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101 Free Newsletters that Will Expand Your Mind

How to Learn More Every Day

Written by Herbert Lui. Research by Billy Diep.

Snail Mail (Monthly — Subscribe)

Author: Kyra Maya Phillips

Author: Nico Luchsinger

Read This Thing (Daily — Subscribe)

Author: Austin Smith

This’s Editors Picks (Daily — Subscribe)

I have yet to open an email without a clickthrough. Really great thought provoking reads. Also, This. just opened up to the public! Sign up here:

Author: Editors at This.

Brain Pickings (Weekly — Subscribe)

Awesome stuff — not necessarily always directly applicable for a general audience, but definitely great for people who find art and writing and thinking curious.

Author: Maria Popova

theSkimm (Daily — Subscribe)

Author: theSkimm

Quora Digest (Weekly — Subscribe)

Gotta be Quora user to get it (as it’s tailored for each user. See link below).

Author: Quora

Aeon Ideas Weekly Roundup (Daily / Weekly — Subscribe)

Here’s what a sample looks like:

Author: Paul Hains

Paul doesn’t seem to be on twitter.

Author: Brigid Hains

Book Recommendations (Monthly — Subscribe)

Really, really, really great reading recommendations. Also Ryan’s writing has benefited my career and thinking immensely. Unfair for me to lump it into any bucket, even General.

Author: Ryan Holiday

NextDraft (Daily — Subscribe)

Author: Dave Pell

The New Yorker Minute (Weekly — Subscribe)

Interesting links from The New Yorker archives.

Author: Tilly Minute

Sunday New York Times Digest (Weekly — Subscribe)

Interesting links from the Sunday New York Times.

Author: Matt Thomas

Everything Changes (Daily / Weekly — Subscribe)

Changes every week. It lives up to its name! Really good read for folks in technology as well, though.

Author: The Awl

The Ann Friedman Weekly (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Ann Friedman

This Week on the Internet (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Jessica McCarthy

Pep Talk (Daily — Subscribe)

Motivational quotes accompanied by fun GIFs.

Author: Sami Main

6 (Weekly / Bi-weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Charlie Loyd

Further (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Brian Clark

TinyLetter Forwards (Weekly / Bi-weekly — Subscribe)

This is a bit meta, but basically this is a newsletter that helps you find better newsletters.

Author: TinyLetter

Five on Friday (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Rincey

Dispatches (Weekly — Subscribe)

Really great long reads.

Author: Andrew McMillen

Now I Know (Daily — Subscribe)

Author: Dan Lewis

Up, Down, All Around (Daily — Subscribe)

Author: Lindsey Cook

Shelf Awareness (Weekly — Subscribe)

Book reviews!

Author: John Mutter

Emerald Street (Daily — Subscribe)

Skip past the eCommerce reviews (or don’t) and you’ll find interesting reads.

Author: Anna Fielding

Bey Cheat Sheet (Bi-Weekly — Subscribe)

If a Ye cheat sheet existed, I’d subscribe in a heartbeat.

Here’s a sample:

Author: Chesley Andrews

Uptalk (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Leila Cohan-Miccio

Jack Cheng (Weekly — Subscribe)

Jack is one of the coolest people, and his newsletters are thought-provoking.

Author: Jack Cheng

The Jill Margo Mini-Mag (Bi-Weekly — Subscribe)

The idea of a reassurance column (entitled, There, There) is interesting.

Author: Jill Margo

Mel’s Sandbox (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Melody Joy Kramer

Noon Pacific (Weekly — Subscribe)


Author: Clark Dinnison

This is True (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Randy Cassingham

Sean Blanda (Monthly — Subscribe)

Author: Sean Blanda

Sketchplanations (Weekly — Subscribe)

I thought I’d lost this until I found it again. Had to include it. Its format is really interesting.

Author: Jono


Other Valleys (Bi-weekly — Subscribe)

Really great perspective from outside North America and Europe.

Author: Anjali Ramachandran

Asia Tech News Review (Weekly — Subscribe)

Good for breaking out of the North American filter bubble.

Author: Jon Russell

Pocket Hits (Semi-weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Pocket

Benedict’s Mobile Newsletter (From daily to every 3–7 days — Subscribe)

If you’re in tech (particularly mobile) you have to at least read this guy’s stuff. If DJ Khaled met Benedict Evans, for once he certainly wouldn’t be exaggerating when he says, “You’re smart. You’re a genius.

Author: Benedict Evans

MediaREDEF (Daily — Subscribe)

Author: Jason Hirschhorn

Hacker Newsletter (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Kale Davis

EdSurge (Weekly — Subscribe)

There’s a link to see the preview at their landing page:

Author: Mary Jo Madda

Data Elixir (Weekly — Subscribe)

Thoughts on data.

Author: Lon Riesberg

The Exponential View (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Azeem Azhar

Nalden (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Nalden

AI Weekly (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: David Lissmyr

Notes From The Near Future (Monthly — Subscribe)

Author: Amy Webb


I Will Teach You to Be Rich (Almost daily — Subscribe)

Holy mackerel, Ramit’s free advice is truly better than most other people’s paid advice. It was crucial as I built my freelancing business and now my agency, and in my early days networking. (Hell, it’s still useful right now.)

Author: Ramit Sethi

Inside Startups (Weekly — Subscribe)

Really solid newsletter with opportunities in NYC and SF. If I remember correctly, I actually landed a couple of interviews through this list in my senior year.

Author: Dan Porter

Granted (Monthly — Subscribe)

Author: Adam Grant


Four Hour Work Week (Weekly — Subscribe)

Contrast between these two photos is really funny.

Author: Tim Ferriss

Dan Pink (Inconsistent — Subscribe)

You’ll have to sign up/sign in to access past newsletters. Here’s his most recent one:

Author: Daniel H. Pink

Think Clearly (Monthly — Subscribe)

Author: Mathias Jakobsen

Author: Violet Yue Guo

The Modern Desk (Weekly — Subscribe)


Author: Kai Brach

How Humans Use Technology

The Lunch Read (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: The Lunch Read Team

The Ed’s Up (Weekly — Subscribe)

Bordering on General.

Author: Ed Yong

Lauren Haug (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Lauren Haug

So What, Who Cares?(Monthly — Subscribe)

(Seems like aiming for twice weekly.)

Author: Lisa Schmeiser

Modern Mindfulness (Weekly — Subscribe)

Seems like they’ve taken a break since August. Nonetheless, a great newsletter.

Author: Terry


The Local Fix (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Josh Stearns

Author: Molly de Aguiar

3 To Read (Weekly — Subscribe by sending an email to

Author: Matthew Carroll

Erin Griffith’s Tribute to the Heroes of Business (Weekly-ish — Subscribe)

Ooh, this one is so hard to fit into a category. Really solid newsletter.

Author: Erin Griffith

API’s Need to Know (Daily — Subscribe)

American Press Institute, NOT application program interface.

Author: American Press Institute

Images and Voices of Hope Community (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Mallary Jean Tenore

Today in Tabs (Daily — Subscribe)

Author: Rusty Foster

Links I would gchat you if we were friends (Daily — Subscribe)

Author: Caitlin Dewey

Only Dead Fish (Semi-weekly-ish — Subscribe)

Author: Neil Perkin

C_NCENTRATE (Weekly — Subscribe)


Cloud Friday (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: CloudNine Social Media and Digital Talent

Simon Owen’s Tech and Media Newsletter (Weekly — Subscribe)

Oh man, this guy’s take on self-employment hits home.

Author: Simon Owens

Mobile Media Memo (Bi-weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Cory Bergman


Ghostwritings (Weekly / Bi-weekly-ish — Subscribe)

She just started her column with The Atlantic. Nonetheless, optimistic she’ll occasionally find time to tend to her newsletter.

Author: Melinda D. Anderson

AAPI Rewind (Weekly — Subscribe)

Perspective and food for thought from Traci and Jenn.

Author: Traci Lee

Author: Jenn

Going Viral (Monthly — Subscribe)

Author: Our Viral Lives

Taking Stock (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Susan MacMillan

Sajith’s Higher Education (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Sajith Pai

Naive Weekly (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Kristoffer Tjalve


Mergelinks (Weekly — Subscribe)

Not sure if it’s still active (last posted in August). Cool design resources and articles.

Author: Derek Shirk

Neo’s Innovation News (Bi-weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Neo Innovation Team

Dezeen Magazine(Daily / Weekly — Subscribe)

Almost like a professionally curated Tumblr feed, where comments take precedence.

Author: Dezeen Team

The Atlantic Citylab (Daily / Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Sommer Mathis

Sidebar (Daily / Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Sacha Greif

UX Booth (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: UX Booth

UX Essentials (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: UX Essentials

All The Small Things (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Tijs Vrolix

Beautiful Pages (Weekly — Subscribe)

One of the few times I broke the rule of no purely self-promotional emails. But the newsletter really is unique and pretty good looking.

Author: Beautiful Pages

Cooper Press (Weekly — Subscribe)

Wow obviously I need more dev stuff. But I’m not even close to being a dev! Would be happy if devs could submit any newsletters that they love.

Author: Peter Cooper


Mattermark Daily (Daily — Subscribe)

Great food for thought for VCs, entrepreneurs, and anyone remotely interested in technology.

Author: Nick Frost

Snippets (Weekly — Subscribe)

Good source of tech info. I appreciate the idea, which is selling the byproducts of your company.

Author: Amit Arora

Farnam Street Brain Food (Weekly — Subscribe)

Shane not only shares great summaries and reads, he also does a great job finding articles online. When I was writing for Lifehacker, this would be one of my favorite sources of info.

Author: Shane Parrish

Desk of Tobias van Schneider(Weekly — Subscribe)

It’s password protected, you’ll get it when you sign up. If Tobias wants to share, he can comment in line.

Author: Tobias van Schneider

Requests for Startups (Weekly-ish — Subscribe)

Author: Isaac Madan

Foundcy (Semi-Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Foundcy Team

SaaS Weekly (Weekly — Subscribe)

Not strictly for all entrepreneurs but they tend to be applicable.

Author: Hiten Shah

Baremetric’s Dispatch (Weekly — Subscribe)

Author: Josh Pigford

The Podcast Wire (Weekly — Subscribe)

There are way too many great ideas “trapped” in unsearchable podcasts. No one has time to listen to all of them. I think Erik is on to something here.

Author: Erik Bison

If you liked these newsletters, try mine out! I’ll help you stay on top of marketing, tech, and media. And I’ll be taking deeper dives into these newsletters and sharing my learning.

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Herbert Lui works with businesses to tell compelling stories at his marketing agency, Wonder Shuttle. He was previously a staff writer for Lifehacker, and his work has appeared in TIME, The Huffington Post, and Fast Company. He writes a newsletter that explores media, information, and marketing.



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