Quit smoking…with psilocybin?

The National Institutes of Health is funding research to see if a psychedelic drug, along with therapy, can help smokers quit.

Psilocybin is the active incredient in “magic mushrooms.” Photo by D.C.Atty is marked with CC BY 2.0.

It’s crazy hard to quit smoking. More than half of adult smokers try to quit in any given year, according to the most recent data from the CDC, and fewer than one in ten succeed.




Psychedelics have enormous potential, for those with mental disorders and for the rest of us. These stories will cover the people and issues driving the psychedelic renaissance.

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Marc Gunther

Marc Gunther

Reporting on psychedelics, tobacco, philanthropy, animal welfare, etc. Ex-Fortune. Words in The Guardian, NYTimes, WPost, Vox. Baseball fan. Runner.

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