as an arm of Encode Justice. We catalyze change through policy, advocacy, and education. For our current campaign in favor of a federal moratorium on facial recognition technology, which disproportionately misidentifies Black, Brown, and Asian faces and has been linked to wrongful arrests and invasive surveillance, we’ve lobbied for legislation at the city, state, and national levels; drafted our own original policy proposals; hosted events, workshops, and town halls to educate the public; and used our Medium publication to document the harmful impacts of the technology on BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and immigrant communities. We dismantle the misconception that algorithms are inherently objective, shedding light on the biases baked into such software and paving the path for a more equitable technological future.

A prominent victory of ours: Encode Justice worked with a coalition of civil rights groups and community leaders to defeat California Proposition 25 (a referendum on SB 10), which would have replaced cash bail with an even more oppressive and discriminatory system of algorithmic risk assessment that would exacerbate racial disparities within the criminal justice system. We organized to win, and we did, by a 13% margin.

Encode Justice is certainly on the rise, with over 140 members across 25 U.S. states and 15 countries, as well as a significant list of accomplishments in barely six months of existence. Recently, our founder and president, Sneha Revanur, wrote an op-ed for Teen Vogue about AI and discrimination. Given our focus on coalition building and forming partnerships with other youth-led organizations, Encode Justice is well on its way to becoming a leader in AI ethics and a model for youth activists everywhere.

Our blog is bursting with articles that aim to educate readers on everything from tech lingo to the nitty-gritty of how the police use AI, with one central call to action: we must reform AI by championing transparency, accountability, and equity. We’re excited to partner with the Progressive Teen to elevate our work and progress this fight — join us today.



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