Introducing Our 2016–17 Editorial Board

With less than 50 days until Election Day, the four-member team will oversee a staff of more than thirty contributors

By Julia Coccaro

The Progressive Teen Editor-in-Chief

AFTER MONTHS OF APPLICATIONS AND INTERVIEWS, I am thrilled to announce The Progressive Teen’s first-ever editorial board, composed of four members that will oversee our three revamped sections: opinion, analysis and features. These young individuals have shown the brilliant passion and incredible drive necessary move this publication forward and promote youth civic engagement, and I am proud to introduce them below.

Julia Coccaro, Editor-in-Chief

Julia lives in Mobile, Alabama and is an 11th grader at Spanish Fort High School. She currently serves as the Vice Chair of Alabama High School Democrats and works with Vote16USA and Alabama Alliance for Healthy Youth. An aspiring journalist, she has won eight writing awards of multiple genres, both in her community and state, and was a staff writer for The Progressive Teen in 2015. Additionally, she has had multiple poems and articles published in various magazines. Julia has lobbied for comprehensive sex education and participated in rallies for gun reform and abortion rights. You may contact Julia at

Cathy Sun, Opinion Editor

Cathy Sun is a self-proclaimed politico, social activist, and avid writer. She is passionate about engaging youth in the political process and using the written word to empower the marginalized. Cathy is a committed progressive who has been involved in city council, state senate, mayoral and congressional races in California. She currently serves on the 74th Assembly District Youth Advisory Board, has worked for Running Start, one of the most prominent female candidacy advocacy groups in the country, and interns with the Democratic Party of Orange County. She also preaches youth activism as the Training Coordinator for AMP Global Youth, a student-founded network that empowers youth to be global change-makers. In her spare time, she enjoys writing about the perplexities of politics and life. You may contact Cathy at

Priya Sarma, Analysis Editor

Priya lives in Portland, Oregon and is currently a junior at Sunset High School, as well as the Vice Chair of Oregon High School Democrats. Outside of HSDA, she also serves as ASB Diversity Director of her school and a young leader for the World Affairs Council of Oregon. Priya would like to double major in economics and international relations in college and has been interested in politics and international relations ever since she was young. Her hobbies include playing tennis, piano (especially sonatas), eating, sleeping, traveling the world, and writing. You may contact Priya at

Saira Salyani, Features Editor

Saira Salyani is a political activist, writer, and pianist. She is a sophomore at Great Valley High School in Malvern, Pennsylvania, where she is the Communications Director of her school’s HSDA chapter. She spent this past summer at Governor Ed Rendell’s center promoting better civics education and works with the Hillary for America campaign. A dedicated journalist, Saira is a writer and business manager at her school newspaper. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, and playing the piano. You may contact Saira at

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