The Future of Jobs in Trump’s America

How the President-elect’s policies will hurt the middle class and halt economic progress

Donald Trump claims his tax plan will be “a rocket ship for the economy” (NBC News)

By Gabriel Odom

The Progressive Teen Staff Writer

UNDER THE ADMINISTRATION OF PRESIDENT TRUMP, the United States will soon see the same failed job policies that Republicans have been trying to force on the working class for decades.

We will see “stimulus” packages pushed through Congress that will allow corporations to move jobs overseas, and to have greater freedom in crushing unions and lowering wages. Trump will tout the jobs that he brought back to the United States, notably the Carrier Plant in Indiana, but he will leave out the fact that Carrier will receive around $7 million in incentives. We will see a rise in corporate welfare as Trump cuts taxes, and further subsidization for corporations so CEOs can receive bigger bonuses. His plan to stop the flow of jobs from the United States is to promise massive incentives to stay while making it easier for corporations to move jobs overseas.

Who will be punished by these activities? The answer is the ordinary people in our country, the working middle-class, the same group of people who voted for Donald Trump. In the next four years, we will see a drop in the average wages of the middle-class, a skyrocket in the costs of living, and a flat, constant rate of minimum wage. More and more people will be trapped in low-paying jobs simply because they need to survive. These people can’t unionize, complain, or fight for higher wages, because there will be hundreds of potential replacements waiting. Trump will turn our government into a plutocracy that will put profits over people.

As wages are lowered, spending will decrease along with it. Trump will raise taxes on the middle and lower classes, such as the sales or property tax. This will hurt businesses slightly, as people buy less products and services, but the difference will be made up by a decrease in corporate tax rate.

Ultimately, lower taxes and lower-paying jobs will hurt the federal government. As Trump increases military spending while simultaneously decreasing taxes, the deficit will only increase, and that will leave the government less revenue to spend and save. We saw it once before when Ronald Reagan raised military spending while cutting taxes, and caused the national deficit to rise from $55 billion to $167 billion.

Economic inequality will only worsen as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It has become increasingly clear that President Trump is determined to hurt the poor in order to enrich his obscenely wealthy friends and donors. He will do this by trodding on the middle-class, and by creating unfair and illogical labor practices.

In a nutshell, the job policies of Donald Trump will increase the deficit, maintain the minimum wage, lower wages, and shrink the middle-class that is already disappearing. His policies will halt the economic prosperity achieved under President Obama. It will be an absolute disaster on a political, social, and economic scale. His jobs policies flagrantly favor the wealthy, and he will do nothing to address the widespread poverty in the United States.

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