LSD chemist Leonard Pickard, free at last

A drug war victim, he talks about 20 years in prison, Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht and the psychedelic renaissance

Leonard Pickard at Horizons. Photo by Andres Bohorquez Marin of

America’s war on drugs is not just misguided; it is misnamed. It is, in truth, a war on people — millions of people who, in a just society, would have the right to decide what to put into their…




Psychedelics have enormous potential, for those with mental disorders and for the rest of us. These stories will cover the people and issues driving the psychedelic renaissance.

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Marc Gunther

Marc Gunther

Reporting on psychedelics, tobacco, philanthropy, animal welfare, etc. Ex-Fortune. Words in The Guardian, NYTimes, WPost, Vox. Baseball fan. Runner.

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